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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 January 2015
This is an intelligent and exhilarating SF film which immediately catapults us into the world of corporate espionage. Jeremy Northam is excellent as the mild mannered Morgan Sullivan who applies and succeeds in gaining a position at Digicorp, an advanced technology company. Digicorp assign him a new identity and he is sent to conventions throughout the USA to secretly record presentations. Just as he is beginning to enjoy his new identity Sullivan starts to experience recurring nightmares, and when he meets Lucy Liu's mysterious Rita the film really takes off as she introduces him to a rival company who also wish to hire his services. The dialogue and acting is marvellously restrained, and the cinematography and haunting music is pitched just right. This is a confident and assured piece of work which I highly recommend to watch, definitely more than once.
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on 8 May 2017
I had seen this advertised but it looks very uninteresting looking at the jacket. BUT, this film starts very slowly and you find yourself asking questions like, where is this going and who is he in all of this. In the end it is a really good film and would recommend this if you want some nice Sci-fi entertainment.
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on 18 August 2013
The character of the main actor changes througout the film. It's very subtle and powerful, and gives testimony to Northrup's acting that he pulls this off so well. This is essential, due to the way the plot ends. He journeys from a seemingly inadequate male, unhappily married, and trying hard to change his, (and others) opinion of himself, to something (with Lucy liu's help) entirely different. The set and flow of events in the film, and the technique of the actors, (a directing masterpiece) give the movie an unworldly feel, somewhat in the style of Minority report, and it left me quite pleasantly disorientated. The deliberate change of consciousness pulled off by our hero has been done in MIB 2, but the methods and results are entirely different, both very effective for their genre. There are a number of unexpected events throughout the plot, and all in all it is a marvellous ride into the workings of consciousness, with a futuristic, slightly horrific slant. There is a generous dollop of threat, and real danger, which intensifies as the plot progresses. I found the outcome was unusual, and I couldn't see the resolution before hand, which I often can in a less intelligently planned film. Certainly worthy of a number of viewings, to get the plot neatly ironed out!
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on 27 March 2009
I cannot believe he is not a big hollywood hotshot! Vincenzo Natali brought us 'Cube' in 1997 (a film i would definately recommend) and watching this film, i can see him showing off more of his BRILLIANT directing ability. Morgan Sullivan (Northam) is a suburban guy with a miserable marriage and in an attempt to spice things up he signs up as a secret agent for technology giant, digicorp. Things then take a turn for the worse as he makes a discovery about his true purpose, switches sides, switches again, is given a new identity and meets the mysterious Rita (Liu).
This film is excellent and has a feel similar to that of 'The sixth day'. It blends thriller with sci-fi in a world where companies spy on eachother to find out secrets. Acting is top notch from everyone. (Fans of cube might recognise David Hewlett as Virgil Dunn.)
That said, Cypher is not a film for somebody who wants non-stop actin. Go watch 'The Matrix'. The film has quite a bit of story and character development and an ending that kinda suprises you! All special effects are handled proffesionaly and nothing looks out of place, making Cypher look like a high budget blockbuster which i dont think it was.
If you liked 'Cube' then you will probably enjoy more of Natali's work and i would say this is a pretty damn fine movie. It is probably worth getting the rubbish one disc edition if all else fails but really try and snap the two disc one up as it looks extremely cool and has special features such as a commentary track with this inventive and brilliant Canadian director.

The next Natali film will be 'Splice' coming sometime in 2009. Hope all goes well. I know it will.
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on 31 October 2008
When Morgan Sullivan(Jeremy Northam) is given a job with Digicorp, he is told that he is to be a corporate spy, recording sensitive information about rival companies at various conferences. He is also given a new identity, and is now called Jack Thursby. He meets a woman called Rita Foster(Lucy Liu) who initially says that she is a Hotel inspector, but when they meet up again, what she tells him is going to shatter Morgan's world, and make him question his own sanity.
This is a wonderful film, multi layered, complex but with a very rewarding pay off. Sometimes it can be a little too clever for its own good, but it is so visually dazzling and mind bending that a bit of indulgence can be forgiven. Northam is wonderful in dual roles, and Lucy Liu is given a chance to show she can act.
More of a work of art, than just a film. Astounding. 5 out of 5
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on 20 August 2015
Watched this with two of my teenage kids. We all got drawn in to the story, which is simple but has a couple of surreal episodes. The lead actor is great. When the film is all over you realise that is his completely believable performance that has duped you. But full credit to the director and writer. A great example of how to make a good thought-provoking film without big budget special effects
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on 12 October 2016
This is a very clever and intelligent film that deals with some extremely relevant issues such as "mind control" and corporate espionage.

Although it comes across as a thriller it's basically, at its root, a love story.

I love this film and would recommend it to anyone who likes off-the-wall movies that seem to escape the main-steam radar.
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on 19 August 2016
same director as the 'Cube' identity and digital espionage are the themes. The only real cyphers are the women's parts they'e not allowed to impact noticeably, not even Lucy Lui.. A fair effort- cyber James Bond meets Kafka.
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on 26 April 2015
Had no expectations of this dvd, but was gripped from the beginning and loved it to the very end. I do not want to soil the ending so I will not discuss the plot, but it is a scary thought to think that we could all be being brain washed and not know it. A great DVD to while away a rainy Sunday afternoon.
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on 30 June 2017
A bit predictable but on the whole a good yarn - buy with confidence at the right price.
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