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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 May 2018
Well, I absolutely love this film. Which does not mean that it's necessarily a very good one. It is a bit of a mess, but with the kind of sexy 60s romp it is, that doesn't really matter. This is something you watch over a few drinks when you want to have a right good laugh. The script is by Woody Allen (his first one for a feature film), but apparently it was heavily edited throughout the shoot, oftentimes by co-star Peter Sellers.

But it's really the cast that makes the film such fun to watch. There are the three men, Peter O'Toole at the height of his fame as the compulsive womanizer who visits a psychiatrist hoping he can help him settle down, Peter Sellers is the inept shrink asking his client for tips how to pick up women, and Woody Allen (in his first screen appearance) as the shy American who cannot even satisfy his serious minded girlfriend. The female cast is just as exciting: Romy Schneider is absolutely adorable as O'Toole's finacee, Capucine is perfect as the elegant femme fatale, persued by Sellers and in pursuit of O'Toole. And then Ursula Andress parachutes out of nowhere right into the middle of the muddle.

Don't take anything too seriously here, just sit back and enjoy the madness. There are some truly memorable moments in this: Peter O'Toole dancing in Paris' notorious Crazy Horse night club comes to mind. Or the finale where textbook farce (the hotel with way too many doors and people trying to avoid each other) descends into pure slapstick (the go-cart race - which does not make any sense in the context but is hilariously funny). My favourite moment is probably Woody Allen's date with the drop dead gorgeous Romy Schneider.
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on 16 January 2017
This is a crazy romp with Peter O'Toole, as yet unravaged by his lifestyle playing the part of a man who wants to be faithful but can't resist putting the moves on anything with a half decent bod, boobs and ... well, YOU know (Oh CAPUCINE WOW WOW WOW). He has der goot cherman advice from his shrink played by Peter Sellers in long hair which does him abso. no goot vatever.
We have an early performance and production by Woody Allen... everything ends up in a manic climax but somehow manages to work out....

Worth it for Tom Jones' rendition of the title song.
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on 7 December 2016
Wanted a copy that would play in the UK after moving here from North America, as this is one of my favourite films. Hilarious, seductive, outrageous, silly, clever, charming, and packed with great one-liners. Endlessly re-watchable gem from a unique & never to be seen again decade.

One star off due to formatting issue causing image to be cut off on all four sides (tried adjusting format on my flatscreen but no dice). Plus, no extras whatsoever, which is such a shame!
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on 20 June 2008
Mad as a strange cheese, this movie is scriptwriter Woody Allen's first screenplay, so that goes a long way to explain the complete unevenness and disorganistion of this movie. It took him 15 years of practice after this to actually produce anything resembling a cohesive, non-fragmentary narrative and a further five to stop telling the same jokes, so really, if you want to watch this film because you're a Sellers, O'Toole or Romy Schneider fan (she is delectable in this) then you will simply have to bare all the worst excesses of this man's craft. Of course he also makes it hilarious most of the time, and this does compensate for the very bumpy ride. He has a strong part himself and he made sure he would have some sort of film career with a full on slapstick Woody Allen performance. O'Toole just gets stuck into the chaos of it all and proves how adept at comedy he was, and Sellers puts on another silly wig and another silly voice and, effortlessly conjuring up a character from his Goon days, out zanes everyone, even Woody Allen. It is madness and you really do wonder what they put in the director's tea, or if it was infact just Allen's cat with a beret on, (and glasses of course) in charge of it all. Either way, it certainly has its moments and leaves an impression - mostly of the 1960s being a very fun and whacky place to be.
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on 22 April 2017
I already had a copy of this film but it was filmed in wide screen and the copy I had chopped off the ends so that, for example, the opening credits only just were visible in full but the graphics certainly were not. So on seeing another apparently newer copy of the film which said it was wide screen, I imagined that it had finally been issued in the correct ratio. Sadly not. When my new copy arrived it was exactly the same as the one I already possessed., Only the cover art was different. As to the film itself I can't comment since I've never mad it past the opening credits. If camera men take enormous care framing a film, why would you want to watch a butchered version of it?
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on 30 September 2015
I THINK I'll like it; it is the first DVD I have ever purchased and as I don't have TV/DVD player, a friend is showing it for me, to mark an anniversary - it is exactly 50 years since we went to see it at the Odeon Croydon. I was impressed with your supplier's service; that deserves five stars.
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on 25 December 2015
A fashion photographer has women trouble. Pretty much every woman falls for him and his fiancee does not appreciate it much. He goes to see a psychiatrist but he has problems of his own. A lot. I liked it very much. Wacky comedy about choices and the difficulties of making the right ones.
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on 5 August 2013
I love "What's new pussycat". From the soundtrack to the script it is just so enjoyable. The opening scene (copied wholesale by the Chanel Egoist advert from the 80s) makes me laugh every time - lascivious adulterer!!!!! Peter Sellars as Dr Fritz Fassbender is comic gold, and Romy Schneider, along with Capucine, just light up the screen. Oh! Did I mention it also features Woody Allen and Ursula Andree
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on 18 April 2018
We love this film! A great cast and brilliant comedy!
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on 21 June 2017
Every minute of this from start finish is ridiculous, that's why it is such fun.
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