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on 3 May 2017
I bought this box set for my 91 years old father - mostly for nostalgic reasons, but soon found myself laughing out loud at these two brilliant comedians. Highly recommended for all ages.
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on 8 August 2016
Finally a Laurel and Hardy collection worthy of the two legends, displaying their timeless craft in restored glory! The originators of slapstick comedy which stands up brilliantly to comedy of today, without an F word in sight! Laurel and Hardy may be perceived by some liberal sjw "progressive" folk as "politically incorrect" which has led to the removal from terrestrial TV (some claiming an "anti-Gay stance" which was prevalent in the 1930s), but all the best things are "politically incorrect" outside of the bubble these people live in, and it is important that the youth of today are not denied such comedy like from Laurel and Hardy which paved the way for comedy of today. This collection of 21 DVDs is (apart from a few movies like the Flying Deuces omitted due to rights problems, but easily obtained for those collectors) a superb addition to anyone who appreciates the history of comedy, because without these two masters comedy would never have been such an industry as it is today.
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on 1 July 2016
I've been watching L & H for over 50 years, mainly as a child in the 60s and 70s on Saturday morning TV. This collection is a delight to watch after all this time and shows that they are a timeless and classic act, along with those other favourites of mine, the Marx Brothers.

This set contains just about everything they ever recorded (I don't think I remember anything that isn't on here) and includes quite a few items that I don't think I saw before. The many 'colourised' versions of classic episodes are generally very well executed, but there are some scenes where it doesn't quite work (e.g. grey newspapers and rice pudding, which for some reason couldn't be rendered as white). Where a colour version is provided I didn't bother to watch the b/w one as well, but I'm sure the restored picture and sound will be just as good.

I've also not yet watched the early silent offerings, but intend to view them at some point.

Very good value collection for the price.
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on 4 August 2017
Picture quality varies from slightly blurred to incredible sharpness, despite the age of some silents. The sound effects and music put on the silent films are crisp and clear. There's a PAL speedup of 4% (fast running), and also 4% higher pitch on actor's voices and music. Like most people, I can't notice any changes in fast and pitch, since I do not have perfect pitch hearing. This Box has everything worthwhile about them, and so, I don't miss the musical feature films "Devil's Brother" and "Babes in Toyland", nor "Bonnie Scotland" and the several features they made after 1940 mostly for 20th Fox. I've bought only the Blu-Ray "Flying Deuces" (Network - Regions A-B-C) for the cheerful little dancing, one of their memorable moments.
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on 12 January 2018
Actually I have owned this box previously and virtually worn my favourite discs out, so I chose to purchase it again.

Personally I prefer the films with sound, rather than the earlier silent examples, although found it interesting to see how the sound versions evolved so well out of the silent ones.

