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on 12 October 2015
This pan is a good solid quality product and poaches eggs perfectly. After years of making poached eggs other ways, with mixed results, we can now make perfect poached eggs reliably and perfectly.
We just smear a thin film of butter in the non-stick cups using a kitchen paper towel, add the filled cup tray when the water is boiling, and time for 4 minutes.
Several reviews mention the metal handle getting hot. All our other pans have metal handles and there is no problem or difference with this pan. I could imagine the handle getting hot if gas flames are spreading up the side of the pan, but in normal use this pan should be fine. I mention this because the reviews which mention the handle getting hot almost put me off buying what is a quality product that I am delighted with.
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on 13 February 2018
Strong and sturdy 6 egg poacher. Have used a few times now and 4 to 5 mins from the boil give perfect poached eggs. Well made and versatile as the pan without the poachers can be used as a saute/frying pan.Take care when removing the egg poacher cups after cooking as the cup handles get hot when taking out of the pan.fast delivery, well packaged, very pleased with product and seller. Ps I have a induction hob.
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on 9 February 2017
Poached eggs for breakfast have now become part of my low carb diet for breakfast. Like them with smoked salmon. Therefore needed something like this, bright and easy to clean. Make sure your knobs on the holders are done up tight. A quality product that works well every time. Use them about 4 times a week and still gleam like new. Very happy.
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on 24 July 2017
I don't often right a review. I normally leave it to everyone else but had to this time. Wow absolutely amazing. Made 2 poached eggs within 10 minutes after pan being delivered. Best poach eggs I have ever had. 10/10.
I boiled water for about 5 minutes then wiped cups with a bit of Marge. Put in pan with lid over and about 3 mins later had the perfect poach eggs and they just slid out of the cups. Highly recommend paying the extra money
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on 15 June 2015
I bought this due to a craving for poached eggs. I had tried various methods before, latex cup type, poaching pouches, even the way my mammy used to make them, dropping the egg into a pot of swirling boiling water (massive fail). Anyway, I bought this poacher and I am enjoying perfectly poached eggs (85% of the time) sometimes I miss time. I have never had an egg stick in the poacher and I find 4 mins 30 secs is the perfect egg for my taste. Good solid pan, make sure you dry it well after cleaning, it does tend to get little rust spots around the handle rivets if left wet. The little poaching pods are a bit fiddly, I tend to support the whole basket between cutting boards/ cereal boxes, to keep it level whilst loading up. Watch your fingers when removing the eggs, steam tends to rise through the holes in the basket. All in all does a good job, and I get my poached eggs and toast.
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on 18 April 2018
All the deficiencies of the carbon steel version have been solved in this version. (Stainless steel, not carbon steel; larger and better designed egg cups; and a deeper pan which is more useful as a sauté pan)

Yes, it costs more but do you really want a rusty lump of steel in your kitchen?

This is now an excellent choice.
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on 25 September 2013
What an excellent pan. I've had it for 18 months and cooked dozens of eggs to perfection (5 minutes for soft yolks, 7 minutes for hard). It works brilliantly on our induction hob. The handle does not get hot - I can only imagine that other reviewers have gas - I'll never go back to gas now I've used induction! Of course the egg-cup handles get hot: these are immersed in steam so this is to be expected; and even so, I can pick them out with my bare fingers (quickly).

The cups are metal, which speeds up the cooking time (but also makes them hotter to touch). They appear a little thin and cheap, but actually work just fine. The non-stick on the cups is thin (scratches easily - don't use metal on them), and I need to oil the cups with olive oil to achieve true non-stick, but this works really well. I use a plastic picnic knife to loosen the edge of the egg, which then falls out easily. This seems reasonable to me - does anyone have non-stick that works any better with egg white?

It's great to be able to cook 6 eggs at once, and just as easy to cook one or two (but I'm buying a smaller egg pan too to make washing up easier when cooking just 2 eggs, and because with a growing family, sometimes 6 is just not enough!).

The pan looks great and the glass lid is a bonus to see cooking progress without releasing the steam. Contrary to other reviews, steam does not escape if on a gentle boil - of course at a rolling boil the pressure builds and the steam will escape around the lid; but this just wastes heat and doesn't speed cooking. Perhaps I get more control with induction than others do with gas cookers? The pan itself has a reasonably solid feel, but is not too heavy to lift one-handed. The handle could be heavier gauge, but is OK.

I recommend this pan, and would definitely buy it again (in fact I am - the 4-egg poacher)!
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on 2 March 2018
Heavy and solidly constructed saucepan and a fine accessory to have in the kitchen. Only slight disappointment is that egg white sticks to the supposed non-stick cups, which isn't easy to get off without scraping it with your finger nail :-(

You also have to be careful removing the cups once the eggs are cooked, as your fingers can be caught by the hot steam from the water, but I guess this would be the same no matter which egg poacher you purchased?
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on 9 July 2016
It's great to be able to do 6 eggs in one go. There are 5 of us, and we only had a 4 egg poacher before. We needed a new one as we changed from a gas hob to an induction. This one works great on the induction hob. The eggs also seem to come out of these cups better as well - the old poacher was also non stick but the eggs always seemed to get stuck. Other people have complained about the lid handle getting hot, but we haven't had a problem yet. Others also complained about the handles on each cup coming loose, so I tightened them all when I unpacked it (some were quite loose).
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on 20 November 2016
An excellent kitchen multifunctional pan. Cooks the eggs to perfection. Some points to note.
1. Lubricate the egg holders before use
2. The handle is attached to the body by 4 rivets so fill the water to about 1/8th of an inch below the bottom rivets
3. The handle gets very hot so use a cloth when holding it
A great buy.
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