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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 3 June 2006
I bought this after seeing afew episodes on tv and loved every moment of it. It's generally really funny,and then theres the moments which will have you in doubled over laughing for ages and then thinking about it later and laughing again. This is well worth the money and not only will it have you in stiches it will probably also question your own morality and the way you think about people around you, and the thing that makes all this possible is JD's inner monologue
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on 12 April 2007
There have benn many of great american comedies starting with the letter "S," like the Simpsons and Seinfeld. Well, Scrubs is yet another excellent sitcom across the border. It is hard to find anything to criticise. The best and the most clever and hilarious part of each and every episode of Scrubs is J.D.(Zach Braff, the main character) mindflashes of people whether it be imagining his best friend Turk having his own musical to everybody dressed up in a Star Wars scene. Probably one of the best comedies this decade.
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on 19 June 2005
There's something really amazing about Scrubs. It's somehow really inspirational and uplifting, despite it being a slightly wacky comedy show about life working at hospital. The range of characters though, is superb, from the main character JD, his love interest Elliot, laid-back Turk, sarcastic and spiteful yet warm-hearted Dr. Cox, mean Dr. Kelso or the janitor who's always out to make JD's life miserable.
However simply listing plot details can't really sum up how good Scrubs is. The comedy is sharp, every episode I've ever seen is absolutely hilarious, and it makes you feel really good watching it. I've never thought a TV show was essential viewing before I saw this, but I can say with confidence that you WILL love this show and if you haven't seen it already you NEED to check it out.
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on 24 October 2005
In the UK, Scrubs has always been slightly off-the-radar. Originally on late Thursday Channel 4 nights, it failed to find the audience it deserved. The show is adorable! Zach Braff's "JD" is an easy-to-like, slightly geeky intern at Sacred Heart hospital whose best friend Turk and himself are eager to succeed in their new jobs. I find myself watching each episode repeatedly, it's such balanced entertainment. The comedy is sharp thanks to the Janitor and Dr.Cox play their charming jerk roles with aplomb. Elliot and Carla ignite all the action as neurotic doctor and feisty nurse respectively. The heartless Dr.Kelso as villainous boss gives the Sacred Heart staff a face to point all its evils towards. JD's apt summaries concluding each episode shed light on life in general in an affecting way rarely found on TV. Scrubs really is wonderful!
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on 8 May 2006
I started watching this show when it was shown on Channel 4 here in UK a few years back. Since then I've been hooked. Scrubs has something for everyone, from comedy (obviously), drama, personal development, everything. Dr. Cox's rants are things of legend, JD's fantasies are superb.

All I can say is buy this DVD, and the rest! You are missing out if you dont!
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on 3 September 2005
After Friends, Frasier etc are all put to rest what will take it's place? How about a hospital comedy? Nah that'll never work will it? - Oh. Hell. Yes!!!!
Scrubs is the absolute best comedy to come out of America in a very long time. It has the best characters the best gags and the best stories ever.
In this first series we meet J.D. (short for John Dorian played by the brilliant Zach Braff) a young man who is about to start working as a hospital intern. With him is his best friend Turk (Donald Faison - "the Clueless guy") and they meet and befriend another intern by the name of Elliott Reed (played by Sarah Chalke) when at the hospital we meet Carla (Judy Reyes) a nurse who loves to get in everyones business and tell them what they're doing wrong. Dr. Robert Kelso (Ken Jenkins) the hospital chief of medicine who doesn't care about the patients and sees them all as walking dollar bills! The Janitor (Niell Flynn) who just seems to be there to torture J.D. and quite simply the best character ever!!! - Dr Cox (played by the brilliant John C. McGinley) Dr Cox is so brilliant. He's basically this wise cracking carcastic man who hates to play by the rules! All together they form the whacky staff of Sacred Heart hospital.
The best thing about Scrubs is the writing. They set it up and knock it out of the park they like to experiment with the form of the telling of the story. The soundtrack is absolutely phenominal and the acting is brilliant. It's not your average sitcom it's so much more! They manage to keep it funny and at the same time become serious for the important things that help form these great characters. Which is probably why the show is so good. Every character is so deep in their own different ways of dealing with working in a place where you're going to be dealing with when working in a place filled with sick injured and dying people! In all there's simply no other way to put it - Scrubs ROOOOCCCCCCKKKKKKSSSSSS!!!! (I'm a bit of a fan!)
On the first season dvd we get a one on one interview with Zach Braff deleted scenes, commentaries on certain episodes and alternate puns from certain scenes. Also the music video to the theme song for the show and a behind the scenes feature. All in all it's a great dvd boxset to get because a series this good is rare and should be treasured! I mean the trademark Dr Cox rants are worth the rental price alone!!!!
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on 28 July 2006
If you are renting this series from Amazon, please be aware you will also need "Bonus disc" disc 4. If you are using the "Add to rental list" link, make sure you tick the "also add bonus material" box or you won't even be aware of its existence.

Otherwise, like me, you might suffer the delusion that all the series 1 episodes are on the first 3 discs and will miss out on the last 3 episodes! Having already watched series 2 (borrowed from a friend), I only discovered my mistake on reading Amazon reviews that mentioned the "My hero" episode (where Dr Cox's friend is ill) and thinking "I don't remember that storyline". Seems a bit silly of Amazon to classify a disc solely as bonus material if it actually has 3 episodes on it.
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on 5 May 2007
I could rave on and on and on about how good this show is but you'd probably get board and be put off by the fact that such a geek watches this show. I am a geek but that does not change the fact that this show, every single episode, every single season, has to be seen! It is the funniest program I've ever seen but can still manage to stir emotions in me, leaving me feeling happy, hurt & emphatic for the characters. The writers, directors, cast & crew have pulled of the ultimate show. The ultimate comedy show - and it's American. I know! An ultimate American comedy! Who'd have thought...
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VINE VOICEon 8 April 2007
Scrubs. It was a dvd I chose out of millions to buy. I'd never watched it before, but I'm proud I made such a desicion. It didn't just change my mind about comedies, but it chaned my idea of life. No program is funnier than this, neither is one so heartfelt and that's why I recommend this film to every human being on the planet, whatever their taste. When I said Scrubs is the funniest show on good ol' planet earth, I truly meant it. It's filled with the most enduring characters and dialogues, i'll ever know. But mostly, each episode of Scrubs is a Fable. You learn things you've never even thought about before. May i also say that every season of scrubs up to season 4 is as special as eachother. Season 4 is however awfully dissapointing. I'm not sure about season 5 yet because I haven't watched it. So, If I was you buy all seasons of scrubs up to season 4 and then skip it if season 5 is good enough.
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on 12 February 2007
I must admit when Scrubs came out on the T.V it didn't grab me however having caught some episodes on digital ABC channel I have found it to be a very original and refreshing change from all the formula comedies. It always manages to put some heart warming moral in the tale without being corny or contrived. Am now working my way from the beginning and it is rare nowdays that there are laugh out loud moments in programmes but this one never fails to hit the funny bone.
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