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on 4 May 2004
The original Hitman: Codename 47 was an average game, with a unique premise: you WERE the hitman, known as Agent 47, sent to do contract killings. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin expanded upon this, enabling tons of open-ended ways to get your hit (and believe me, some of these ways were very inventive). Hitman: Contracts is possibly the strangest of the entire series, for quite a few reasons.
The graphics, while pretty good, aren't that big of an improvement over Hitman 2. While this isn't a bad thing, per se, but IO could have easily done more with the game engine. However, what's there is definitely above average. The maps are very large and detailed, a slight step up over Hitman 2. Nice little touches like reflecting blood and the authentic look of all the guns make this even better.
In Contracts, the game begins in Agent 47's hideout, where he is injured from his latest hit. He blanks out, and a flashback of Hitman: Codename 47's Asylum stage begins, setting the stage for mostly the entire game: flashbacks of Agent 47's deadliest hits, with some of them even being from the original (such as Traditions of the Trade and Lee Hong Assassination). The final level may even bring you a couple of flashbacks to the classic hitman film Leon.

The gameplay in Contracts is its shining glory. There are still open-ended stages where you can either run in, guns blazing, or stealthily dispatch your contracted hit. One great example of this system is the fourth stage, Beldingford Manor. Let's take a look at the first hit, Lord Beldingford. He sleeps in this stage, only getting up to either take a dump or drink a glass of milk. There's a couple of different ways you can do this. You can simply shoot him (silently or alerting all the guards), kill him with a melee weapon (like the new improvisational weapons like the fire poker or meathook), smother him with a pillow, poison his milk...there are many ways to finish the job. How do you get in his room easily, you ask? Take one of the guard's outfits. There are also about 40 different weapons, including secret ones you can only get by earning the Silent Assassin ranking on each mission.
Hitman:contracts is more of the same, but just as fun if not more fun than its predecessors. If you liked Hitman 2, buy it. If you didn't, this probably won't change your mind, but try it out anyway. I guarantee you'll at least have some fun with it.
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on 15 July 2017
Excellent condition brought back lot's of memories
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on 15 April 2006
This game has many ways to finish the game, so replay value is high. Going around shooting is fun, but what the best way to play the game is by mixing action and stealth to bump off your target. One bad point, though, is that the Japanese levels get repetitive. And people complain that Hitman 47 'slides' around. Well, he does. But ID made it like that on purpose. It makes it individual. There are also updated levels from 'Codename 47: Hitman' (the first Hitman game) so that makes it a plus for people without a computer, since 'Codename' is for PC only (I have a Mac).
The graphics are next-gen PS2 graphics, and there are also quite disturbing parts, like the sick level in a meat-packing factory (use your imagination to figure out what goes on there!), and also the levels are varied.
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on 1 March 2005
Like a stylish film noir movie Hitman Contracts grabs you with its style and atmosphere. The story recounts 47's life as we see him injured and struggling to survive. Each mission is varied and set in unique locations around the world. This ensures that you never become bored as each mission offers a new set of challenges.
Graphically the game is very impressive with some excellent level design and large areas to explore. The weather effects are also very impressive and add to the atmosphere. One area that doesn't match up to the rest of the quality though is 47's animation as he seems to glide rather than walk and whilst this doesn't ruin the experience it does seem odd that this area is weak.
The orchestral score certainly adds to the atmosphere rising and falling in tempo depending on your mission progress.
The real beauty of this game lies in its level design and the freedom given to you to complete your objectives. The game ensures that you feel like a contract killer coolly carrying out your job amongst the unsuspecting.
Overall a superb game that is just fun to play and makes you feel cool.
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on 2 February 2005
The problem is if you no Hitman 2 very well youll not find the game as challenging as Hitman 2. Contracts uses the same engine,but they have given the game enough improvements certainly to find it worth buying.
Now theres much more ways to do the job on a level.In hitman 2 theres was 1 or 2 diffrent ways diffrent weapons but on some levels in Contracts theres 4 OR 5 diffrent ways not just mere weapons to do the hit, but uses of objects- petrol or poision a fire poker or silenced sniping and its very welcome.Poison is available on about 8 of the levels now not only about 3 like before.And not always revealed on the map.Theres 12 levels this time Hitman 2 had about 20 or 21.
I finished the game twice and still hadnt found everything.It isnt simple though.
A special weapon is now available on every level for completeting the level with the highest rank in the ranking system- "Silent Assasin".Thats a new weapon for completing each of the 12 levels with the best rank, but that doesnt include the ones you pick up from the guards and desks or wherever.The special weapons you can get are anything from double uzis to double sawn off shotguns to a silenced Ak74.None available unless you can get the big rank.There useful replaying missions and fun.Minigun/chain gun anyone?
