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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 23 September 2004
Anyone who hasn't seen this film is seriously missing out. James Woods plays the consumate conman who sets up a boxing sting involving Louis Gosset Jr as the boxer, and Oliver Platt as their accomplice. Bruce Dern plays the redneck baddie perfectly. Heather Graham also offers token support.
This film oozes coolness, a great script, and breathtaking boxing sequences. This knocks the spots off 99% of films coming out at the moment and the fact that it has taken 12 years to come out on DVD is a disgrace! However, the good news is that now everyone can enjoy what is essentially a boys film, but truly one of the great underrated films of all time. Watch out for the killer ending....
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on 14 October 2003
this by far one of the best films ever made about a con artist. woods was brilliant as a con man just out of jail who uses a towns history to take on its big shot. With a classic twist at the end this is a vey enjoyable film
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on 16 February 2005
To call this 'The Sting' of our generation (age 26) would not be an exaggeration.
Midnight Sting (aka Diggstown) is a fast-paced barrage of hustle, con and outsmart from start to finish!
James Woods is on, as always, fantastic form. Playing a role that seems very close to home for the poker playing king of cool.
A great supporting cast help make this film one of the best box office under performers ever.
The plot doesn't need explaining the film should be watched with no prior knowledge of whose who! Can you guess the final twist before it happens! I doubt it!
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on 27 January 2015
Has this brilliant film ever made it to tv, it is so great. James woods is always watchable but in this you are unable to take your eye away from the screen. Louis GJ. Is cool and plays his foil so well. There is probably something slightly 'off' or un PC in some of the lines and that is perhaps why it has never had a wider viewing, but it is one to collect and value for money. The twist at the end.........icing on a delicious cake.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 May 2014
This slick action comedy punches well above it's weight. A powerhouse cast grace the screen with each member scene stealing from the other. The plot doesn't stop for a moment and the boxing action is really well staged. Woods and Dern are fine but Louis Gosset, Jnr is the man in the ring and for my money he's the true class on the screen. The con unfolds alongside a well paced screenplay which ends with delicious little twist. This was also released under the title Diggstown.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 February 2011
Diggstown (also known as Midnight Sting) is directed by Michael Ritchie and stars James Woods, Louis Gossett, Jr. and Bruce Dern. It also features Heather Graham, Oliver Platt, a pre-fame James Caviezel and Randall "Tex" Cobb. The plot sees Woods as con-man Gabriel Caine, recently out of prison he and his cohort Fitz (Platt), set up a boxing "sting" in Diggstown, a hickville place out in Olivair County that is run by egomaniac John Gillon (Dern). The set-up entails Caine's old friend Honey Roy Palmer (Gossett Jr) having to fight, and beat, 10 Diggstown men in one day. As the money goes down and secrets come out, corruption and violence is never far away.

Midnight Sting was one of those film's that came to my attention in the early hours of one morning. I couldn't sleep and turned the TV on out of pure frustration at lack of sleep. What I didn't know at that time of irksome sleepy annoyance was that I would fall in love with a movie, a love that lasts to this very day. The TV announcer said the name of the movie and that it stars James Woods. Since Woods is always value for money I thought I would give it a go, for the next 98 minutes I laughed out loud, I cringed at some sad moments and I punched the air on more than one occasion. It quickly became one of my favourite movies of all time. On the surface it looks a very simple tale, but it has so much more to offer outside of the excellent fight sequences and some belting one liners.

Based on Leonard Wise's novel The Diggstown Ringers, the film deals in loyalties, friendships, greed, power, corruption and lies; not to mention small town mentality being under the microscope. It's impeccably acted too, with the Woods and Gossett play off one of the most engaging duets of the 1990s. While the twists, and there are some corkers, really crown what was already a smart and witty script. It was a film that went largely unnoticed on its release, and even now in this age of rampant internet use it appears to still be under seen or sadly forgotten. It of course wont become a personal favourite of all newcomers to it, but just maybe one day if you can't sleep or you are stuck for a rental then you should give it a chance. Because it deserves a chance to at least try to welcome you into its fan club.

I love it, you know that by now, and there's a chance that you will too. Punch the air brilliant. 10/10
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on 12 July 2011
How this film remains in relative obscurity is completely beyond me. This is one of the most entertaining flicks you've never seen.

James Woods stars as con-man Gabriel Cain just released from prison and sets out to scam a boxing-obsessd redneck town called Diggstown. He does so by setting up a bet with the local Kingpin that his old boxing partner can beat any 10 of Diggstown's fighters in 1 day. And from there, the stakes go completely out of control, building up to a brilliantly scripted ending.

Louis Gossett Jr is astonishingly good as the ageing boxer and Oliver Platt provides strong support as their less-than-subtle accomplice. Heather Graham is always worth a look (if you know what I mean) and Bruce Dern plays the part of an evil redneck to absolute perfection.

Realists will moan that no boxer can take 10 men in one day, but this isn't about realism - this is about an absorbing plot with twists & turns galore. While not wanting to give too much away, some of these are hilarious - check out the 4th fight - and others are downright sinister - the aftermath of the 5th fight - not to mention Cain's little 'reminder' at the mid-tournament break and a tragic subplot of a brain-damaged former boxer whose fate was decided by sickening corruption.

Yet the script balances the humour & the sinister brilliantly, with sharp dialogue delivered with aplomb from Dern & Woods and there's no let-ups from any of the supporting cast. And I promise you, the ending of this movie is worth the admission price alone!

All in all, an excellent film.
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on 5 January 2016
A not so well known gem of a film, which I saw at the cinema at the time, and ought to be in the collection of anyone who likes con-artist/sport/semi-comedy-semi serious type fare. Think Rocky mixed with Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.
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on 28 March 2014
James woods is fantastic as always. This movie will have you gripped from the beginning as it starts with a prison fight and develops into Gabriel (James woods), pulling of a huge con with the help of Lou Gossett Junior.

This is a fantastic movie particularly if you like boxing, it's very witty and I think one of woods best films that has unfortunately remained in the shadows.

Get it and I'm sure you'll agree that it's worth every penny.
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on 13 December 2009
Great Movie. All time favourite from many years back.Keep watching till the end cos the final sting is perfect.
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