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on 18 October 2012
When considering whether to purchase this or not there were 5 existing reviews / ratings, and oddly each rating was different, one each from 1 star to 5 stars! I'm afraid having now made the purchase it's only 2 stars from me.
Now I rate this album as 2 stars IN COMPARSION to the rest of ACSS's canon of work. If I was rating 'Pod' against an album by, say, Westlife, or someone off the X Factor, or Phil Collins, then obviously I'd score it 5 stars - but against the other 5 albums that ACSS have produced, this only rates as 2 stars compared to the existing product.
Simply, the remixes don't add anything to the originals, in fact they seriously detract from the originals. Where tunes such as 'Release' and 'Rise Above' had a wonderful space between the celtic pipes and flutes and the African percussion (or vice-versa) in these versions that space is filled with further unecessary rhythm tracks. The sound is cluttered, the pace is forced, the subtleties of the originals strangled.
Hard then to see what this was supposed to achieve, other than something of a marker as the band went into stasis. 2010's 'Capture' best of doesn't have a duff track on it, so if you're completely new to Afro Celts, buy that, not this. If you already have some Afro Celt stuff albums 2, 3 & 4 are all essential ('Release', 'Further in Time' & 'Seed' respectively), albums 1 and 5 less so.
At least my single favourite ACSS tune of all, 'Big Cat' from 'Release' got spared being butchered by a remix on 'Pod'!
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on 6 November 2017
If you like,Afro Celt Sound System,You will love this CD.
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on 18 February 2017
I love ACSS. This is wonderful music!
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on 19 February 2015
Fantastic listen - this cd of remixes works well as an end to end listen and stands test of time. One of the best releases from ACSS (however they are all 'essential' imo).
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on 22 July 2004
The beginning of this album is reminiscent of Soft Machine in the '70's - pretty interesting. Unfortunately after these first few seconds, the album degenerates into a mixture a bland pop style melodies and irritating repetitive drumming and chanting. Gone is the brilliance of Sound Magic and Release with not a vestige of the rich sounds of the African Veldt or the echoing Breton rhythms mixing to give us that unique Afro Celt sound. By the time I got to track four - the "murdering" of Further in Time, it had to be switched off while I took solace by banging my head in the car door. Continuing to listen the album later, I fell deeper into gloom as I listened to one after another track being thrashed out having all of its sole stripped away.
One can accuse any remix album as being a shadow of the original tracks former selves but I was deeply saddened that such an innovative and rich sound that we have come to enjoy from a band like the Afro Celts should allow this to be offered to an unsuspecting public.
Is there any part of the album I found interesting as I longed for the end to come? Well I suppose Sinead O'Connor's rendition of Release remixed by Bipolar is the best on the album, sounding more than a little like Bjork, which was reasonable. The rest is highly forgettable and I am glad it is. I am afraid Afro Celt fans will have to overdose on the first albums hoping that sanity will prevail and album number six will be better than this. Another CD is placed on the "listen once and never again" pile.
As far as the DVD is concerned - why? I get the feeling it was token to reduce the distributors guilt.
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on 3 February 2016
Can't go wrong at this price! Excellent value and very fast delivery.
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on 23 July 2005
If you're put off by the idea of an album composed entirely of remixes of tracks that, in their own right, are more than good enough then think again... because this is really quite different. Conceived as an integrated whole, the Afro Celts take some of their best tracks and along with their guest producers come up with something that's closer to a superb live album than a series of studio reworkings. Opening with a brilliantly ecstatic version of "Rise Above" its trick is to sequence these harder, more club & afro beat dominated remixes pretty seamlessly into what becomes not only a genuinely exciting & cohesive record, but one that, if you know nothing about the Afro Celts, you'll be pretty knocked out by.
The problem of course is that most people considering buying "POD" will already have many of its tracks and, as a result, comparisons become inevitable. But even on this pretty unfair basis it delivers some "must have" gems including "Further in Time", "When You're Falling", "Persistence of Memory" & "Whirly 3", all of which are arguably better than the originals, an excellent and very different "club" version of "Release" and the previously unavailable "Johnny at Sea". Plus... you get a DVD which includes two breath-takingly good music videos of "Persistence of Memory" & "When You're Falling", an excellent Dolby 5.1 remix of "North", and a compilation of the group's WOMAD USA 2001 concert that really does capture how stunning they were when playing these tracks live.
Good enough then, from either perspective, to justify some of your hard-earned cash and much, much better than you may expect.
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on 31 December 2008
I must admit that I always have to listen to an Afro Celt album several times before I enjoy all the tracks; then I really love them. However, for me 'Pod' is going to be a steep/impossible climb and, after one play, I am not yet ready to try again. The remixes of the tracks are very heavy handed, with the melodies largely drowned out by the rhythms. Normally I like the Afro Celt's more 'driven' tracks, positively stimulating for this 53 year old (that's given the game way...), but these seem clunky and lacking in finesse.

If you want to bounce off the walls then this is the CD (and DVD) for you. I'm going back to Seed, Anatomic and the rest.
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on 17 August 2004
I have got to wonder if we are all listening to the same album. This appears to be an album you either love or hate.
If you are expecting something as ground breaking as Sound Magic or Further in Time, then you will probably be disappointed. If you want some radical interpretations of Afrocelts tunes, and listen to them played in different and unusual ways, or if you just plain love Afrocelts, then this is a must.
True, the bulk of the re-mixes are heavily dance orientated in their production (heavy drums, reptetive tag lines etc), but it says that on the album so what do you expect?
Overall, very good album, great tunes, good intepretation and a grand addition to the Afrocelt stable - roll on the next "pure" global fusion album - roll on the Afrocelts full length video.
PS the DVD is enjoyable, the 5:1 surround sound of North is excellent, but dont buy this CD just for that.
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on 12 August 2004
Well, I must have been listening to a different CD from other reviewers, as I think this CD seriously rocks!! The remixes are spot-on, giving an extra edge to the music, adding rather than subtracting as 'dance' remixes so often do. Significant also that the best remixes are not those by the guests, but by the Afro-Celts themselves.
The Pod-DVD is a welcome bonus, especially loved the 5.1 remix of 'North' - but a bit of a tease really, must be time for the full live DVD guys?
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