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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 26 June 2017
All OK
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on 15 February 2012
This is the first Now album I bought and it's a great one.


COMPACT DISC 1 Chart Peak Weeks On Chart

1.Britney Spears- Toxic 1 14 Weeks(Mar-June)
2.Kelis- Milkshake 2 15 Weeks(Jan-Apr)
3.Jamelia- Thank You 2 14 Weeks(Feb-June)
4.Kylie Minogue- Red Blooded Woman 5 9 Weeks(Mar-May)
5.Justin Timberlake- I'm Lovin' It 79 1 Week(Dec)
6.Enrique Iglesias ft Kelis- Not In Love 5 9 Weeks(Mar-May)
7.The Black Eyed Peas- Shut Up 2 12 Weeks(Dec-Feb)
8.2 Play ft Raghav & Jucxi- So Confused 6 13 Weeks(Jan-Apr)
9.Beenie Man ft Ms Thing- Dude 7 11 Weeks(Mar-May)
10.Peter Andre- Mysterious Girl 1 11 Weeks(Feb-May)
11.DJ Casper- Cha Cha Slide 1 18 Weeks(Mar-July)
12.Girls Aloud- Jump 2 14 Weeks(Nov-Feb)
13.Boogie Pimps- Somebody To Love 3 15 Weeks(Jan-Apr)
14.Atomic Kitten ft Kool And The Gang-
Ladies Night 8 11 Weeks(Dec-Mar)
15.Emma- I'll Be There 7 8 Weeks(Feb-Apr)
16.Sophie Ellis-Bextor- I Won't Change You 9 6 Weeks(Jan-Feb)
17.Scissor Sisters- Comfortably Numb 10 8 Weeks(Jan-Jan)
18.Deepest Blue- Give It Away 9 8 Weeks(Feb-Apr)
19.LMC vs U2- Take Me To The Clouds Above 1 12 Weeks(Feb-Apr)
20.Special D- Come With Me 6 11 Weeks(Apr-June)
21.Ultrabeat- Feelin' Fine 12 12 Weeks(Dec-Mar)
22.Motorcycle- As The Rush Comes 11 9 Weeks(Jan-Mar)
23.Ferry Corsten- Rock Your Body Rock 11 6 Weeks(Feb-Apr)

COMPACT DISC 2 Chart Peak Weeks On Chart

1.Will Young- Leave Right Now 1 18 Weeks(Nov-Apr)
2.Katie Melua- The Closest Thing To Crazy 10 20 Weeks(Dec-Apr)
3.Norah Jones- Sunrise 30 3 Weeks(Apr)
4.Blue- Breathe Easy 4 12 Weeks(Mar-June)
5.Kelly Osbourne ft Ozzy Osbourne- Changes 1 16 Weeks(Dec-Apr)
6.Blink-182- I Miss You 8 10 Weeks(Mar-May)
7.Busted- Who's David? 1 10 Weeks(Feb-May)
8.Fountains Of Wayne- Stacy's Mom 11 7 Weeks(Mar-May)
9.Franz Ferdinand- Take Me Out 3 9 Weeks(Jan-Mar)
10.Alistair Griffin- Bring It On 5 6 Weeks(Jan-Feb)
11.Sugababes- Too Lost In You 10 13 Weeks(Dec-Mar)
12.VS- Love You Like Mad 7 7 Weeks(Feb-Apr)
13.Joss Stone- Fell In Love With A Boy 18 5 Weeks(Feb-Mar)
14.FYA ft Smujji- Must Be Love 13 7 Weeks(Mar-Apr)
15.N.E.R.D- She Wants To Move 5 12 Weeks(Mar-June)
16.Jamie Cullum- Frontin'(Live) 12 5 Weeks(Mar-Apr)
17.Keane- Somewhere Only We Know 3 13 Weeks(Feb-May)
18.Snow Patrol- Run 5 25 Weeks(Feb-Nov)
19.Alex Parks- Maybe That's What It Takes 3 9 Weeks(Nov-Jan)
20.Ronan Keating- She Believes(In Me) 2 7 Weeks(Feb-Apr)
21.Michelle- All This Time 1 11 Weeks(Jan-Mar)

Best Songs


Jamelia- Thank You
2 Play ft Raghav & Jucxi- So Confused
Beenie Man ft Ms Thing- Dude
Peter Andre- Mysterious Girl
Boogie Pimps- Somebody To Love
Deepest Blue- Give It Away
LMC vs U2- Take Me To The Clouds Above
Special D- Come With Me
Ultrabeat- Feelin' Fine
Motorcycle- As The Rush Comes
Ferry Corsten- Rock Your Body Rock


Katie Melua- The Closest Thing To Crazy
Busted- Who's David?
Fountains Of Wayne- Stacy's Mom
Alistair Griffin- Bring It On
Sugababes- Too Lost In You

Artists repeated from Now 56

Jamelia- Thank You
Kylie Minogue- Red Blooded Woman
Justin Timberlake- I'm Lovin It
The Black Eyed Peas- Shut Up
Girls Aloud- Jump
Atomic Kitten ft Kool & The Gang- Ladies Night
Emma- I'll Be There
Sophie Ellis-Bextor- I Won't Change You
Ultrabeat- Feelin' Fine
Blue- Breathe Easy
Busted- Who's David?
Sugababes- Too Lost In You

