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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 March 2005
The picture of the sound films is bright and clear, a touch better than in the States (through Hallmark); the silent film looks terrible-why?- I have seen many beautiful prints of silent films, many from early 20s, and from Hal Roach. And why waste space with fuzzy colourized versions? These are so murky that to me they are unwatchable. I would certainly prefer more different shorts instead of any redundancies. I would also like to see the sound in sync with the picture, not a frame ahead. Surely the soundtracks can be re-synchronized. One final note: I have seen all these films in fresh 35mm prints from Hal Roach studios and they are still much, much higher quality than these DVDs, so restored or not, these still do not reflect the actual quality of the movies, even after 70+ years.
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on 11 April 2011
COUNTRY HOSPITAL(****) sees Ollie laid up in hospital with a broken leg, Stan pays him a visit and causes havoc by being Stan and although the car scene now looks extremely dodgy, the rest is timeless.
THEM THAR HILLS(*****) has Ollie with gout so, under doctors orders he and Stan hire a caravan and get some fresh mountain air, they arrive shortly after a shoot out between the police and some moonshiners who dump the booze down the well which Stan & Ollie dip into to make coffee.
TIT FOR TAT(*****) is the sequel to THEM THAR HILLS after a couple who've run out of petrol stumble upon Stan & Ollie who get the wife sozzled as the husband fills the car up, in this film they run a shop next door to Stan & Ollie and the husband accuses Ollie of a clandestine meeting with his wife which starts a tit for tat of slaps, dunkings, destruction and a general slow burning pettiness. Both films are classic Laurel & Hardy and show why they were masters of their art.
PERFECT DAY(***) sees Stan & Ollie, their wives, an uncle with gout and the dog attempt to set off for a picnic and are thwarted by the neighbour, a puncture and the local vicar amongst other things. It's okay but feels like it's on auto-pilot.
THEY GO BOOM!(***) is another which is okay but nothing special, Ollie has a cold and Stan attempts to nurse him.
LEAVE EM LAUGHING(***) has Stan with toothache, Ollie lures him to the dentist where thay get high on laughing gas, it's a silent film with a slightly off putting jazzy score, the condition of the film is pretty poor and it's the least successful of all the shorts ( all around 20 mins each) on this disc.
There's also 4 colourized versions of some of these films and I'm sure someone spent many a day hunched over a computer but they needn't have bothered because they look awful and are ultimately pointless, I mean, why not go the whole hog and run a laugh track over the films like some dodgy American sitcom?
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on 27 April 2016
This second dvd in this collection is mostly good with classics such as tit for tat and them thar hills but the car scene in county hospital ruins it as its a classic .County hospital is a classic with stans hard boiled eggs and nuts its brilliant when stan ends up causing havoc in the hospital and all hardy wanted was some peace and quiet this short is a good film but the car scene at the end is dated although its still funny and they are other over the top scenes in other classics from these two , tit for tat is good with charlie hall as the angry shopkeeper , them thar hills is the better one and the prequel to tit for tat the scenes where ollie stan and mae busch are drunk is brilliant and the ending is so iconic .The best on here though is they go boom its a depressing short because ollies ill but they manage to make a grim scene so funny with the inflatable bed blowing its a laught but as we all know the colour versions are pointless i dont mind the foreign versions but the colour is just horrible anyway this is classic comedy.
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on 13 June 2009
Film technicalities aside, buy this for the classic "Them Thar Hills", the one where they park their caravan by the well which just happens to be full of hard liquor (long story). All together now: pom-pom!

DVD opens with "County Hospital", where Ollie is (again) laid up. Goings-on in the ward are good stuff -- "you brought me hardboiled eggs and nuts?!" -- but the car sequence has dated badly.
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The colourised versions are almost uniformly awful: Nuff said, watch the originals
The County Hospital, Them Thar Hills and Tit for Tat movies on this disc are the best - L&H at their peak, and very nicely restored B&W prints. The others are ho hum, painful to watch, or awful quality. Those are for hardcore fans only.

It's been a while since I've seen L&H, but watching it now, Ollie Hardy doesn't seem to be such a great big guy as he used to. I see bigger people every time I go shopping these days. A sign of the times indeed!

Alan T
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on 4 October 2011
This is a timeless classic, with the famous duo getting in to all sorts of mischief! Contains different sketches on one DVD, with an option for the viewer to watch in colour, or traditional B&W.
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on 30 March 2016
I only hate these wonderful comedies because some idiot somewhere decided they needed colour to make them even funnier and more acceptable to modern tastes. Who are these pillocks and will they keep their sticky little fingers off timeless classics?
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 March 2012
First on the disc, County Hospital is a bit lame (pun intended!) where Ollie is in traction. Stan visits but apart from some neat aerobics where a doctor is hurled out the window, whilst being attached to Ollie's pulley wires and then Ollie whizzed to the ceiling upside now, there's not much to laugh at.

Much better is Them Thar Hills, has a gout-ridden Ollie being sent on a health retreat into the mountains. So, now I know that moonshine whisky is actually 'mountain-spring water, with added iron'! Ollie said, so. Twice! That being "water" from the nearby well, you can imagine the consequences, especially when a couple looking for petrol for their stranded car pop in.

Tit For Tat has the duo setting up a hardware shop - and guess who has the shop next door? Yup, the husband of the wife they got drunk up in them thar hills... Tit For Tat does exactly what it says on the (paint) tin as they embark on committing acts of minor, but escalating damage to each other's personage, or property.

They Go Boom is set largely on, in and around a double bed, where Stan nails a picture through the wall, into a water pipe and thereon in it's stupid loafing around with stuff. Possibly only this pair could elongate a gag involving an inflatable mattress for as long as they do!

Lastly, the scratchy-looking silent, 'Leave 'Em Laughing' which has the cast laughing a lot more than we do, essentially being gags in cars, bumps in cars, laughter in cars - all started by Stan suffering toothache.

All worth watching but the second and third features by far the strongest.
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on 5 November 2014
I bought this as part of my brothers 50th birthday - he loves Laurel and Hardy - and the 'hard boiled and nuts' sketch is his favourite. He's going to love it. Delivered within 48hrs of the order being placed.
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on 10 March 2013
My daughter who is five years old is a big Laurel and Hardy fan and this was a huge hit! She laughed and laughed the whole way through it! Made my day:)
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