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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Price:£14.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 7 December 2005
In the 23 years that I have owned computers and played games this is the only title EVER that I have played consistently for over two years and still play.
Not only is the game itself worth the investment for playability, graphics etc. but there's an abundance of free expansion packs available to extend its lifespan.
If you enjoy playing FPS games then this is the Daddy - nothing else comes close (except perhaps Half-Life).
Online or offline this is possibly the greatest game I have ever played in my computer enhanced life. You finish it, you swap sides and become the opposition. You finish it again, you play online. You get bored online (as if!), you download a mod and change the game content. The assault (pardon the pun) is relentless.
When you consider that some games will be finished in a week or so of purchase, there really is no other release that can touch BF1942 for value for money. An absolutely superb game with a massive and devoted following.
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on 17 April 2006
Buy this game, and make sure you download the Forgotten Hope mod. It makes the game even more realistic and a thousand times more enjoyable. This is my favourite game of all time purely due to its replay value. A must have for everyones collection and if you're a fan of world war II games you should already own a copy! If not, correct this great injustice!
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on 12 May 2013
Lots of play, plenty levels for a ridiculous price. Killed original cod when they both came out.
Will play on almost anything even my old laptop.
Well packaged next day delivery
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on 14 December 2006
A friend bought this for me so we could game online. It's pretty good. LAN multiplay is far better - being in the same room and shouting orders or warnings to each other brings the game to life. However, it got cold within a week or two. I went looking for a realism mod and with the Forgotten Hope updates I'm still playing it 9 months later. They resolve most of the serious realism issues and improve the gameplay no end.
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on 16 February 2005
This is a superb game both graphically and for playability.
It has a huge following with many 1000's of users playing online. There's also some incredible free mod expansions you can download for it like Desert Combat (modern warfare), End of Days (Vietnam combat - BFV is basically a copy of this but with tiny maps), Forgotten Hope (WWII realism), BF Pirates (Think Blackbeard - Capture enemy ships or blow them out of the water with the Canons etc), Galactic Conquest (StarWars mod - considered by many to be better than Lucusfilm offering - it's THAT good!).
When BFV came out many BF1942 players bought it but then went back to playing BF1942 as the mods are so good and the map area sizes are so much bigger.
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on 3 November 2015
Wouldn't open, total disappointment.
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on 26 June 2013
Battlefield 1942 - Anthology comes with the original Battlefield 1942 (BF) game and the two expansions Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome Add-On Pack (PC CD) and Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII Expansion Pack (PC CD). I'll talk about the base game first. I've had this game a long time, but never got around to playing it. I tend to enjoy single player games so Battlefield 1942 for me doesn't beat the classic first person shooter (FPS) storyline games like Call of Duty: Game of the Year Edition (PC),Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Deluxe Edition (PC), and Brothers in Arms: Road To Hill 30 (PC DVD). The single player campaign basically allows you to play the multiplayer maps in order with the computer AI controlling all the other soldiers. The gameplay is the same for both multiplayer and single player. If you get killed you respan at your selected control point, the objective usually being kill enemy soldiers and capture enemy control points in order to reduce their starting tickets (points) to zero. Even for multiplayer, I prefer more strategy type games like Company of Heroes (PC). Some strategy is required for BF because while you have unlimited troops, time is limited especially if you have less control points than the enemy. Also if you do not play as a team you tend to get torn to pieces by your opponents.

Some negatives: In single player, on maps with any pinch points, your teammate AI tends to get slowed down with vehicles doing circles (even with support to AI all the way up). The game crashes on me occasionally when loading missions (usually after playing several missions). You can't see if you hit anything with the sniper rifle as zoom in is removed when you reload. Check the reported kills to see if you hit or scan the field after you reload. Similar it is hard to tell if you hit with bazooka due to smoke trail unless you shift your position (kind of annoying if you cover doesn't allow it). There are countless odd glitches during combat especially around vehicles (these don't disrupt game play much though). Environment not destructible and destroyed vehicles and troops disappear (these items would take more memory).

So what makes all these people rate the game so high. BF has lots of features that the other FPS don't have. BF allows you to employ vehicles in combat in multiplayer. You can jump into jeeps, tanks, airplanes, ships, artillery turrets, and fixed machine gun nests. This makes gameplay interesting. The other important feature in BF is the ability to specialize your infantry between assault troops, snipers, anti-tank, medics, and engineers. In this way you don't just pick up different weapons on the field of battle, you get to pick your kit to suit your mission or role. Each have their abilities and weaknesses, but as a combination they are stronger.

