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4.7 out of 5 stars
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Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 22 April 2004
It's been thirteen years since the last Alarm album, but well worth thewait.
This is an album in two parts. The first half for the newer fans (or thevery old fans from the Declaration / The Chant Has Just Began period). Thesecond half for the fans who prefer the quieter stuff, such as from theChange period.
Tracks are:
COMING HOME: Great rocker, although not exactly lyrically challenging. Agood starting track.
CLOSE: This is the closest to sounding like Bono that Mike Peters has evergot. This is the mildest track on the first half of the CD and reminds mea little of With Or Without You by U2.
45 RPM: A hit single, although I would say the weakest (although noisiest)track on the first half of the album. Not to the high standard of theother tracks on the album, but I guess it served its purpose by reachingthe Top 30 in the singles chart. This is the only "punk" sounding track onthe album, so if you are buying the album after hearing this one song youmight be in for a surprise.
DRUNK AND DISORDERLY: Starts as a quiet acoustic track, but after about40-50 seconds explodes into life with lots of electric guitars. Both partsare good, although I prefer the noisier electric guitar main part of thesong, which is one of the most rockin tracks on the album. This trackreminds me a little of Steve's (drummer) Roaring Boys with Stiff LittleFingers. Excellent.
FEDERAL MOTOR VOTER: Reminds me of INXS. Good track, but seems weakcompared to some of the other great tracks on the first half of thealbum.
TRAFFICKING: Sounds a little "Nu Metal". Not very long, but when theguitars get going this track really rocks. Only "metal" track on thealbum, and very good.
NEW HOME NEW LIFE: The first of the milder second-half tracks. This istruly hypnotic and a brilliant track. This track really sucks you in andyou can concentrate on nothing else. Amazing.
THE ROCK AND ROLL: Dispite a title suggesting a rocker, this is thequietest track on the album. Acoustic from start to end, although theseconf half of the song is a little louder than the first. Good song, butvery "Change" period in sound and will probably not appeal to 45 RPM fans.You even get a little harmonica on this one - back to 1983! Along thelines of American Pie me thinks.
THE UNEXPLAINED: Another mainly acoustic track, but absolutely brilliant.Mike's vocals really come to the forefront on this track, which I feelsounds like it could be from the Manic Street Preacher's during theirmilder period.
RIGHT BACK WHERE I STARTED FROM: Brilliant track. Brilliant guitars.Probably the rockiest track on the second half of the CD. Good lyricstoo.
TRUE LIFE: Another track that sounds to me like Bono and U2. Verybeautiful with mild electric guitars and drums throughout. This definatelyreminds me of a particular U2 song, but the title escapes me.
IN THE POPPYFIELDS: Another song that reminds me of the more melodic ManicStreet Preachers material. Another brilliantly crafted song with softguitars and great vocals. A great ending to a truly amazing album.
This is a no-brainer. This is the Alarm's best album by miles. JUST GO ANDBUY IT NOW.
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on 19 October 2004
Yes, this is a fine album. However, is it as good as Declaration, Strength or even Change? I would say a resounding 'no'.
Mike Peters is the eternal optimist, and while this should be applauded, it can become a touch cheesey at times.
45rpm is Mike Peters at his worst. Buzzcocks references, 'Pistols riffs, corny chorus.............. It's the side of the Alarm which can grate. (See also Moments In Time from 'Raw')
The rest of the album is catchy and downright infectious at times, but the stand out tracks which I love the Alarm for, eg 68 Guns, Absolute Reality, Ones Step Closer, Spirit of 76 etc are not present.
It has been a long time coming. It is good to have them back, but let's not lose perspective. In the Poppyfield is a good Alarm album but I wouldn't go as far as to say great.
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on 28 June 2005
In the light of U2's recent success drawing on their early sound, I was excited at the prospect of a new Alarm album.

The now legendary stories surrounding '45RPM' also created a buzz about this album. It was released under the psyudonym 'The Poppyfields' to avoid possible media prejudice about an old band (The Alarm) releasing new material and even came with a video which showed a younger band miming to the song. It charted although once the truth came out about who The Poppyfields really were many radio stations refused to play it and it subsequently disapeared from the Top 30 soon after. Despite the injustice from the British media surely the new Alarm album was going to be worth getting?