Artists that appear on Now 58

Britney Spears- Everytime
Kelis- Trick Me
Jamelia- See It In A Boy's Eyes
Kylie Minogue- Chocolate
The Black Eyed Peas- Hey Mama
2 Play ft Raghav & Naila Boss- It Can't Be Right
Girls Aloud- The Show
Atomic Kitten- Someone Like Me
Scissor Sisters- Laura
Blue- Bubblin'
Busted- Air Hostess
Franz Ferdinand- Matinee
Sugababes- In The Middle
VS- Call U Sexy
Joss Stone- Super Duper Love
N.E.R.D- Maybe
Keane- Everybody's Changing
Ronan Keating ft LeAnn Rimes- Last Thing On My Mind

8 Number 1's

Britney Spears- Toxic
Peter Andre- Mysterious Girl
DJ Casper- Cha Cha Slide
LMC vs U2- Take Me To The Clouds Above
Will Young- Leave Right Now
Kelly Osbourne ft Ozzy Osbourne- Changes
Busted- Who's David?
Michelle- All This Time

Release Date: 5 April 2004
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on 28 March 2004
the now series is aging slightly, yet each time it comes around it brings the same type of tracklisitng you would expect. mostly the cds are dull, consisting of poor chart-toppers and unispiring hits, and the odd ballad now and then.
The same is for vol.57 but this time there is an impressive selection of songs to go with it, and for once some of the chart toppers are actually quite good. Toxic an outstanding track that you have to pinch yourself to make sure it was releaesed by britney, deepest blue, and sugerbabes beautiful "lost in you" are all great songs.
Having said this there are some awful gut wrenchingly bad songs on both cds. atomic kittens ladies nights reminds us of why we should be thankful they are taking a break. the other awful tracks come from pop idol and fame academy. its hard to decide which one is worst.
Yet this double disk manages to save itself from mediocracy verging on crap by the wise inclusion of some brilliant alternative songs. Keane, franz ferdinand and snow patrol all contribute brilliant tracks. Blink 182 even join in, joining britney in the category of "never released a good song before but this ones great. Miss you is suprisngly one of the best tracks on there.
All in all, not a bad effort. but be warned if you buy it you will only be paying for a handfull of good tracks.
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on 24 March 2004
Over the years I have read hundreds of negative reviews to these marvelous compilations.During the late sixties and early seventies prior to the Now collections top artists would refuse to appear so orchestras such as Geoff Love or Henry Mann singers would sing the songs. I even heard Bacarach music doing the Bee Gees early hits. Then in 1983 NOW changed all that and started to encompass a range of original artists. I still think to this day 1986 is there very best compilation. America always slow off the mark in music terms, (just listen to endless mundane rap songs where artists point fingers in the air at just what I have not figured out,will just not go away) that dominate the Billboard charts. Of course songs through the decades vary as does the skill of the artists singing them. Does Jessica Simpson really have to ruin Berlin's Take My Breath Away?. Yet by following the Now series you can see a story of the times through music. Believe me when you get to fifty you become to appreciate how important and entertaining it can be. Also please remember, if you like music and need to keep within a tight budget Now is the right medium.
American consumers in 1998 were finally given the same opportunity albeit smaller listings which to this day have become so highly succesful. Australia and Hong Kong like Britain are the Kings of compilations if you surf the net correctly.
One reviewer cites the lack of R and B,in Now 57 well I would agree if evidence shows this style transcended into top forty hits over the previous three months above those listed. So the next time you hear any type of comment make sure the person who is writing it gives a balanced review and not just a personal preference. There is an abundance of compilations out there to buy but Now has proved itself as the musical diary to own.
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on 7 April 2004
Never mess with a winning formula, they say, and they haven't.
There aren't quite 57 varieties of musical styles to match the volume number now reached, even though the 44 tracks are a few more than normal, but they've tried their hardest, with a little jazz, courtesy of the boy Cullum, added to the usual mix of pop, soul, modern r&b, chart-friendly rock and dance, and what has become the almost traditional rave from the grave, in this instance Peter Andre.
For those who like statistics there are eight No 1's, eight cover versions, five products of the Pop Idol/Fame Academy shows and at least four tracks bearing the credit of Pharrell Williams. And eleven tracks have already appeared on the rival "Hit 40 UK" compilation.
Notwithstanding all that, the Now series is still the best of its genre and number 57 is well up to standard. It has the greatest range of coverage, is well programmed or sequenced and has informative, if sometimes inane, sleevenotes on each track. Obviously you can't please everybody with everything, but for the price of five singles it represents great value, and it would be a very jaded ear indeed that couldn't find at least twice that number of songs to their liking. My score is 32!
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on 1 September 2011
Another Now Album from the NOW collection which is currently up to Now 79. Now 57 album like all in the collection has the essential songs from that year.

The Now collection is a great time line of what the music was like at that year.I'd been collecting the NOW albums and have all but a few. I like the songs on the albums I have I have decided to complete my collect this is why I brought Now 57. I pleased with the Album and will enjoy the songs mixed the other Now Albums in my collection.

I'd recomend to all who like a varied genre of music to try the Now Albums
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on 27 March 2004
The problem of Todays pop music is that it's all alike, which includes all the Now series of cd's. Yet another problem is that when the cd is out the songs are old and over played. I don't understand why these mixed cd's can't put on brand new & future songs rather than those that were in the chart at christmas...4 months ago. I'm getting sick of all of it now..and they wonder why millions of people download illegally of the internet. I don't even think this cd deserves 1 star.
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on 25 March 2004
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on 25 July 2013
i got this item to go with the rest of my collection of cds from the now that's what i call music
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on 25 March 2004
Not the best NOW cd but still a good one. Let's not forget the lack of hits nowadays. No variety, no imagination, no big hits!!! That is the reason the NOW series includes "old" hits. The songs that are included here are nice. There are some new tracks such as: Scissor Sisters, Kelis, Keane (i think) and some more. Don't blame the compilation though. It's the lack of hits.
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