I would also note that even though this is very old title there is still an active multiplayer community. I was able to jump right into a multiplayer game with a large group of other players with no lag.

The Road to Rome

Covers the Italian campaign. It comes with 6 new maps and two new armies (French and Italians). The expansion includes for the Americans M3 Grant (medium tank) and M3 GMC (tank destroyer/mobile artillery), for the British the Mosquito (bomber) and the 25pdr (stationary AT gun), for the Italians the M11-39 Carro Armato (medium tank), and for the Germans the Sturmgeschutz (tank destroyer),PAK75 (stationary AT gun), and the BF 110 (fighter/bomber). Two infantry assault weapons include the British Sten SMG and the Italian Breda Modello 30.

Secret Weapons of WWII

Comes with 8 new maps and two new armies (British Commandos and German Elite). The expansion include one of each of the following for each team: jet powered fighter (F-85 Goblin - Allies and Natter Rocket Plane - Germans), flying wing fighter/bomber (AW-52 - Allies and HO 229 - Germans), motorcycle with MG armed sidecar, amphibious assault vehicles (LVT-2 Water Buffalo - Allies and Schwimmwagen - Germans), commando rafts, specialty tanks (Sherman armed with T-34 Calliope and T95/T28 Heavy Tank - Allies and Flakpanzer and Sturmtiger - Germans). All in all the allied vehicle additions are the most affective IMO. However, the Germans got the best infantry weapons in the expansion. German assault troops get the FG 42, engineers get the Mauser K98 with grenade attachment, and most importantly the Gewehr 43 sniper rifle allows semi auto fire and you can still see your target (or what's left of them) after each shot. The allies get the Bren for assault troops, silenced Sten MK2 for medics, and shotgun for engineer. Of course, for those thrill seekers the rocket pack has also been added. These can be found hidden in upstairs rooms in certain buildings.

The new armies, vehicles, and weapons from the expansions can only be used on certain maps from the respective expansion. The maps are fun and fairly well balanced. However, there are very few servers that actually play the expansions. If you already have BF1942, I wouldn't bother with the expansions unless you are a diehard fan. But if you are looking at getting BF1942 you might as well get them all if the price stays around the same.
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on 29 July 2005
1942 is a particulary excellent game(especially if you own broadband)due to the sense of open space and cross section of vehicles.
No more running around mazes,looking for stupid things to do,Instead the maze becomes finding the latest mods and patches to download.From starwars mods to modern day combat.The game is fast and furious online,and a little repetitive in single player mode(after 12 hrs maybe)
There are plenty of easy tweak patches to use(available for free in the community)that strengthen the AI alot,making them more responsive to getting out of my tank or choppa when I want.There are subs,ships,tie fighters(if you mod it)and me 262s.(jets).There is soo much to choose from.The planes are good,and if youre a novice you can jump into rear gunner & hammer away til u die.!!This is carnage and war from the start to the end!!
I find myself less involved in looking for the realism and laughing at the game as i toast Ya!
Its grafics intensive and requires fast memory(ie tight ram timings=quality ram)and at least 512 ram & 1.6 cpu.gforce 3ti 200-ish(overclocked).
The difference between bfv & 42 in gameplay style differs little,except for a tweaked grafics/poss physics engine & no in game radio selection.This all points to it really needing a faster machine.Perhaps 1800cpu,gf4ti200,I used 512 & 1 g of overclocked ram,and still dont have the settings on any anti-aliasing.Anyway thats another game.
1942 online is best because human elements add a whole different factor of fear or confidence to gameplay,it can lead to team resourcefulnes.
learn to find the tweak sites to help smooth gameplay on older machines and work your mates into the buddylist.This will help locate your crew,which can be a little difficult amongst the carnage,i use skype to do this in real time,cos then i can yell at joeseph.Anyway,I hope you enjoy the game as much as i did,ill see you all on the Battlefield.All the best death Lt.Mad.Chu
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on 4 June 2009
A great classic you can't stop playing on-line. Has much fun has more recent titles and you don't need to upgrade your PC!
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on 20 June 2010
Very nice game, exactly what I expected for a game with that "age". For people who like WW2 references it's a must.
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