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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
Monkey! - Thirteen Re-Dubbed Episodes [1979] [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£39.11+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 23 November 2017
Monkey! - Thirteen Re-Dubbed Episodes [1979] [DVD] ASIN: B0001NIYOK
great Release of the 13 episodes of the tv series monkey all dubbed in english 4 dvd set
just one problem the episodes are mixed on the 4 dvds they are in the wrong order so what you will need to do is go to the internet and wright down all the episodes from the list and then play them in the right order from the dvds if you dont do this you could end up watching them in the wrong order but it is great to watch this monkey.. tv series again as it was great on the first showing on tv many years back
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on 10 February 2011
Watched the series all those years ago.

These redubbed episodes are great but the notes with the discs don't give the running order or say where they fitted with the other collection of Monkey episodes sold in another collection - which I also bought off Amazon.

My daughter has watched them all, she was very tiny when it was on tv originally,

She did not notice any problems with picture or sound at all.
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on 1 July 2014
I used to rush home from school to watch this show. The broom handle was never the same again although it would not fit in my ear !!. Even today it rocks.
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on 14 January 2017
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on 17 February 2015
Not watched yet, but have the full box set of Monkey which we're getting through at the moment. Great fun.
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on 7 September 2014
Got this to add to my collection .great viewing
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on 22 October 2012
great to be able to see this story complete without searching the TV to find the follow on episodes to continue with the string
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on 30 April 2017
One reviewer below seemed confused as to what order these redubbed episodes originally appeared in the series. Making it hard for her to combine it with the other boxset (that also has the missing 13 episides but only with subtitles and not presented in the corrrect chronological order). So, I've pasted below the list so you can combine the two boxsets and watch all dubbed/redubbed episodes in the correct chronological order...

Series 1: 1978-79
"Monkey Goes Wild about Heaven"
"Monkey Turns Nursemaid"
"The Great Journey Begins"
"Monkey Swallows the Universe"
"The Power of Youth"
"Even Monsters Can Be People"
"The Beginning of Wisdom"
"Pigsy Woos a Widow"
"What Monkey Calls the Dog-Woman"
"Pigsy's in the Well"
"The Difference Between Night and Day"
"Pearls Before Swine"
"The Minx and the Slug"
"Catfish, Saint and the Shape-Changer"
"Monkey Meets the Demon Digger"
"The Most Monstrous Monster"
"Truth and the Grey Gloves Devil"
"Land for the Locusts"
"Vampire Master"
"Outrageous Coincidences"
"Pigsy, King and God"
"Village of the Undead"
"Two Little Blessings"
"The Fires of Jealousy"
"The Country of Nightmares"
"The End of the Way"

Series 2: 1979-80
"Pigsy's Ten Thousand Ladies"
"The Dogs of Death"
"You Win Some, You Lose Some" (dubbed 2004)
"Pigsy Learns A Lesson" (dubbed 2004)
"The Land With Two Suns" (dubbed 2004)
"The House of the Evil Spirit" (dubbed 2004)
"Am I Dreaming?" (dubbed 2004)
"The Tormented Emperor" (dubbed 2004)
"Between Heaven and Hell" (dubbed 2004)
"The Foolish Philosopher"
"Who Am I?"
"What is Wisdom?"
"The Fountain of Youth"
"Better The Demon You Know" (dubbed 2004)
"A Shadow So Huge"
"Keep on Dancing"
"Give and Take"
"Such a Nice Monster"
"The Fake Pilgrims" (dubbed 2004)
"Pretty as a Picture"
"The Tenacious Tomboy" (dubbed 2004)
"Stoned" (dubbed 2004)
"Hungry Like The Wolf" (dubbed 2004)
"Monkey's Yearning" (dubbed 2004)
"At the Top of the Mountain"
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on 17 July 2007
So here at last are the missing 13 episodes from the second series of Monkey - the Japanese interpretation of a famous book about a Holy Priest from China who is accompanied by three spirits in human form on a journey to India to recover some scrolls that will enlighten the world. The BBC acquired all of the first seasosns 26 episodes, but mysteriously only 13 of the second seasons 26 episodes, and had them dubbed into English by such people as John Sachs (Manuel, Fawlty Towers) and Miriam Margoyles (Lady Whiteadder & The Spanish Emphanta from Blackadder) and ran them as one series. Anyone from the early and mid 80's will remember this show with affection; its unusual blend of mysticism, magic, battles and arrays of colourful demons and monsters was a winner for school kids and some adults alike. Although it was in some places tacky, and the effects were pretty basic sometimes, it never took anything away from its charm, and the series developed a massive cult following, possibly due in no small part to the hilarous lines of dubbing which enlivened the show. In the late 90's Fabulous Films released 13 DVD's of the complete two series, each containing three original episodes as done by the BBC, and one of the missing episodes, albeit undubbed and in its original Japanese voices. Now this release reunites those people who did the dubbing for the BBC and they have dubbed these thirteen episodes in the style of their predecessors.

The thirteen episodes themselves are great to see, posessing all the Monkeyisms that abound in the shows previous episodes, although some of the story lines do seem a trifle darker (perhaps the reason the Beeb only picked half of them). There are some great episodes, one which stood out for me was Monkey's duel with a giant vulture type bird in "The Land With Two Suns" - a typical example of how charming, crazy and yet hysterically funny the show could be. As for the dubbing, its great to hear those original voices again 20 years on, and they sound pretty good, especially the rasping no-nonsense voice of Monkey. The only voice that seemed rather laboured was that of Pigsy, which seemed to lack some gusto, but well you cant have it all. Also, in 20 years, a few new mild 'profanities' have been added, which don't seem to do it any harm (Sh*t being an example !). The last disc also contains two small featurettes about the reuniting of the dubbing cast and behind the scenes.

All in all, a great boxset to own. I'm not sure its worth Amazons current price of £40, but if you see one cheap, go for it - a true Monkey fan wont be disappointed.
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on 2 June 2013
Thirteen lost episodes redubbed, and a great job they did. Monkey and Horse sounds exactly the same, Sandy and Tripitaka sounds about 90% the same, and Pigsy sounds very different (even though it's the same actors voice - I guess 30+ years will do that to a voice). The narration is by another actor and unfortunately his voice isn't as good as the original voice (not as over-the-top)

The Monkey Nuts documentary was good, and how I expected it to be; interviews with the voice actors, and footage of the recording studio etc

There is also a clip of BBC Breakfast interviewing the actors who do Monkey and Horse, but this is hidden as an easter egg, and not easily found....at first.
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