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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 2 May 2014
This game is rather interesting to play, I mean firstly the controls are different to any GTA game you've played reccently, the game has some form of gore but not as bad as Condemned or you're adverage COD game, but it isn't reccomended for those who are under 18. But reccomend this game highly :)
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on 1 May 2004
i got manhunt 3 days ago and haven't stopped playing since, this game is brilliant.
where to begin, well the first half hour is slightly tedious but don't let this put you off as soon as you get past the first level the pace biulds a max payne-esque rate (coming from the same producer there are alot of similarities).
the levels vary enough to keep the game interesting yet they all have the same twisted seedy undertones that game is biult on. on one level you have to escot a hobo through gates guarded by maniacs on another you have to perform executions on patients in an insane asylum.
now what manhunt is famed for is it's gorey executions, and they're everything there said to be, when performing a grusome kill with chhesewire you see the mans twising and snapping as it's being sliced through.
though worse than the gore is the sound effects linked with them such as the sound of a coconut being broken for the sound of stabbing someone with a crowbar.
all in all man hunt is a great game and deserves the five stars and more.
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on 26 February 2009
I'm afraid that the reviewer who complained so much about the controls system and gave up on the game after a few hours made a serious oversight. All you have to do is choose "Type B" and you get the standard dual stick controls that most of us are used to and prefer.

I too was struggling with the controls and inverted them back and forward...then I thought "Ok, what's this Type B? Can't be worse than this!"

So, just a heads up for anyone that hasn't sussed that out. No doubt it's in the manual, but I didn't bother reading that either. Heh.

Awesome game that I'm playing through for the first time in 2009, almost five years after release. The gameplay and graphics are excellent and in my opinion the game more than holds it's own against many modern titles. An engaging and pretty hardcore gaming experience. Recommended.
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on 12 May 2004
Graphically based on the Grand Theft Auto game engine, Manhunt gives you a gritty, extreme videogame equivalent of the Shwarzenegger film 'The Running Man': one man, one night and hordes of sadistic thugs and gangs out to get you.
As the criminal character Cash, saved from deathrow by snuff video director Starweather, the basic idea is for your to use stealth and cunning to evade your attackers and use weapons and household tools that you pick up around the levels to despatch your foes. The main hook (!) with the game is that it features extreme depictions of death and violence. By creeping up behind your victims you have the option to hold down the 'A' key for as long as you dare before detection. The longer you hold it down the more extreme the method of death is enacted. The deaths scenes takes the form of real time (not rendered) 'video clips' with loads of noise and timecode on them, like some underground tape. Definitely not for under 18's.
What elevates Manhunt from what seems like simple gameplay ideas is the way in it is dripping in atmosphere. The soundtrack and effects are stunning, much like the attention lavished on the Grand Theft Auto games. From your beating heartbeat to the thousands of bits of dialogue used by the gangs as they actively search for you in the rundown Carcer City, the game really sucks you in and makes for a real tense experience. Also the Live headset (not necessary, but good if you have one) is used really well as you can make noise or whistle to attract your victims and the voice of your nemesis Starkweather can be heard in your ear, just as your onscreen character would hear him. The AI of the enemies for the most part is really good too and makes you feel that you being actively hunted down.
The only real negatives are that a few of the harder sections rely on trial and error style play, but as the Xbox version loads very quickly this isn't so much of a problem and the opening levels, which act as a kind of tutorial are somewhat dull: you are kind of left feeling 'is this all there is?' but soon the gameplay style opens out and the addition of lethal firearms and characters that you must protect are thrown into the mix as Cash's fight for survival plays out.
If you can see beyond a game that was undoubtedly made to get a strong reaction from it's depiction of violence and quite shallow controls Manhunt offers a really immersive and rewarding gameplay experience. Just don't eat just before playing.
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on 23 November 2013
Great & sic storyline and stealth-gameplay works as well. But the brutality is simply overrated. Much less than expected but still a "OK Game"
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on 6 March 2013
I bought this game because of its extreme plot but after playing it for a while it becomes boring! :(
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on 20 August 2004
Now I know there this game was blammed for a kid killing a another kid but just because he played this game a hell of a lot it shouldn't get blamed, people get killed nearly every day wether by shooting stabing etc. before manhunt came out so just because manhunt hunt came out it doesn't mean it the fault of the kids death.
Know the game. The game is so good it unbeleaveible especially if you get an xbox version u can talk/shout back at the guy in your that always telling u what to do ear but you may cause a bit attention to yourself and guards will come after you. The only disappointing to this game is if you die somewhere you have to go back to the last save hit which will get frustrating. The addventages is that it is like metal gear solid where you sneak around but instead of shootinf then you smash there head off with a b-ball bat or stab them with a glass shard or shoot them with a nail gun. Ether way you kill them it will involve a lot of gore/blood so make sure you haven't got a weak stomach and your over 18. Any way I glad that amazon is still selling it and hasn't banned it because it is a good game and people shoudn@t fear it they should play it thay may just like it.
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on 4 July 2010
This is a great game for those who are into uncencored, brutal violence (if you're not, don't buy it!) with an interesting storyline, however the game is a bit difficult and some of the controls and camera angles could have been a bit better. The game can seem a bit repetitive sometimes as the weapons do not vary much and the executions do not vary much either. The enviroments vary a lot from a mental institution to the zoo.

This game has a lot of controversy surrounding it, it has been banned from many countries and has been censored in others. This game was blamed for many crimes and even a murder case surronded the game, if this game was only just made, it would not legally get to the shops without censoring. Fun and Frustrating! 82/100
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on 18 October 2016
this version of manhumt does not have starkweather talking apart from that its good
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on 16 December 2015
For my daughter and she's pleased with it, thanks..
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