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on 28 June 2017
Gotta have it in your collection
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on 25 October 2017
love it great service
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on 14 February 2005
Let me start by saying that not everyone is going to like this album. My friend who has seen the Phonics more than any other band doesn't like this album. If you're looking for a hard rocking, easy to listen to album, then this probably isn't the album for you, maybe try the Vines first album instead.
This is a very different album to Word gets Around, slower, more melancholy but with subtle touches that make it suberb. Almost every song builds up in some way, an extra instrument added in each verse, a slight change in tempo, or an extra tension in Kelly's voice.
Stand out tracks, for me at least, are Getaway, Jealousy, I'm Alright (Absolutely brilliant track, full of mood and emotion) and Since I told you its Over. The only downside to this album are the lyrics to some of the songs, they can make you cringe a little. "Sitting here playing with myself again/ It's turning me on" and "I'll make another pound for you/ so you can drive your motor car/ and drive you to the moon" and a few other examples. Not overwhelmingly bad, just not great to sing along to!
I bought this album when it came out, and whilst I haven't listened to it non stop, its certainly is one of the most played albums I own.
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on 11 February 2017
As Sterephonics records go...this is kind of the last great Stereophonics album.

Its the last with memorable songs anyway. Maybe tomorrow and Madam Helga are the stand outs.
I wish the rest of the album was that good as that, but its not.

There are some interesting moments here "Help Me" "I'm alright."

I kind of feel this album was a little bit rushed, most of these songs seem to be about Kelly Jones.