This box was set at a very reasonable price indeed, when purchased for the second time around and arrived the next day, even though ordered quite late on the previous evening.
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on 1 January 2018
I am an American customer using a region-2-capable player. I grew up with my father's collection of Cabin Fever VHS releases. They were colorized but not aggressively so. Perhaps it was my childhood, but our family really cherished, almost enshrined those tapes for over 25 years. Then came time to clear out the video cabinet and to the trash went some of our fondest childhood memories. I had heard of the UK release of Laurel and Hardy several years ago, but was scared away by their high price and my lack of region 2 player. After getting my feet wet with region 2 equipment for The Avengers, coupled with the lower price point for the Laurel and Hardy set, I no longer had any barrier to the decision. What I like about this set is that it is released by Universal (MGM). It's a proper release and the restored black and white looks as good or better than anything I've seen on VHS. Pretty much all of the shorts are on here (at least all of my favorites). I do not like the colorized ones on here simply because they do not have the same aesthetic as the ones I grew up with. But, that is a purely artificial reason to like or dislike something. This stuff wasn't colorized at all until the 1980's. Because I have already seen my favorites many times over, what I unexpectedly appreciate with this set is the inclusion of Spanish language alternate versions. Some of the actors and scenes are replaced and all of the acting is re-shot. Laurel and Hardy actually speak the lines. I had read about these versions, but it is amazing to actually see them actually speaking Spanish. I only have a 10th grade education with Spanish, so I don't know how well the translation or pronunciation is, but it is great to see them so dedicated to trying to get it right for their fans in other markets. Things I don't like: The set does not come with a booklet. The 21 discs are concise and neatly labeled, but it would be nice to have a booklet. The back cover on the overall packaging has every episode listed alphabetically, but does not reference on which disc each episode is. So, until the user makes their own booklet, there's a lot of rummaging to find that particular episode. The menus have a good 60 seconds of tedious filler with no option of fast-forwarding. It seems to be the same filler on each disc, so very boring waiting out the intro just to get to the main menu. All-in-all, this is about the most official modern release available as far as I can tell. I just wish it were available in the U.S. without needing to buy a special player and voltage converter.
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on 21 June 2016
I had bought some 2nd hand laurel and hardy dvds and wanted this whole set but it was to dear. It dropped down in price so I thought what the heck i'll buy it as I have been a fan for years and what a great box set it is. Shame there's no booklet with it telling you about each film which it did in the single dvd ones I bought and some 2nd hand ones didn't. Whenever I'm feeling down. these 2 always put a smile on face. Best comedy duo ever and will never be bored watching this collection of the 2 legends.YOU MUST BUY THIS TO MAKE YOU LAUGH SO MUCH.
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on 16 April 2014
There arent enough words in the English language to sum up how I feel about these 2 gents.
They are timeless, and must surely bring a smile to everybody's face.Just mention the name and someone somewhere will recall a gag, a film, or just even just have a smile on their face at the mention of L and H.
They had a gift that can warm anybody, s heart and im sure during times of stress and difficulty, through good and bad you can put an L and H dvd on and a warm glow of comfort,happiness,and good cheerwill overcome any emotion.
That is the gift left by these 2 splendid gentlemen.
I grew up loving them, my children grew up the same, and now my grandchildren.That is the gift to the world that we will forever be grateful for from Stan and Ollie.
Buy these for yourself or family or friend and a good time is sure to be had by all.
Splendid fun in a box!!!
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on 2 December 2017
If you want all the feature films and all the shorts and then some, this is the collection for you. I can still cry with laughter watching these genuine masters of comedy. And I can still find little bits of genius that I can't believe I didn't see before.
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The set comprises 21 DVDs, each in slimline plastic boxes, all of which are housed in a solidly constructed cardboard box. Just about every movie is here, grouped not by chronology but by subject. For example, various prison-related escapades are found on one DVD, while parenting escapades are on another. I watched the set from start to end, episode after episode, in DVD order. This gave me a mixed viewing experience - silent and talkie, early and later, by various directors. I enjoyed it, but sometimes watching a grainy silent after a late talkie makes the latter look poorer than it might otherwise.

One annoyance is that, after almost every movie, the same set of scrolling notes appears, explaining how the collection was restored and presented. You can click back to the DVD menu, but it is a pain. Also, the DVD menu system involves some needless selections. The movie selection menu is a sub-menu from the main menu. This means you have to select that menu first, before choosing what to watch. It's not desperately poor, but in a 21 DVD set, it does become a bit annoying.

As for the content on offer, well, it holds up excellently. Watching Laurel & Hardy doing so many cinema firsts in the 1920s is a joy. Their original comedy is often as fresh now as it was then, though some of the early slapstick is not really my thing. The sparsely populated low-rise Hollywood and LA that form the backdrop of many scenes are themselves worth seeing.

Innocent bygone times indeed. Laurel & Hardy acted alongside many other early Hollywood greats, which also makes for some bonus viewing. I have to mention my own favourite, the sadly unlamented Viola Richard. Her close-up in the completely barmy "Flying Elephants" is pure Vargas-girl, though that look pre-dates Vargas' cheesecake artwork by some 20 years.

The original box set included a booklet with each DVD. These booklets are missing in this cheaper edition, and I really noticed the omission. The lack of background notes on these movies detracts a little from the experience, though much information about each movie is available on IMDB.
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