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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 26 April 2017
its the rasmus what else can I say! ITS AWESOME!!
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on 25 June 2017
My favourite band, great music. I love this album.(I am 63 years old)
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on 1 July 2017
great album
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on 18 March 2015
Good music the case was a little damaged from storage over the years at your warehouse but for the price I paid it's fine
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on 25 March 2004
WOW! What a fantastic album!!
I cannot give these guys enough credit. Having only heard 'In the shadows' I went out and bought the album & I was not dissapointed.Every song leaves you wanting more. look out for the tracks 'time to burn' and 'not like the other girls' BRILLIANT!!
Buy this album NOW!
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on 20 July 2005
Buy this. It's as simple as that. Don't start thinking of reasons not to, just buy it. Pronto.
Track 1 First day of my life: Great track, great one to listen to when you want to be alone, just like he sings 'wanna be alone, just for a while unknown'. It kinda introduces you to the album, and although the chorus is quite fast, the verses are serene and calm in a melodic way.
Track 2 In the shadows: five star track - anyone thinking of buying this cd should have heard this - and if you havn't, go and listen to it now on their website.
Track 3 Still standing: Good track, it starts slow but builds up - lauri's voice sounds espeicially nice at the beginning.
Track 4 In my life: fast song very good. It's about taking control of your life, and is the least formulaic of all the songs on the album - the rhthym changes towards the end. great lyrics at the beginning.
Track 5 Time to burn: Quite a dark track, about changing your life so much that you cannot go back, great song, and my personal favourite.
Track 6 Guilty: odds are that you have probably heard this as well - its like an apology song. If you are listening to it on headphones then the vocals switch from earphone to earphone, which is v. nice.
Track 7 Not like the other girls: The most different song on the album, a really beautiful song - the most memorable after your first listen. Really melodic and epic in a way. It starts slowly with a one minute intro and lasts seven minutes, but still doesn't drag on.
Track 8 The one i love: A very dark song, with dark lyrics 'this bed has become my coffin'. One of my favourites.
Track 9 Back in the picture: A bouncy kind of punky song, it is quite sweet when lauri sings 'dedicate everything i create to my friends i would die for'
Track 10 Funeral Song: A haunting song, the video is particularly moving, the emotion behind the lyrics is very obvious. A dark ballad.
Then, if you get the U.K bonus tracks, you will get three more songs, all of which are worth a listen, but track 11 f-f-f-falling is very very good and was a huge hit for the band. i would number it as one of my favourites.
thanks for reading,
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on 26 May 2004
This fantastic 5th album of the Finnish rock group “The Rasmus” is described best with these words: energetic, powerful, melodic & melancholic.
”First day of my life” convinces with hard guitar riffs and a great melody.
“In the shadows” is fantastic rock with a melody that will never leave your head once you’ve heard it.
“Still standing” is one of my personal favourites. It’s a wonderful rock ballad that really goes to your heart thanks to singer Lauri’s beautiful voice.
“In my life” is the most powerful song on “Dead Letters”.
“Time to burn” is slower, hard guitar riffs and again Lauri’s voice make it a really good song.
“Guilty” is another favourite of mine, a perfect, well-balanced rock masterpiece with a striking melody.
“Not like the other girls” is again slower and contains some beautiful guitar solos. You’ll carry it in your heart straight away!
“The one I love” is another great rock song.
“Back in the picture” really catches you and wants you to join in the singing.
“Funeral song” is the most emotional and also the darkest song on Dead Letters. Lauri is singing about his ex-girlfriend and describes how he dies in his dreams with his voice full of soaring beauty and melancholy. On this album version of FS, there is only very little background and no drums.
"F-f-f-falling", which was a major hit single in Finland in 2001, is rock-pop at its very best with a catchy refrain!
”If you ever” is more rock again and tells you a good deal about friends. A wonderful song!
"What ever" is a great rock song too, one of the songs with a proper sense behind them!
All in all, Dead Letters is a must for everybody who likes good music. This album really contains 12 fantastic songs, each of them better than the other. You can listen to it every day, it doesn’t get boring. I do it since summer last 2003 and I love it more every day. Have fun with it!
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on 12 March 2004
thats how long it took me to decide to buy this album!
i went into HMV last night looking for an album by Fuel and spent a good 10 minutes looking. After not finding it, i realised that what i was listening to was in fact extremely good, so despite having never heard of the band before, and having still only heard about 3 tracks, i thougt 'why not?' and bought it. iv had it on non-stop since, its fantastic!!
First day of my life is brilliant, somewhere between lostprophets and A, and Time to Burn is also fantastic, with clear unfluences from Bon Jovi.
Whilst the mix of apparent influences throughout the album seems quite diverse, it comes off brilliantly and sounds fantastic.
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on 26 December 2005
Please please please for the love of..well everything, do not listen to all these people who say "trust me, the rasmus are rubbish". They lie. Seriously. They tell you that Rasmus fans should go out and find the decent rock bands out there. I have already done that of my own accord, i am a huge fan of Slipknot, My Chemical Romance, Trivium, Metallica and System of a Down etc etc, I love them all, they are v v v v v v good, but does listening to them prove that the Rasmus are rubbish? A big fat NO, i still love them as much as i ever did, and going to see them live just enforced this, it was INCREDIBLE i'm tellin you mate. Seriously, ignore all these critics and magazines and TV like Kerrang (i usually love Kerrang, except for their unfair treatment of this band) when they say that the Rasmus are worthless, they ARE NOT. This is a very good album, In the Shadows is an excellent song, as is Still standing, first day of mylife, if you ever (abonus track) and the funeral song (the video version is much better, got more drums). And i don't know what all these reviewers are going on about when they say that the music has been cleaned up and polished unnaturally by computer or sumthin, cos i'm tellin you, they sound EXACTLY the same live, theyre just a bit louder and have more energy (if they do touch it up, it makes absolutely no differnce so theyre wasting their time and effort!!) Lauri has the same powerful voice, and the guitar and drums sound great. (They also have very sexy accents when they speak, being Finnish and all that lol)
so for goodness sake, tell evryone else to shut up and don't care what they think of you for being a Rasmus fan, they are woth it, and if you ever get the chance, go and see them live because they are the best when it comes to live gigs.
BUY BUY BUY!! and please buy Hide from the Sun and Into too, I have those and theyre excellent. Not sure about the other ones, I need to get them, but apparently theyre good.
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on 11 April 2004
After hearing 'In The Shadows' I thought id take the risk of buying the album, dead letters. I was expecting a couple of decent tracks and the rest to be below par. I couldn't have been more wrong. Every time you put the album on, it gets better and better and better. Tracks to look out for are: Time to burn, Not like the others girls, funeral song and of course In the shadows. Trust me, this album will not disappoint.
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