Stuart Cable in an interview said he had no interest in making this record.
So yes its a Kelly Jones record more, and probably the last really original sounding Stereophonics album after this they lost it big time...and have only recently recovered with Keep the village alive album.
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on 5 June 2003
At first impression, I felt this wasn't as impressive as 'Just Enough Education...', but as with all the 'Phonics albums, the more you listen, the more addicted you become. 'You Gotta Go There..' will strike you as a very different tone to what the 'Phonics usually produce, there really is a raw, emotional feel to it. It's quite a 'moody' record, and this tone is continued throughout, appart from 'Madame Helga', a classic addictive rock tune. 'Rainbows and pots of gold' is amazing and really stirs you, but it does tend to drag on a bit with the same tune throughout. 'Maybe Tomorrow' instantly became my favourite track, it's different but has an addictive tune which you can listen to on repeat for hours! There has been an introduction of other sounds such as brass into this album, not sure it works for them - i think they should stick to what works best for them, raunchy guitar rock and Kelly's gruff, sexy vocals. I would say, as a dedicated 'Phonics fan, that about half the tracks are really decent but the rest leaves room for improvement - it is evident in this record that they have all really matured and their sound has with them. Highly recommended.
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on 4 June 2003
first off im a big rock and roll fan... always have been. favourite bands include oasis, the beatles, the jam, that kinda stuff. and ive followed stereophonics since word gets around.Because this album seemed to be the only one from what id call a rock and roll band coming out all year i snapped it up immediately. after been disapointed with the JEEP and reading the mixed review on amazon i approached with some sceptisicm. However i was left somewhat suprised with the results. Il take it track by track...
1.Help me! - this song is not exactly the most inspiring first track ever - personally vegas two times for me was the perfect way to kick start JEEP but this doesnt have the same effect and isnt ever going to be anyones favourite. its ok but its not anything special.
2.Maybe tommorow - now this is more like it. this one is showing this new direction Kelly Jones seems to be taking the band and one word comes to mind...smooth. you'll be humming it for days. great lyrics - very soulful.
3.Madame Helga - its just rock and roll innit?!?? loud, brash and exciting. excellent first single. should have been track 1...
4. Climbing the wall - good, nice song. keeps the momentum going - not really much to say about it - its just quite good.
5. Getaway - i really like this song its definately my 2nd favourite. it really hits the spot when your feeling down - lifts you up in the way a good rock song should. great lyrics, nice riff everythings in place... very good.
6.You stole my money honey - this is ok - tho i think will go the way of track 1.. very unspecial really. doesnt really grab youu but its likeable enough.
7.Jealousy - brilliant!!! very grungey. at times sounds a bit nirvana-ish but dont let that put you off - it again showcases this new retro direction strived for and will leave an impression on you.
8. I'm alright (you gotta go there to come back) - the title track, best song on the CD, best new song ive heard for at least a year, track 8, however you want to put it. this is fantastic!!! absolute genius - lyrics like, 'I'll tell another lie for you, tell you what you wanna hear but that dont make it true.' are perfect in creating this mr writer-esque sound that works perfectly for them although it sounds so new and refreshing its somehow vintage phonics at the same time - brilliant.
9.Nothing precious at all - this is also very very very good. its one that i think will grow on me the more i listen to it.
10.Rainbows and pots of gold - another standout track - very happy, very good song - nice lyrics - nice sound - makes alot of sense if you read into the lyrics - one of the best here.
11.I miss you now - theres not really much to say about this one - good lyrics, little bit kelly-whiney. not one of the standout tracks but again may be a grower.
12. High as the ceiling - yawn.
13. Since i told you its over - more excellent stuff - excellent lyrics - the vocals sound really raw and its one of those thats gonna leave an impression on you.
my main verdict of this album is when its good its superb when its bad its pretty dire. its one of those that is gonna split all us phonics fans everywhere. some will love it some will hate it. personally i love it! theres 3 songs that are probably gonna end up getting skipped everytime i listen to it, high as the ceiling, help me and you stole my money but songs such as madame helga, maybe tommorow, getaway, jealousy and most notably Im alright are gonna be in my CD rotation for some time to come. you really need to decide for yourself but my advice is buy it and see what you think.if nothing else 'I'm alright' is one of the best songs you'll hear!!
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on 21 March 2004
But it's still a great album! You can actually get the re-release with an extra DVD with the videos for 'Madame Helga', 'Maybe Tomorrow', 'Since I Told You...' and 'Moviestar'. That might be more interesting to buy for fans who already have the album...That's what I did :)
I am a huge Stereophonics fan so ofcourse I love their album... But I also have a very broad taste in music. That might be why I think this is the BEST album from the band. I have been a fan since 'Word Gets Around'. Ofcourse I loved their raw rock style on both WGA and P&C, and their small town lyrics. That is definitely one of Kellys strong points as a songwriter.
With that said. I would be really dissapointed with a repeat of WGA or P&C for every new album. Wouldn't you?
With the 'JEEP' album they did change their style. They've just carried that on to the 'You Gotta Go...' album.
Ofcourse they'll change. They're older, have seen a lot of the world. A whole lot of new experiences. They probably get influenced by new music like everyone else. That's why I don't like comparing new albums with old ones, not with any band or artist...
Some of my favorites on 'You Gotta Go...' is 'Maybe Tomorrow' wich I fell in love with the first time I heard it. 'Rainbows and Pots of Gold', there's just something about that song that touches me. 'I'm Alright' have the same feel to it.
'I Miss You Now' are one of my favorites. Could've been even better with more blues influenced piano I think. Maybe hired in Jools Holland for the piano part :) 'Nothing Precious at All' is more like the earlier Phonics lyrically. Where Kelly is making up a whole story about this girl working in the coffee shop. A bit like 'Traffic' really. I also like the rockier stuff like 'Madame Helga', 'High as the Ceiling' and 'Jealousy'. Great songs. 'Help Me (She's Out of Her Mind)' is a bit too long for me. It's an OK song but could have been shortened down a bit. There's not a song I don't like on the album. But we all have our favorites...
'Moviestar' is absolutely brilliant. Went crazy about it the first time I heard it. Showing even another new direction for the band.
Makes me look forward to their next album.
'You Gotta Go There...' is a very '70s influenced album with some modern touhces to it. And like the music critics always say. "It's all been done before." But haven't most of the music out there now been done before?
Stereophonics! People love them, people hate them, and some just don't care. Most of the music critics don't have much good to say about them... But overall does it really matter?
The band still have a lot of fans. Some new ones, some old ones. But they are one of the better rock bands out there and a killer live band!
And remember, everone can't have the same taste in music. How boring would that be...?
So I end this review by saying A GREAT ALBUM BY A GREAT BAND in my humble opinion :)
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on 14 October 2017
This is a fantastic album by a great band. Good follow up to JEEP. However someone said the last great album by this band, the last one with memorable songs? That’s nonsense, the next album, Love Sex Violence Other, has Dakota! Fairly memorable. Get all their album!
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on 22 January 2004
Despite claims that this album is bland and awful it is anything but. It beats the indie-orientated accoustic drone of Education and improves upon the at-times stupid lyrics of Cocktails. This is a culmination of influences and infectious riffs along with raw, gravelly vocals from a matured Kelly Jones. Die-hard fans will probably hate it, but their fan base is so incredibly diverse that it's hard to tell who it will appeal to. New-listeners to the Stereophonics will enjoy it and more than likely detest previous releases. But this offering needs to be taken as if it were there first release to enjoy it. Like all their previous albums it disassociates itself from anything already gone, but undoubtedly their most interesting.
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on 4 June 2003
Well basically i agree with the Amazon review basically. I was introduced to the 'Phonics through Performance and Cocktails and then heard Word Gets Around, both of which are fantastic. Then J.E.E.P came along, and....well....oh dear. Too mellow which i'm not against but it was too drastic. Then when Kelly said the next album would be 'more Kerrang!' in it's sound i breathed a sigh of relief. It's quite clear now that Kelly doesn't read the said magazine.
Yes, they have tried new things, and good on them for doing it, but it doesn't come off too well. Songs like Madame Helga are attempting their old style but with a 70's twist, and once again, it doesn't come off too well, the songs just sound too laboured in my opinion. As the notes in the sleeve say many of these tracks have been taken straight from the demo tapes, and because of this i feel they should have become b-sides. I feel that they are in a half way house, they've first of all tried to please the old school fans, yet at the same time tried to please those who loved J.E.E.P and the end result is just an average record.
Worth a listen but not worth owning is my verdict.
Go on Kelly, give us another Performance and cocktails
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