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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 1 February 2012
Dear all. These screwdrivers have a sticker by Draper, however, these are the same old low quality rubbish screwdrivers you can find anywhere by any brand. They are probabely all made in China by a single factory and just have a sticker and booklet added to it. I used a screwdriver on a screw of my glasses and it bent straight away. The low quality of the metal tip is simply absurd, you can't put any pressure on them whatsoever. What good is such a screwdriver? I have had sets like these before and they're all rubbish. Do yourself a favor and buy something which will last longer than one single turn of a screw!!!
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on 25 August 2009
Great little pack. Comes in small plastic box which is easily stored. Quite a large range of screwdrivers. The quality of the screwdrivers is reasonable. Most cases fit for purpose, Though when removing extraordinarily tight screws (ps3 screws) it did damage the screwdriver slightly.

On all pretty good.
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Having recently had a number of portable electronic gadgets fail on me out of their warranties, and being too cheap to get them fixed at what I consider to be extortionate rates, I was keen to open them up and see if I could fix them myself. In each instance this proved a mistake as the gadgets ended up more broken than when I had started, but it also proved the benefit of having a good set of small screwdrivers when tinkering with things I shouldn't.

Even though many sets claim to be `small', the reality is often that while the heads are indeed tiny, the shafts aren't, and a small screwdriver head is no good if the shaft won't fit where the head needs to go. Fortunately, this precision (or jeweller's) set from Draper has screwdrivers with small shafts as well as heads, so they should be able to get into the smallest of screw holes.

The set comprises 11 screwdrivers - 6 in slot but just 3 in Philips - plus a pair of tweezers and a mini awl; although a couple more Philips drivers wouldn't have gone amiss, the ones that are here look like they would be sufficient for most jobs. The set comes in a light plastic case with the head types and sizes printed on a paper insert at the back; it's hardly the most elegant or durable case, but no less than you would ever need given the light duties these drivers will be expected to perform.

Each driver has a nickel-plated steel handle and a steel shaft, with an odd twirly bit at the end that might just be for gripping, but probably isn't. It's pretty obvious that they aren't meant for heavy-duty work as the smaller shafts would undoubtedly bend if too much pressure was exerted. There's also the concern that the heads would strip if they were put under too much force, so be careful if you intend undoing particularly tough screws with them.

I was given a jeweller's screwdriver almost identical to one of these when I was a youth and it's still going strong around 25 years later. I'm sure that none of these drivers would stand up to extreme use, but that's not what they're about; they're for delicate jobs that require precision and a light touch. As long as you understand that, and don't expect too much of them, then they should work out to be a good and worthwhile purchase.
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on 4 September 2008
I have just received my precision screwdriver set in record time. It's perfect. Not only can I now screw the arm back on my favourite sunglasses but I can fix and adjust my jewellry too. Fab!!
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on 18 October 2015
I am wondering where the five star reviews are coming from. I received a oil covered set of drivers, wiped them with a rag, then proceeded to use the 00 size and the shaft rotated in the metal body. I need not have worried though, as using a pair of pliers to squeeze the shaft and handle together to make the driver work meant I could test the final part of the purpose of the screwdriver, unscrewing screws. The screw wasn't tight, but the grips are like they've been carved by a teenager with a compass, bored in a maths lesson. Overcoming the agony of having my skin torn off, I turn and.... the screwdriver head disintegrates. It is made from that steel only the factories in China seem to make, more akin to butter than tool steel. Oh joy. At least the return (same day as the delivery) was hassle free. I spent a bit more and got a Japanese made precision set that I'm still using now (it doesn't show the slightest hint of wear)
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on 23 December 2009
This is an excellent set of screwdrivers. Good value for money in a handysize plastic container. I carry it around with me in my bag, just in case. I have had to use a few times on my temperamental laptop.
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on 6 October 2011
For your watch battery etc, this may be ideal, but every time I've used one of these sets, the tips get buggered in no time, and then the set is pretty much useless. Do yourself a favour and get this instead;

Same price, and better quality bits.
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on 22 October 2010
I got it recently as I wanted to repair a piece of electronic equipment. One small screw was tight and the screwdriver's top simply disintegrated when I tried to unscrew it - the material it was made of was too soft for the job. I'm going to get a more robust set of precision screwdrivers next time.
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on 17 August 2016
Was trying to repair a phone with a broken screen, after failing to undo a couple of screws with an old screwdriver, which had just worn the head right down. I need a screwdriver to finish the job asap as I needed a phone and hadn't got one.
I had looked at many other screwdrivers and choose this as it is a known make had good reviews and there was plenty of other screwdrivers and even a pair of tweezers in the box which is always a bonus.
The item arrived very quick which I was happy about, got straight to it and got it done with ease thanks to these, after a quick inspection of the heads of the screwdriver after it looks like it hardly even touched it and not worn anything away.
These seem good quality that will last long and with many options with different sizes to choose from and with the inclusion of a pair of tweezers I'm glad I choose these.

Overall I am happy with the product as it got me out of a bit problem with no hassle.
It's always good too but known brands especially when buying tools so you don't have to buy twice.
I would recommend these to anyone who needs a small set of screwdrivers as these are good and feel good quality. 5/5
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on 2 June 2010
This is a good little set in a decent case. However, the metal used must be softer than the screws Sony use in the PS3, as the screwdriver ended up a bit twisted afterwards. Still, they work fine for things thta haven't been screwed in stupidly tight.
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