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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 15 February 2005
After trying nearly all the sub-£200 shredders on the market, the Bosch AXT 2000HP comes out as the best of a bad bunch. You get what you pay for with shredders and the Bosch is around the most expensive.
It is one of the quietest - far less noisy than impact shredders which use a high speed spinning disk cutter. You can happily use the Bosch on a Sunday without disturbing the neighbours and ear defenders are not necessary. The Bosch is not prone to blocking up as easily as others and the motor is powerful enough to shred almost anything that will fit down the feed slot. The helical screw action, like a food mincer, produces a relatively fine mulch for composting or mulching. This speeds composting time to weeks rather than months. Other quiet shredding systems on the market use intermeshing gears which, while powerful, produce a much coarser mulch.
The first Bosch I tried had to be returned for replacement almost immediately because the plastic casing broke on the feed slot. This was because a branch being shredded was slightly too thick at a knot, and cracked the case as it was pulled through. This is symptomatic of all plastic cased shredders - especially in winter when plastic gets brittle. The Bosch feed slot is also too narrow. An alternative attachment would be a good idea, a tall conical feed shoot like on the Viking and Lawn Flit shredders.
On both the Bosch shredders I have used, the supplied attachments to push material through the feed slot were faulty. They are simple a length of metal rod, bend at 90 degrees at one end and screwed into a handle at the other. They were both screwed in too loose which made the metal rods slightly too long and able to be pulled into the helical screw. Very dangerous and likely to ruin the shredder.


Many years later (it's nearly 2015 now) The shredder has longevity but suffers from a design flaw. The motor needs to be 90 degrees to the material being shredded otherwise some hard-to-shred items causes the motor to jump off its mountings, dislodging the cooling fan. The repair is expensive and in the end only supergluing the fan to its shaft provided the best solution. We use it as our third back-up and mainly use a Viking centrifugal shredder with the strongest electric motor we could find. We put branches through a Bosch with the gears I described above.

Shredders! Pah!
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on 1 September 2005
This is the first shredder I've ever owned so it's a bit difficult to make objective comparisons. However, I'm very impressed so far. 'Silent' is a bit of an exaggeration unless you are stone deaf but compared to other shredders I've heard it is quite quiet and can be used in a built up area without too much impact on the neighbours. Certainly a lot quieter than those mowers that only seem to work on Sunday mornings!!
'Shredder' is also a bit of a misnomer. It 'chunks' rather than shreds the woody elements into 2cm pieces which, I guess, will lengthen the rotting process a little. Overall I'm really pleased with my "Bosch Quiet Branch Chunker" its very sturdy and looks like it will last for years. (See [...] for further rave reviews)
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on 10 June 2005
Having used a borrowed "impact" shredder for long enough to get RSI in my arm and damage my hearing I knew I did not want one of those. The quiet shredders like this Bosch are more expensive, but should probably be called "mincers" because they are really a different kind of tool altogether. The Bosch minces into pieces about 2cm long, whereas an impact shredder really does produce shreds, which then rot very fast into a wonderful fine compost. However, the noise and effort and cost of blades means that these are more suitable for a small garden with very tolerant neighbours. Whereas I have a huge amount of scrub and small trees to dispose of; which is where the quiet shredders excel, producing a great mulch for large, less formal areas (similar to chippings from industrial machines). This is the only quiet shredder I have used, but I cannot fault it. With any product at this kind of price you are going to have to be careful how you use it to avoid breaking the feeder etc. We have been amazed at the size of branch this machine can handle; just pop in the thick end, step back and watch it disappear; fabulous! I found this web page a useful guide: [...]
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on 17 August 2005
I have never had a shredder before so I can't compare mine with anything. However, I am most impressed with my Bosch AXT2000HP. It seems able to shred almost anything I put in it - it can't do VERY big branches, but then I don't expect it to. We all have our limits! It is fast and reduces the branches to lovely little pieces about half an inch long, which seem to rot down quickly in the compost bin. One thing that surprised me was the noise, or rather lack of it. Any cat owners out there will know how panicked most cats get at the sound of noisy domestic appliances. Well, my most nervous cat wasn't frightened by the shredder at all. She just tucked herself up about 2 metres away from it and watched it working with great interest. (The other cats wandered off, equally unbothered.) Which shows how quiet it must be!
All in all, I would say that this is a wonderful purchase, well able to cope with anything you might give it to do, and invaluable in a small to medium garden with lots of small tree prunings to dispose of.
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on 21 May 2005
Firstly I am branded on Bosch, all of their products that I have bought have been good quality.
I nearly bought the model up from this one due to a slightly negative review on this site but reasoned that they were both bosch shredders, one was just heavier duty and I only need one for normal light garden use.
Product has the usual bosch build quality. Product is quiet relative to other noisy shredders but SILENT is overstating its virtues. That said I am very glad I didnt get a noisy one. Once the mechanism gets hold of a branch it pulls it into the shredder, this is useful and I am glad I didnt get a cheaper shredder that I had to continually push branches into.
In summary quality at a price with a few nice to have features. To buy a cheaper product would have meant a compromise on noise/useability/performance whilst a more expensive product would have been overkill for the use it will get.
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on 22 October 2006
This is my first owned shredder although I have borrowed others from friends from time to time. All of the others I have used were impact blade type shredders which did the job IF the blades were sharp which they often weren't. The Bosch AXT 2000HP is superior to anything else I have used. Once you feed a branch or pruning into the opening it is drawn in automatically without you having to stand there and hold the pruning whilst all the time absorbing the transferred impact as the blade strikes the pruning as you feed it in.

