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on 30 April 2017
Perfect! thank you...
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on 3 July 2004
I am not a strict melodic death metal fan. I am a MUSIC fan. This means that I have an open mind. I have not spit my dummy in the same manner as some of the reviewers have done here, simply because In Flames aren't playing the same music they were 10 years ago. I have dealt with the fact that In Flames have changed, and I couldn't be more pleased!
Ok, so this isn't "The Jester Race". Nor is it "Whoracle". In my opinion, this is far superior. It is exciting and fresh. If you want to listen to "traditional" melodic death metal, then my advice would be to listen to "The Jester Race", or Indeed "Whoracle". Or perhaps check out some bands taking this style in new directions (see Insomnium). In Flames have defiantly changed, gone are the high-pitched dual guitar harmonies and (over)catchy guitar riffs. What we have here is a band finding their own sound. Like or lump this album, you have to admit that NOBODY sounds like In Flames do now. This is an album full of quality songs by excellent musicians. The album is refreshingly varied, I quality that I find lacking in most heavy albums. Mmany different paces are used and electronics add an extra dimension. This album also features some incredibly heavy moments. Overall, this leads to one of the most individual albums to come out of the heavy music scene in years.
I could do a detailed run down of all the songs, but there's not much point. I would strongly advise picking this up. Who wants to buy albums that sound the same anyway?
Oh, and no, they don't sound like Linkin Park, are you serious!
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on 9 February 2016
Sonic,underground,modern,slick,polished,raw,linkin park korn,in flames,branching away from the same old melo death they already made and conquered. Suprisingly effortlessly melodic without trying too hard,fist pumping without the slogans or corny hooks,heavy without being overally aggressive,dark without being depressing,beutifully crafted without too many time signatures,electronic with synths but not too poppy..big choruses without being forced,soundtrack is modern metal without cliches. It fuses nu metal with melodic alternative in a less is more approach that just works. It really does grow on you.

The new sound direction is clearly influenced by Re Route to Remains singles' Trigger and Clouds Connected' the formula worked,so they 'sold out' and purist cult In Flames followers cried more rivers than Justin Timberlakes N Sync fan base. To me this album has a video game vibe to it,computerised sounding in places but always rocks in the right places. The duel guitar riffs you can hear,but they are played for the songs not for flashing technical masturbation,truly an album I expected to be dull monotonous lacking ideas and linkin park cloned is anything but. Infact that comparison was made by idiots who heard 'The Quiet Place' and screamed,"that's not my In Flames" ahhhhhhh wahhhhhh" This is In flames even more so,because it stands alone and apart from what people asume they should be. Simple,never overplayed from vocals,synth,guitar,drums,bass,it is a nice sombre escape.

Highlights: Evil in a Closet,Like you Better Dead,The Quiet place,Superhero of the Computer Rage,Dead Alone,Friend,
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on 18 December 2004
Any hopes of the old In Flames returning were quashed by this albums release,Re-route sold well and this is pretty much more of the same stuff.It's a bit more polished with the sound being a little bit cleaner and the vocals being a little bit stronger on the singing side of things.
It's still downtuned and heavy and if you liked the last album no doubt you will love this too.I prefer this to re-route but in comparisson to old In Flames it doesn't warrant a 5 in my book.The songs are a little bit sharper in this release as no doubt they get use to the new sound and in this digi-pack,which looks really nice in black and folds out nicely you get a bonus track "Discover Me Like Emptiness"which is pretty good.
Like the last cd it'll no doubt sell well as there are a good few catchy tunes here,but as before less ripping melodies and more stripped down to the basic songs.
Better than the last,but some older fans giving up on them now with the new sound.
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on 29 November 2007
Im a huge fan of In Flames, their best work has got to be Whoracle by a long way(followed by Colony in my opinion).. but i fail to understand why some people dislike this album, especially compared to Reroute to Remain. If In Flames had a bad album id have said Reroute to be it, i found most of the songs on it soso, aside from some such as Trigger. Soundtrack has a much more diverse and UNIQUE sound to it, so the dual guitar harmony has gone from this album, its back in the next one so why complain? This is still an amazing album and the reason i love it has got to be for the vocals, Anders is at his utmost best in this, his screams are as much a part of the music as the instruments and it may be that the guitars play a secondary role in this album to complement his vocals.

