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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 4 August 2017
Its L&H. This is a decent quality DVD and while good its not their best work.
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on 30 May 2017
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on 27 April 2017
looks good in colour
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on 22 March 2017
Excellent Service, could not be happier!!
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on 14 June 2010
I will presume that since you have clicked on Vol. 1 of Laurel and Hardy, you are unsure as to whether to click on "Buy". Let me put your fears to rest. Laurel and Hardy are the epitome of comedy. Anyone who does not laugh at their films should seek psychiatric help. There is not one, literally not one, L&H film that will not get the child in you roaring with laughter. Put aside our modern world, put aside the crap that dictates our life, sit down with a glass of beer, a slice of cheesecake, put your smelly feet on the coffee table and enjoy some innocent, hilarious antics. Being a married man, I recommend "Brats", "Sons of the desert" and "Our Relatives". But, in all fairness, the shorts are just as funny as the main features. Everyone has a favourite L&H sketch, buy these great DVDs and choose yours. And the next time you write a review your smile will shine in your words.
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on 15 March 2011
A CHUMP AT OXFORD (4 stars) sees Stan & Ollie foil a bank robbery and get an Oxford Uni education as a reward and includes classic moments of getting lost in a maze, eating an egg, operating a soda water syphon, the old slipping on a banana skin trick and a disgruntled Ollie looking down the camera, it's an hour long, never outstays its welcome and includes a young Peter Cushing as one of the students and there's not a vampire in sight.
FROM SOUP TO NUTS (3 stars) is a silent film with parlour music played over the action of Stan & Ollie as two useless waiters, the footage is pretty grainy but in the same way that you can't make a pristine recording out of an old Woody Guthrie record, you can only do so much with a film made in 1928.
ANOTHER FINE MESS (4 stars) starts with Stan & Ollie on the run from the law and has them accidentally squatting and renting out a posh house they were passing, it's another cracker and has the unique sight of a wildebeast on a tandem!
Two of the films also appear in computer colour versions and I'm sure someone spent a long time sweating over them but they needn't have bothered because they are ultimately pointless, they look ridiculous and you wouldn't add a dash of colour to Picasso's 'Guernica' would you?
One last point is that it'd be cheaper in the long run to buy the 'Collection' boxset if you're thinking of buying more than 5 or 6 Stan & Ollie DVDs but if you're only buying a handful, I'd recommend this above most.
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on 24 April 2004
Its unbelievable to see that Stan and Ollie are languishing so low in theDVD sales chart, because their relentlessly optimistic escapades are someof the best, simplest comedy ever written.
The shorts on this disc are all excellent, but why? Really, I think thatthe answer lies in the chemistry between the two. As you grow to knowthese two characters, in whatever guise they may inhabit, you are certainto find yourself chuckling at even the smallest exchanges between the two.Where Hardy often seems the more dominant one, it is Stan Laurel, with hiswonderfully quizzical facial expressions and remarks that stays in thememory for longest.
Of course, the writing is superlative to anything being churned out evennow, many years later. Comedy has changed and evolved, often graciously(see The Office or Phoenix Nights as two of the most recent examples), butthis DVD should be treasured as it is an eternal blueprint of two of theclassic comic geniuses who deserve to live forever.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 March 2012
How could I have reached the ripe age of 46 and not ever seen the delightful A Chump at Oxford? My favourite part is where they're lost in a maze, with bits such as where Stan is about to exit it after having been lost within, sees a sign saying "Exit" pointing the opposite direction and so re-enters again! Whether or not (doubtful) that it was filmed in Oxford, it makes a nice change to see a supposed England for the Hollywood duo.

From Soup To Nuts, a Silent from 1928, relies on its visuals as Ollie & Stan try to help out in the kitchen and serve dinner. Recorded on the DVD is some nice jaunty accompanying music and sound effects in a good stereo, which help.

Lastly, fast-moving farce 'Another Fine Mess', sharing the same name as the pair's catchphrase is peppered with visual gags that include them as a panto horse trying to ride a getaway bike. Amusing rather than hilarious these days, it's still fun.
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on 26 April 2016
I bought this box set and was dissapointed that the films seemed to be reissues of a original edition my proof of this is that i have a few seperate dvds from this box set which has shiny writing for the title , white cases , and also the booklets that give intresting info about the best comedy team that ever lived but this set is a dissapointment .As most will agree the set with the booklets seems to be a long gone edition now we are left with these reissued versions with no info about their films if anyone can tell me about the shiny writting booklets edition i will be happy to know if they are available , also the colorized versions of these films are bad they have scenes cut and are no bonus whatsoever the foreign language editions are ok but no subtitles so thats not really good .For an box set of two great comedians this set should of been great instead this has not got every single film they ever did its basically a mudled up set i have the marx brothers movies which are no problem to get its this that has different editions going for and i can only comlete my set if i know where to get as so many customers on here have hade problems with this let me know as soon as possible.A chump at oxford is a decent feature length film it had many funny scenes in it like the maze scene althought the 2 were older here and its not as good as the others but its a entertaining film , from soup to nuts is a 1928 silent fim that has some good scenes in it but these silents are not as good as their sound films but if you give them a good their still entertaining my favourite is liberty from 1927 its amazing how they did not fall from that construction building and most of their movies have great stunts and effects that still hold up today .The best tning on this is another fine mess from 1930 it has that classic look about it as its an early sound film and one of their most amusing with the birth of hardys thats another fine mess you got me into .
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on 6 April 2006
Excellent film and shorts. However the films contained on Volume One have not been restored and are little better than previously released L&H. The silent film "From soup to Nuts" is in extremly poor condition and hardly viewable.
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