The size of the shredded pruning is a little bigger than I was used to getting with blade shredders but it still fine for mulch which is what I want.

I love the reverse action in the event that there is a jam caused by too big a pruning being used. What a contrast to having to open up the other models to remove the jam.

The AXT 2000HP whilst not silent is not obtrusive enough to annoy the neighbours compared with the impact blade models.

I love not having to worry about constantly removing the blades for a sharpening.

The only negative I can think of is the height of the outlet chute is a little too low to allow larger buckets under it. This is a minor wish but it certainly wouldn't stop me buying this model again or recommending it to friends
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on 19 June 2007
Its rare these days that when you get something home after spending your cash that it lives up to expectations, but this shredder exceeded all of mine. I have a large strip of farm hedge running through my garden, full of hawthorn along with trees such as cherry and oak, and lots of bushy plants scattered around. This thing just eats them all, and generates a wonder mulch in the process. I ran this thing for 7 days practically non-stop and it handled almost everything that could fit in the slot at the top. On the rare occasions it did jam, with thick hardwood branches, you just flick it into reverse and it clears. Too much leafy stuff will clog it, so mix in the branchy stuff to keep it pulling everything through. Its quiet too, makes less noise than an electric lawnmower so you wont feel like you are disturbing the neighbourhood.
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VINE VOICEon 21 August 2005
This type of shredder deals with the prunings you get from overgrown hedges, shrubs or small trees. It's best for twigs over 6" (15cm) and with a max diameter of about 1¼" (3cm). It will take smaller softer cuttings if mixed with longer ones.
I can't pretend it's quick, as you have to feed the twigs in sequentially. But the result is excellent mulch or compost fodder. It IS quiet (about the same noise level as a chugging washing machine).
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on 8 May 2007
Excellent. Some time ago borrowed a cheap shredder from a friend and spent more time trying to unblock it after feeding it the equivalent of 2 twigs. I thought all shredders would be much of a much but having quite a lot of garden debris to get rid of decided to have a look for a decent shredder. The Bosch seemed to be in the right price range, I think paying too little on this type of machine is a false economy. My only decision was whether to go for this model or the more powerful model. I decided that as I only have a medium size garden this model would be fine and it is. This machine works perfectly, in fact I found myself looking round for things to shred. As has been said before "Silent" is not really accurate but it is nowhere near as noisy as the old type of shredder. This machine produces little chunks of wood rather than chips. All in all excellent, buy with confidence.
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on 8 July 2007
As I was buying a shredder for the first time I really had nothing to compare it with so I bought the best available in store.
I was really impressed with it on all counts.
It is easy to manouver, relatively quiet considering what it is doing, very easy to use and it actually becomes quite addictive to use.
I cannot believe I have taken this long to get around to buying one and it has taken a lot of the hard work out of garden waste disposal.
I was impressed with the relative ease that the machine deals with quite large branches and the first time used it for around 5 hours with no drop off in performance.
I would definately recommend to prospective purchasers.
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