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on 28 April 2016
I bought two of these for the kitchen. One I fitted immediately with no problems the other I had to shorten to fit. That is easy with a pillar drill to make a new hole, a hack saw to shorten the bar and file an emery cloth to smooth. The hooks are a little uneven but that does not show when they are in use. I mounted mine to backing boards so that the utensils do not mark the wall. I'm satisfied with the result so I'll give 5 stars.
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on 31 December 2012
Not very happy about the size of the hooks. I bought the Kitchen Craft utensils I needed thinking they would hang nicely from the Kitchen Craft hanging rack - they dont. Well they hang until you just catch them and then they fall off. If you have utensils with a bigger hole on the top then fine, but I think its the roundness of the handles that is the problem and I definitely need to find some bigger hooks. So, if anyone has had the same problem and would like to recommend a where I can get some, I would be happy to hear from you. The rack itself was easily fitted and looks fine, just needs bigger hooks.
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on 31 December 2016
This is the only utensil hanger I could find on here for my budget that had more than 6 hooks or didn't come from China. This hanger is great, very sturdy and easy to put up. I'd have liked an extra fitting in the middle of horizontal bar, because I'm worried it's a weak spot. But it seems very sturdy when fully loaded so I probably don't need to worry. The only thing to warn about is the hooks, as others have said, they're quite small and would only suit utensils/gadgets that have flat metal/plastic holes to hook on. If you have nylon utensils with the hole in the handle, they probably won't hang properly.
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on 23 October 2013
Pretty hard to fault this utensil rack. I found it surprisingly hard to find one that was stainless steel and not a ridiculous price.

My rack came with ten hooks, despite the picture showing twelve. I doubt you could fit twelve things on here unless they were all pretty narrow anyway. The rack came with two simple wall plugs and two screws. The screws fit pretty well and are flush when fitted. Installed easily with no fuss to my wall, could also be mounted under a cupboard. The metal is not polished, more of a brushed steel look. It is not overly well finished if you really examine it closely. More than good enough though.

Described as "stainless steel" although this is a pretty much meaningless term that gets banded about a lot. Should not be getting wet often if at all though so I doubt the grade of steel will ever matter.

The hooks can be slid up and down to best suit what you are hanging. The hooks have to be slid on from the side so they cannot be removed once the rack is fitted. There is of course no guarantee that your particular utensils will fit the hooks well or at all. I am using WMF Profi Plus utensils and they all fit no problem.

Works well, looks good on the wall and is a far better solution than that hateful drawer full of tangled miscellany!
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on 2 January 2018
This is my second purchase of these rails. I purchased 3 last time to work with a spice rack system.
This time I will be using it for mugs and other hanging units! The metal it is a quality steel, it will not bend under the weight of things hanging on them,they also have not tarnished. The hooks can be removed before attaching to the wall etc as they do not come off once attached.
Good product, would recommend and will definitely buy more when as & when I need them.
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on 23 April 2013
I bought this for hanging my belts in my bedroom on the inside of a cupboard door.

Pros: very easy to put up, very sturdy, looks nice, slim design of fastening bits (unlike some other racks with heavy/large fastening bits). Lots of hooks, didn't need anymore, they have the spacing right - atleast for hanging belts... Also, the hooks don't fall off - hooray for that design. I have a different rack in the kitchen and every time I take off a kitchen utensil the hook almost always comes off.)

Cons: Yes the hooks are rather small, but for me, perfect for hanging belts, no complaints.

I will probably buy another one as it fits nicely on the back of a normal sized door.
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on 9 January 2013
My only slight niggle is that the hooks are a little small and some of my utensils jhave slightly bigger handles, so are only just balancing on the hook and sometimes fall off it I knock them by accident. Ideally I'd have liked slightly bigger hooks, but as this was my first experience of a utensil rack I didn't really know how small was too small. and it's not that big a deal really (I'm intending to gradually replace all my utensils anyway, so will choose ones which will hang better). Other than that this is great - as someone else has said, you can hang it from the bottom of your cupboard (which is also a reason why I chose this one) rather than hang it from the wall, which increases the positions from which it can be hung - the screws provided are a little long for a standard cupboard bottom, however my husband had some slightly shorter ones which have done the same job perfectly! All in all a good purchase which has certainly tidied up my kitchen!
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on 16 July 2016
Not overly impressed. The bar is of a good quality, but the hanging hooks, are small and a little flimsy. Ok, if you have utensils with small metal hangers on them, but totally no good for my plastic handled utensils. Brought 2, sent 1 back as was missing a piece. Not sure if I'm going to keep the other one, as found some much better ones elsewhere.
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on 11 December 2012
This is a great way to free up a lot off draw space 12 hooks & enough space for 12 tools as advertised, I recently replaced my kitchen & a lot of equipment, I purchased a lot off Kithen Craft gear & must say I am pleased with delivery time, tools & gadgets a like. Only 1 small gripe the tools are what I needed Big soft grip handles as my hands don't play fare any more. I am in a wheel chair when I am cooking, so will be checking out if I can find bigger hooks only you may well not need bigger for your own tools & circumstances
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on 23 April 2012
very handy and a good length for getting a good amount of untensils on and not then needing a drawer which makes things much easier to find for a start and very handy in a small kitchen with limited drawers etc.
hooks could do with being a touch bigger but apart from that all good.
decided to hang down from a shelf in the end as then utensils a bit further out from the wall
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