Unfortuneately it still sounds like Mike Peters later works or even Coloursound (the album he produced with Billy Duffy). It's an ok Mike Peters album but it's going to be difficult to live up to it's expectations without the rest of the Alarm to make it what it it's supposed to be.
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on 20 April 2004
To Any one who remembers the original alarm from 1981 till 91
no one will ever forget the orignal alarm members and there music, theywill live on for ever!
Now Lets review the poppyfields cd
#ive seen mike peters live playing all the hits, even then i thought theywere cool, if mike can get the song 45 rpm into the charts then not all islost, to me there are even better songs on this album, what is even betteru get a copy of the video 45 rpm on the cd, so if u own a pc you will beable to see it, i think the new album is great, wether it is the old alarmor new alarm , i dont mind, the only good thing is mike peters is stillwriting, and going out in a blaze of glory, and having his moments intime,
Going out in a blaze of glory, going out in a blaze of glory!
Close was going to be the first single once which i thought would bebetter, its a great song
drunk and disorderly is cool, In The Poppyfields is fantastic, theariginal alarm might be no more, but the new alarm, is brill, long livethe alarm, its got signs of the clash with alot of 80's bands, this is thetime to bring all the great bands back, time to get rid of the boy bands,lets have a real band back onto top of the pops,
If a man cant change the world these days i still believe a man can changehis own destiny! spirit of 76
its great to hear a true band that have musical talent play, id love tosee the alarm play live in concert on television
bringing the alarm back to where they belong
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on 27 April 2004
The Alarm release In the Poppyfields that comprises of the best songs from"The Poppyfield" bond as voted for by the fans. However if the fans hadgot what they wanted we would have seen all 5 albums of the poppyfieldbond on general release, such is the strength of the material! The albumcomprises of 12 glorious, blistering & beautiful tracks that really makeand older Alarm fan ecstatic and the new breed of music fans really wonderwhat they've been missing! And what they look forward to.
From theclasic stomping of "45 rpm" to the swirling of "Rock n' Roll and the "TheBeauty Of My Suroundings to mention just a few.
Many will agree on hearing this if they've not heard the "Bond" that, It'sbeen a long time coming but It's great to be back!
Something for everyone with an ear for Rock n' Roll at its best.
Get this album you most definately will not be disappointed!!
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on 23 April 2004
In a word Brilliant. Destined to become a classic album, The Alarm provethat 13 years after their last studio LP they are still a seriouscontender in this business of Rock n' Roll for a new "Second Generation"of audience to experience.
"In the Poppyfields" is a true masterpiecefrom First track to last & will take you on an emotional rollercoasterfrom which you won't want to come down. From the anthemic ferocity of "45RPM" to the haunting echoes on "the Unexplained", the sheer beauty of thelyrics & the craftsmanship of composition in the music will leave youfloored. No doubt is Mike Peters the hardest working man in R & R, butafter hearing this album he very well might just change your life.....
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on 16 April 2011
I should have written about this earlier. It appeals to people who like metal, people who like punk, people who like indie and people who like pop.

It was a long time comming and to vary the words of Mike Peters it is good that he was back. The only issue is that it was too long in getting to us.

Never got the airplay it should have. Just think is this very good, or is it excellent? Then perhaps buy it!

The "45 RPM", "Drunk and Disorderly", "In Poppyfields". It does not get better - an album that has been played a lot.
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on 23 April 2004
Well worth the 13 year wait! From the get-go, Coming Home, Close, 45 RPMROCK loud and proud. The Drunk & Disorderly, Federal Motor Voter &Trafficking show the great guitar licks The Alarm were famous for. The 2ndhalf of the CD contains some slower songs, but well worth a listen.
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on 2 August 2010
Great return of Alarm!All songs are anthemics, fervorous and energetics like at the early days of the band.Mike Peters and his new partners (Craig Adams,James Stevenson and Steve Grantley)has done a excellent job!Buy it without doubt!
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on 11 December 2004
Quite simply, this is a fantastic album.
I have been an Alarn fan from the early punky years, so I approached this new release with some trepidation, as only Mike Peters remains from the original line up. I had no need to worry.
From the anthemic opener "Coming Home", to the trippy closing "In the Poppy Fields", this is a classic.
My personal favourites are "Federal Motor Voter", "Trafficking" and especially "New Home New Life".
The band sound fantastic, lots of classic Alarm jangly/accoustic guitars and harmonica, but with a harder rock edge. As you would expect from Mr Peters, the lyrics are; clever, insightful and thought provoking.
Go out and buy this CD and then catch them live, where the Alarm have always been most at home.
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