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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 6 July 2004
The first time I heard 'Left Outside Alone' I knew I had to hear more. I'd always liked Anastacia but had never bought any of her stuff. As soon as I got the album I couldn't believe that every single track was great. My 2 favourite tracks on the album are the opener 'Seasons Change' which gave me goosepimples the first time i heard it, and my other favourite is track 9 'Sexy Single' which I can't get out of my head. As a boy I was a bit reluctant to buying this album but I don't regret it one bit. Anastacia is one of the best singers I've ever heard and this is one of the best albums i have bought this year BY FAR. If you like 'Left outside Alone' and her new single 'Sick &Tired' then I strongly advice you GO AND BUY THIS ALBUM NOW!!!
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on 1 May 2004
this album is a tremendous come back for Anastacia. The Pop Diva returns as Rock Chick for her third album. I can see this appealing to musical tastes of Pop to Indie/Rock and beyond, such is the quality of the songs on offer here. This probably being the reason why it has already topped the album charts. I can see at least four singles spawning from this record, all of which would match the excellence of "Left Outside Alone". Rock fans note POD front man Sonny's contribution to the track "I do" - which is more than worthy of it. If you're contemplating the purchase of this fine album, your decision should now be made. Oh btw, did I mention Anastacia is also incredibly gorgeous?
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on 9 June 2004
When I got this for birthday, I asked for it on a whim because I only liked one song, which is the one she has just released: "Left outside alone". But when I heard the rest of the CD I fell in love with it! Its perfect for a girl whos just got out of an exam and just wants to jump about and let her hair down!
Most of the songs are feel good songs. I tend to walk along the street listening to them and feeling like a supermodel just because of the songs!
Anyway, if you are a girl, get tyhis album! If you are not, then it might not be your thing, unless you like Anastacia of course!
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on 13 June 2004
I bought it the day of release and I havent stopped playing it. Sick And Tired is the next single - super track (July 26). best song on the album? - Very difficult but I love rearview, Left Outside Alone, Welcome to My truth.
Amazing voice, amazing person, amazing!
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on 23 December 2013
this album is up there with her best, the tunes are great and easy to listen too. sometimes you get an album and have to listen to it 2 or 3 times before you like it, but not this one, its likeable right fromm the 1st song.
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on 24 March 2004
Looking at Anastacia, you'd most likely expect a teen dream adult version of Britney. You'd expect bouncy perky pop ditties or something along those lines. You'd possibly expect a chirpy, syrupy thin voice to match all this, and fluffy (but fun) lyrics.
You wouldn't, however, expect the powerful vocal child of Chaka Khan and Tina Turner, the thrashing, soaring guitars and power-rock anthems of... well, ANYONE, (no names come to mind - alas), and lyrics that aren't exactly masterpieces, but cut a little deeper than expected.
Those who know the funk-infused R&B of Anastacia's past probably just won't be expecting the thrashing guitars mixed with haunting arrangements and the like. Hopefully it's something that we'll have to be set up for in the future - because if it is, I'll be one happy listener for life.
Quite frankly, I wasn't too heavy on Anastacia's previous arrangements - she sounded good doing R&B, but most of the time, it was too... boring. A voice as powerful and gritty as hers was too emotive and scorching for anything less than ENERGY. And here it is - all in twelve tracks.
All for us.
Personally, I'm heavy on the punch-packing opener, "Seasons Change", and "I Do," where Anastacia all but demands changes for the better for the whole of the world - NOW. Her voice meshes perfectly against the roaring, I'm-alive, I-have-something-to-say, heavy-hitting arrangements chucked at us here.
Following dangerously closely in the steaming footsteps left by those two tracks is the almost-as-heavy duo of "Left Outside Alone" and the sharply-shifting "Time," snapping from mid-tempo, light-piano-and-drums to the requisute heavy (there's that word again) sound without missing a single step.
...And for the most part, that's pretty much the rest of the album, rolled up there - a few ballads here and there, most or all driven by grinding guitars, more upbeat pieces... and, pretty much, a big fat radical change from the Anastacia we already know and love. But y'know what? I think I love this Anastacia even more than the previous one.
