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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 14 February 2004
When I first heard about Emma's new album I was admitingly excited. :-) I wanted to hear the new stuff and what she had to offer. Little by little I heard the new tracks, and I started to love her. The cd to me is a full on 5 star album. It's a great compilation of 12 songs. The strongest being the Title track "Free Me" and a funky up beat song "Crickets Sing For AnaMaria" And the hit single "Maybe" which is still pleasing. The latest single "I'll Be There" will please many to know that the album has many others like this song. So all in all this new album will make Emma HUGE in my mind. I'm an American fan. And I plan on letting people know about this album. It might actually break into the USA..Which I hope it does. But I would expect to see HUGE Sales in the UK! And All I have to say is CONGRATS EMMA!
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on 9 February 2004
Emma Bunton takes the youth of today on a journey back to the swinging sixties, with top ten singles such as 'Free Me', 'Maybe' and 'I'll Be There'. The album's success relies on its simplicity, it is not deep or emotive, but more fun and cheerful, a reflection of the music of the 1960's- think the Supremes, the Beatles etc... It is also highly original for its time period, something commendable in its own right. This album has many standout tracks, however obvious ones include:
Free Me- The James Bond esque power number, with a strong chorus and sexy verses "how I long to seduce you/ let me loose to love you"
Maybe- "Love isnt funny, when it is burning inside/ when all you think of is how to get through the night", the high-production number, which has a great stage presence and perhaps most reflective of the 60's influence which Emma claimed to have had.
I'll Be There- great chorus, very uplifting and catchy, simple yet charming- "I'll Be there/ whenever you need a friend". It is perhaps one of the most anthem-like songs on the album, a song everyone will know of at the end of its radio run..

No Sign of Life- Another song which would not sound out of place on a James Bond soundtrack, No Sign Of Life is probably one of the strongest, lyrically on the album, with such lines as "won't see me crying/but tears still flow through my veins" "there's something dying/but my world lies broken in two",
Breathing- well produced, with excellent instrumentation and vocal performance: "imagine a feeling/of passion are you seeing/the sounds of us breathing/why does it feel so cold?"
Something So Beautiful- Sums up the album overall, its simplistic nature, and low-key production create an intimate song which see's Emma's vocals shine, a possible contender for Christmas number 1?
Emma's voice has obviously improved in strength and range, as depicted by her transition from Spice Girl to solo star in her own right. This style of music suits Emma very well, , meaning that "Free Me' is one of the better pop albums of recent years.
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on 6 April 2004
I 'ummed and aahed' over buying this album. I loved the three singles, but was aware of the stigma attached to supporting a former Spice Girl.
But, I am so glad I held my head high and purchased this fantastically different album. It is a breath of fresh air compared to the stale sounds of the manufactured charts, which may seem ironic considering that it is 19 management behind Ms Bunton, but you certainly would not think so!
Ex-Baby Spice is not reknowned for her strong voice, but picking up on the 60s theme suits her soft vocals perfectly.
All 12 songs (better value than the average Spice albums!) are catchy and possible singles, which is rare for albums these days. It is a real shame that Emma has been ignored in the media previously because she seems to be the only Spice worthy of any musical credit.
Advice: If you loved the singles, you'll love the album. Very classy!!!
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on 16 February 2004
I bought this album today - and I think it is wonderful. It contains 12 light pop songs to be enjoyed. For information about them see the other reviews here. I also wish to draw your attention to a review listed here entitled: It's a good job we're all different, 9 February, 2004 .Reviewer: viletrog from manchester United Kingdom. This reviewer refers to Emma as "this sad fat bloated tart". I find this highly offensive. The 'reviewer' goes against Amazon's policy of having listened to the album before reviewing. And then they make an offensive personal comment which has nothing to do with the CD at all. I reported this to Amazon and asked them to remove the offending 'review'. They did not bother to. Nor did they reply to my email, apart from sending a 'standard' reply which of course made no reference to my complaint. I am really sick of Amazon allowing people to write reviews on CDs they obviously haven't heard. And I am sick of Amazon allowing offensive personal remarks to be made about artists. They even allowed someone to write a review about Michelle's new CD a month ago (it only came out today!) saying she should stick to eating pies! I am so sick of Amazon not replying to my emails while they are only to keen to process my purchase orders. So where does this leave me? I will henceforth buy all my CDs from CD-WOW and am looking for another site which sells books. I hope this has made you think. By the way 'Free Me' by Emma is fab! And did I buy it from Amazon? Of course not, I paid over the odds for it in MVC. But it was worth it.
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on 16 April 2004
Today I got my album from Amazon.co.uk and I can't stop listening to it, Emma has done a good job with this one, the sounds on it are very James Bond's movie but with Emma's style, her voice suits every song, even Crickets Sing... that its a cover, sounds great. Every song has a different story, but the same taste. It's hard to decide wich is the best one on the album, but you will be inmediatly in love with: Free Me, Maybe, Tomorrow, CSFA, No Sign Of Life & Something So Beautiful. If you enjoy good music and you wanna try something different this will be definately your album...