Put basically, this album is amazing, perhaps not technically amazing, but for In Flames vocals it has to be my favourite.
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on 17 May 2004
This album is another step up into a more contemporary and progressive sound from In Flames. Old fans who were put off by change in sound on Reroute to Remain may continue to be dissappointed, but those who enjoyed it (and I thought it was fantastic) are in for a treat. There is still plenty of melody, and the whole album feels tight as only In Flames can be, but there is a new level edginess that somehow wasn't there before.
It is not as immediatley rewarding as RtR, but by the third time through you will be convinced. I think for me the appeal stems from the fact that is just feels more visceral. In Flames are as vital as ever.
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on 29 March 2004
This is just hella worth the wait... Something that I've been waiting for years... I wrote some comments for each song.
F(r)iends - 4/5 Heavy. There's a lady speaking something about why the war starts at the starting of this song. A perfect track to start this album with
The Quiet Place - 5/5 The single. I saw the video on Scuzz and I was stunned. Less heavier and more melodic. The intro for this song is a killer.
Dead Alone - 4/5 Simply creative. This song has more electric elements than any other In Flames's song. Reminds me of Static-X. The chorus is really dramatic
Touch of Red - 3.5/5 Ear slicer. Anders screams with talent... and the guitar is mind blowing. The chorus is catchy. However, it's not my favourite.
Like You Better Dead - 5/5 Haunting. In my opinion, this song is about disappointments in life. I really feel like punching someone after listening to this song. :-D
My Sweet Shadow - 5/5 Catchy. The guitar "screams" at the starting of the song for about 50 seconds. Then, everything goes silence when Anders sings like a poet. Then the noise strikes back! Total genius
Evil In A Closet - 3.5/5 Dramatic. This is without doubt the slowest song in this album. In Flames's fans who like the mellower side of In Flames might like this song very much.
In Search For I - 4.5/5 Heart stomping. I like this song. The guitar solo is awesome. The vocals are iNsAnE.
Borders And Shading - 6/5 Nicely Done. In my point of view, this song reflects In Flames. The intro...(singing) the versus..(screaming) the chorus...(screaming (deep)) and the bridge... This is song is just great.
Superhero of The Computer Rage - 5/5 Alive. This song is completely... rage. nuff said
Dial 595-Escape - 4.5/5 Complicated. I really enjoy the guitar riffs in this song. an urban song. Fast paced. This track is a brilliant combination of screaming and heavy/fast guitar riffs
Bottled - 4/5 Meaningful. One of the slower songs in this album. But don't worry, there's no whining. (some people hate that)
Discover Me Like Emptiness (only available in the digipak)- 4/5 Masterpiece. This song is like "Free Fall" from Reroute To Remain. The elements from this song are just marvelous. Nicely done.
In conclusion, this album is a must have to everyone. I honestly enjoyed this album. I can relate every song in this album with my life. I doubted that In Flames’s fans will be disappointed.
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on 20 February 2006
on and on the debate rages,have in flames sold out or gone nu metal in this album,does it matter when its this good,i dont know many that love this but i do and you are reading my review so maybe you are undecided but buy it if you dont already own it,yes i own in flames earlier work and yes i love it,reroute was a class album as is this,it just aches with ferocity and melody,wasnt that always the in flames ethos,not much has really changed ,this isnt in flames best album,i would leave that to clayman i think,however this is superb,ignore this and be sorry
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on 29 March 2004
If you've heard of In Flames, or even had the priviledge to see them then you will know of their kind of music.
I will keep this review short and sweet; Soundtrack To Your Escape doesn't appear to be as good as any of the last albums on first listen, but once I'd listened to it a few times it grew on me, and now it seems a blinding album.
The highlights are 'Borders And Shading', which is a phenomenal track, which on its own is worth buying the album for, and 'The Quiet Place' which was released as a single. This song is also mindblowing.
If you're a die hard fan of In Flames, you will buy it.
If you just like In Flames, then its still well-worth having in your cd collection.
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on 26 March 2008
superb album, in flames have somehow managed to make their death metal style screaming catchy at the same time.
Tracks to look out for:
*Borders and shading*
Evil in a closet
In search for I
My sweet shadow
*The quiet place*
All the above blew my mind, i hope they do the same for you!
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