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on 3 July 2005
I found Anastacia's previous 2 albums worse than this one, this is because they only have a few good tracks - this album is ALL good tracks!
1. Seasons Change - Rocky! : 8/10
2. Left Outside Alone - brilliant : 10/10
3. Time - good : 7/10
4. Sick & Tired - amazing! best song on the album : 10/10*
5. Heavy On My Heart - powerfull : 8/10
6. I Do - catchy and rocky! : 10/10
7. Welcome To My Truth - also my favourite song on the album! : 10/10*
8. Pretty Lil Dum Dum - catchy : 9/10
9. Sexy Single - fun and bold : 10/10
10. Rearview : 7/10
11. Where Do I Belong - good : 8/10
12. Maybe Today - lil bit of a let down but i can't complain as this album has proven to be amazing! - 5/10
Best track: Sick & Tired + Welcome To My Truth
Worst track: Maybe Today
I give this album 95% because, it's catchy, fresh and REAL talent! Anastacia has been through breast cancer and has shown another fun and fresh side to her music. She deserves her recognition as her voice is individual. Buy this ASAP! Well done Anastacia!
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on 5 May 2004
Ok, I'm a rock man, and my wife likes funky diva's so we don't really have a musical middle ground, but this cd may have solved that as it works for both of us.
Anastacia has a good voice that covers a variety of singing styles including funky and both hard and soft rock and covers them well, she dosn't display any weaknesses in any of the tracks and powers through them all, as one of the previous reviewers said, there is no filler on this cd and I support that comment fully.
I think for me this is cd is best played in the car so you can give it a good blast without ramming it into anyone else's ears and it truly does deserve volume
to date this has been my best 'take a chance' album and has a suprise to it as a lot of the tracks seem to have riffs at the start that are very similar to other tracks and it is good to spot them and identify them, not sure if this is intentional or not but it just adds to the playability which is already high.
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on 26 August 2004
I love her new single 'Sick And Tired' and the first single from the album: 'Left Outside Alone'. This was the follow up from her other sensational album 'Freak Of Nature', which was the follow up from her first album 'Not That Kind'! If you don't have these albums go and get them now! 'Left Outside Alone''s highest chart position was #3 and it spent more than 10 weeks in the top 10! 'Sick And Tired' had entered the UK charts at #4! This album gives you a more rockier side to Annie's music, hence someone's review title being '... If You Like Evanescence'. My favourites? Oh, I have many and couldn't decide but I definately like the singles from the album and I like 'I Do' (featuring Sonny from P.O.D). Also, I like 'Heavy On My Heart'. This song is mainly of when Annie had Breast Cancer, back in 2002. However, she burst out with her VERY strong and powerful vocals and made this. Did she already do Freak Of Nature round that time? This is the tracklisting and my ratings. (Below)
01 04.17 Seasons Change (10/10)
02 04.17 Left Outside Alone (10/10)
03 03.32 Time (10/10)
04 03.30 Sick And Tired (10/10)
05 04.26 Heavy On My Heart (10/10)
06 03.01 I Do (featuring Sonny from P.O.D) (10/10)
07 04.02 Welcome To My Truth (10/10)
08 04.37 Pretty Little Dum Dum (10/10)
09 03.52 Sexy Single (10/10)
10 04.12 Rearview (10/10)
11 03.24 Where Do I Belong? (10/10)
12 05.15 Maybe Today (9/10) I did feel this song could of been done better and I do believe it goes on for a bit long.
(119/120) This album is highly reccomended.
Great album Great album Great album.
Great singer Great singer Great singer.
Great songs Great songs Great songs.
Great Anastacia Great Anastacia Great Anastacia.
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on 30 September 2004
This album has been in my cd player for months, ever since last christmas! It has great songs which show off her vocal range. This album is slightly rockier, and Anastacia is obviously drifting away from some of the 'pop-ier' songs from her last album, which i think is an excellent decision! The tracks left outside alone, time and welcome to my truth are just some of the great songs on this album. The only ballad on their is maybe today. BUY THE ALBUM!!
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