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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 26 August 2012
I ordered one of these trays, as mine were worn and everything was sticking to them. I was very pleased when it arrived - the quality is very good and it is a good weight. It bakes evenly and is easy to clean. The only slight negative, are the holes in the bottom of the second layer - you need to drain the water out. I wash it by hand, although I beleive it is dishwasher safe, then drain as much water as possible and put it back in the oven (if it's still warm) for a few minutes to dry out. I was so pleased with this item that I purchased a second one.
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on 22 May 2012
I've had this since mid February, used it maybe 5 times, and the non stick coating is bubbling up and peeling off. I've followed the manufacturer's instructions for washing etc. It's such a pity because it's a perfect size tray for what I bought it for, plus it baked very evenly. It's too late to return it to Amazon but I will try to contact the manufacturer because I'm sure this product came with a lengthy guarantee. I'll update if/when I hear back from the manufacturer.

UPDATE 23 JUNE 2012. I received a replacement. I've now used it several times and it's absolutely fine. I'm not sure if the original one was faulty or if the high temperature wash in my dishwasher was too hot for it. I now wash it on a max 55 degrees C wash and have no problem with it. I do recommend this product, but would warn other buyers to not wash on a very high heat even though the instructions say it's dishwasher safe and don't advise a maximum temperature.
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on 5 August 2010
What a fantastic baking sheet! Double sheet of metal. The size in inches is right, slightly larger in centimetres than stipulated (35.5 x 28.3), but pefect for my needs. (Hope the non-stick coating will last as they say ... time will tell ... but it looks very hopeful ...)
6 months later: non-stick coating still perfect. One little thing I have found: when you wash it, water gets inside the tray via the little holes on the under side, so I have to let it drain (overnight) before putting away. Otherwise rusty water runs from it. Also the tray tends to bend easily.
Having said all that, I still like them, (I have three now!), and would still give it five stars ...
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on 5 March 2013
This baking sheet seems to be built to last - it is sturdy, the nonstick coating is quite durable and the tray shows no signs of warping, even at high oven temperatures. The underside of the tray does tend to scratch easily, however I don't think this is really an issue. However, I mainly use this tray for baking bread, and in this instance the double-insulation on the tray hinders the baking process, because the part of the tray in contact with the dough does not get hot enough to facilitate a good rise, and inevitably means you have to flip the loaf upside down to bake the bottom of it. In this respect, I don't think insulated baking trays are the way to go if you wish to bake bread (likewise, avoid using silicone baking mats since they also do not conduct enough heat). I'm not entirely sure what would bake well on this baking sheet, due to the lack of heat it generates on the bottom of the baked good - I guess cookies might work, and it does work fine for roasting vegetables.
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on 15 November 2016
1. Water collects in between the layers when they are washed
2. The coating came off by being "scratched" by a chunk of breaded chicken coating. Basically a chunk of crispy bread crumbs.
I might as well throw them away as they are useless for the money I could have bought more cheap trays and used wax paper
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on 10 March 2011
This is a good quality baking sheet. I am sure the non-stick coating will last and last. However,the raised lip does not sufficiently aid the user in removing the baking sheet from the oven because it is nowhere near deep enough for it to be securely griped so that the baking sheet can be lifted up and out of the oven.
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This product is undersold by its title on Amazon - this is a double-skinned baking sheet, which is important. The air gap between the layers ensures an even temperature across the sheet, which doesn't matter much when cooking a Tesco pizza, but is critical for biscuits, shortbread and other baking.

The non-stick surface feels excellent. I've bought some pretty crap non-stick products over the years and now know a good one by touch. Time will tell how scratch resistant it is, and how enduring the non-stickiness is.

The packaging does not say whether this sheet is dishwasher safe, but I always handwash non-stick items anyway.

When washing, water will get into the internal cavity, and you will need to drain it carefully before putting away. There are four drainage holes, in the corners, for this purpose. If you are impatient you can blow the water out by covering the east and west holes and blowing into the north one. This looks as daft as it sounds, but it is effective, and you will only have the drainage hole pointing towards yourself once.

All in all a top quality product at a very fair price.

Five stars.
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on 14 June 2014
At the bottom there are four holes, one in each corner through which water can enter the hollow area of the sheet.
At first I just noticed the sheets leaking water after washing them, but after a few weeks the water was more orange, indicating rust.
A few weeks later the sheets were making crumbling noises from the inside and the was an opening into the sheet in the middle of its top (where it can be hanged from).
I threw both of them away as soon as I noticed that.
The good part is that the coating on the sheet is very sturdy.
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on 11 November 2014
Bought to replace one I bought a few years ago which is now "knackered". You're definitely better off paying the extra , and getting a better quality product like this. Non-stick coating lasts alot longer , and it it doesn't warp as badly in the oven , unlike some of the cheaper products out there.
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on 9 March 2012
I have a Bosch oven and these sheets fit perfectly ie there is about 2cms gap between the tray and the sides of the oven to allow the hot air to circulate. They are a nice heavy weight so that the heat is spread evenly. Cheap, flimsy sheets buckle. I searched a great deal to find sheets with no rim because I find it easier to slide off the baked strudels and cookies onto the cooling rack compared to manoevering them over a rim. I paid a little more than at a discount or outlet store, but far less than in a cooks' shop; it was worth it to get exactly what I needed and their good quality will give years of service.
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