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on 22 February 2004
I ordered this CD from the UK after having fell in love with the first few singles released from this album. The 60's Bossa Nova/Samba type sound works EXTREMELY well for Emma. I'm reminded very much of Petula Clark or the old songs from the 1960s with the heavy orchaestral back-up. Overall, the album is a distinct improvement over the first album, which I found to be too "Olivia-Newton John-like". I can listen to the new album seamlessly without getting bored of the sound or songs. Personal faves include the obvious popular songs Free Me, Maybe, and I'll Be There For You. Crickets for AnnaMaria is an EXCELLENT song; it is an unexpected delight. It makes more sense once you listen to it. I'm very impressed with Emma's participation in the direction (songwriting, etc) of this album. She's matured very much, and this is a very mature-sounding album. Kudos to Em. Never refer to her as Baby Spice again!
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on 9 February 2004
As a massive Spice fan I can say that this new album from Emma is the second best Spice solo album after Northern Star by Melanie C. Every track on Free Me stands out. My favourites are Breathing, Crickets Sing For Anamaria and Maybe. The album artwork is also really good and classy. The only thing that I don't like about the album is that there are two b-sides from Free Me single included - Tomorrow and Who The Hell Are You. The songs are nice but I'd prefer new ones to be on the album.
All in all, I'd say this is a great album. Emma proved that she can sing well, her new music sounds fresh and original and that 60s vibe really suits her.
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on 14 January 2004
After a revival of the 70's with Emma's last two releases, Free Me & Maybe, her third single (I'll Be There) and Album (Free Me) are set to continue down a similar line.
Free Me starts off with the first three singles Free Me, Maybe and I'll be there which leads to high expectations for the rest of the album.
The single "I'll be there" follows in a similar mood and is again a catchy piece of pop, which samples smooth strings, and a motown feel. These three singles set the tone for the album, which just gets better every time you hear it.
Track 4 is a track that was on the Free Me single - "Tomorrow". It is again a catch piece of 70's motown style pop, which would lend itself kindly to a soundtrack. Smooth vocals and a mellow backing track allows this track to develop into one of the best on the album.
Track 5 is a track that would not go a miss as the next single for Emma. This track called Breathing has a slightly Latin feel to it and is a perfect track for the car or for background music - it has a completely relaxed feel to it that will make you smile without you even realising that you are doing it.
Track 6. “Crickets Sing For Annamaria” - this track was previewed on Parky's Christmas special, a wierd place to preview it really as it anything but Wintery/Christmasy. Imagine an upbeat traditional Latin song, with strong drums, whistles, sultry vocals and a very catchy hook and then you have got this song. It would not go a miss as a track for a car advert, very upbeat, uplifting, summery and fun.
Track 7. “No Sign of Life”. This track is a typical 70's style ballad, which has the typical Bacharrach sound to it. i.e. strong strings, the occasional trumpet adding to a sultry mood wich could quite easily be a track for the end of a James Bond film. This is a slightly different approach to the genre than the rest of the album but it benefits from being different and will soon have you singing along to it's catchy chorus.
Track 8. “Who The Hell Are You.” This song sounds a lot like Madonna's soundtrack to the Austin Powers 2 Film - Beautiful Stranger. A true 70's sound which is very well produced.
Track 9. “Your Love on Me” moves slightly away from the dominant 70's feel of the rest of the album. This is a track that you would perhaps expect Will young to be more suited to but Emma pulls it off brilliantly. It is a cross between soul and jazz and carries off a superb contemporary feel, with plucked strings, smooth guitars, a jazzy beat and a brilliant hook. One of the best tracks on the album.
Track 10. “You Are” reverts back to the 70's feel with accoustic guitars over flutes and lovely strings. This is not over immersed in the 70's like some of the tracks, but it is still an uplifting plucky ballad with a touch of jazz. The backing track complements Emma's voice so well and is a stand out track without doubt.
Track 12. This track could quite easily have been lifted from a late 1970's Bond film. “Something So Beautiful” is a track which is a soft, well produced, classy ballad without trying. The soft piano tones mixed with strong, moody strings with Emma's voice on top mean that this track is a something which wouldn't go a miss at the end of a night either at a dinner party, dance, wedding etc. A perfect way to seal what is a brilliant return from the former Spice Girl.
I just hope that you all enjoy it as much as I have done so far.
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on 23 June 2004
Emma Bunton collaborated on all but one of the songs. They are brilliant. Definitely got a sixties feel to the songs. Easy on the ear. The song 'Amazing' particularly good.Very melodic and thoughtful. Brilliant album.All the songs are very good. Well worth the money. More like this one please.
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on 10 February 2004
Looking at the below reviews, it would seem this is a love or hate album (though, it should be noted that the album only came out on 09/02/04 - AFTER those reviews were written?)
For me personally, this cd is a BIG surprise.
After Emma's frankly boring debut solo album , she has hit back hard with a very polished, and thoroughly enjoyable pop album.
How to categorise it? Think 50/60's Cinema Italiano, throw in a little bit of Motown, some gorgeous strings, some Bossanova beats, excellent vocals and pop at its best, and you're nearly there.
There aren't any pop albums around at the moment that sound like this in my opinion.
It has already spawned 3 excellent singles (Free Me, Maybe, and I'll Be There), and there are many more possibilities to chose from (the crazy bossanova beats of 'Crickets Sing For Anamaria', the gorgeous pop 'No Sign Of Life', and the truly beautiful 'Something So Beautiful').
This is definately a pop highlight for me - and I am very pleasantly surprised. The album packaging is in keeping with the music, in a fifties style, using the old 50's stereo logos etc. Well thought out to the very end.
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