.If you want good pictures of the game gamespot.com is a good place to go.
The game has a much more darker atmosphere this time and is evident on alomost every level especily the first 2. A mental asylum hospital and then a strange party with leather and masks in a meat packing plant.You can even use a meat hook as a weapon and then the level after a fire poker in Russia.Your in a cargo plane on an airstrip.You can sniper your target or even put a laxative in his soup.When he rushes to the toilet its whatever you can think off to take him out,but thats just that way.
Level 4 takes place in Belingford Manor England.Late at night guard dogs and all.
Level 5 Rotterdam Holland infiltrate a biker gang steal photos and assasinate 2 people a leader and a captive.
Level 6 Rotterdam again This time in a shipyard.
Level 7 Traditions of the trade is the name a very clever level.In paris you have to get past metal detectors there everywhere at key points in the level a conference is going to take place and your targets are going to blow it up. Find the bomb and get the targets.
Level 8,9,10,11 take place in Hong Kong involving more than just assaination its about framing people a triad gang is a big part of these levels.Level 12 is in the present in Paris.Between each level brings the story up to date to the climax and explains how Hitman ends up in the place he is.Theres still much more to no though.And the game finishes as if perfectly for a sequel which will be out this year.
The music and atmosphere may be dark and edgy but it fits the scenes well and is enjoyable.This game is a shooting games but its also strategy it is rewarding and you have to play like a hitman stealthily to a point or even always to get the right place to strike.The soundtrack can be bought on cd.
Youll definetly go through the game quick if you no hitman 2 but it really is a challenge to do it on professional difficulty level. Especily if you dont no the level well.The damage you can take is not nearly as much as normal setting and you dont get any info on your map in this setting except where your main target is if hes on your level of ground.When you die on a mission it goes into bullet time ultra slow pretty impresive when you fire your last shot and the guy chasing you flies back into the wall.
The games weapons are nice additions from the last game instead of 9 mm beretes theres glock 17s and cz2000 s .
Theres much more sniper rifles than before a potential of 6 I believe and I can still only get 4.A sniper suitcase is also added which is a great idea you can walk around anywhere with the sniper rifle inside and theyll never no.47 even adds the silencer to it when unpacking it.
To sum it up Its an inventive storyline re visiting Hitman 47 s past.Same engine and graphics as hitman 2 but more ideas and ways of doing levels in Contracts.Some complaints have come from other reviwers complaining some missions appeared in the very first hitman game that are in Contracts. Well I never played Hitman 1 the game but I think this game has plenty of replay value.If you loved hitman 2 surely youll lke this if you didnt like hitman 2 you wont enjoy this id say but will be a great game to play if you never played a game in the series.I took a star away because I finished it quite quickly but I knew hitman 2 so well.But also some of the levels just maybe 2 are frustrating because you can only do them well in hindsight but once you learn its fine.I think if you like shooting but you like stealth and tactics youll get something from this.I wont be selling my copy even though ive finished it.
Hope this helps people.If you have any questions about the game email me at mustering_base@hotmail.com.
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on 12 July 2004
This game is not for the weak minded, although the graphics havn't improved much from Hitman Silent Assasin there still as smooth as silck. The weapons system has changed to, there is a smaller selection actualy in the game but you can acess bigger and better weapons in the trainig system which can later on be aquipted. The only downfall of this game is the plot, it shows a promising story at first but later on you start to get miss led and have more and more trouble piecing everything together. The best part of this game would have to be the levels, each has a new unique feeling as well as missions. Overall if your a fan of any of the Hitman games you'll love this one and should buy it!
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on 18 August 2004
This game is currently one of the best stealth games availiable, it combines a wonderfully tense gameplay with a dark and seedy atmosphere. Not to mention the smooth graphics and improved controls which really add to the experiance. At times the game is a masterpiece,you feel a great sense of achievement after you finish a level and get the silent assassin rank or when you silently sneak up to a guard slit his throat with a kithcnen knife you found earlier and then take his uniform to slip past his unawhere colleagues.Brilliant.
Compared to the previous hitman the game improves the often glitchy A.I, improves on the graphics and generely improves on everything. However the game isnt drasticaly different there are no new moves and although there are multiple ways to complete levels theres usually only one way to go to get the best ranking. You can also notice that the A.I is improved but not perfect and is often unfair on the professional dificulty which is extremaly frustrating when you have been spending hours working out the best route, get to the end of the level only for a guard to see you through a brick wall or something (although that is rare). The gameplay is essentialy the same as before, theres no new modes (e.g: two player) and online play would be very good in the future. So overall this game is a must for anyone who is a fan of Hitman, newcomers and fans of stealth games, but anyone looking for something totally different should look elsewhere.
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on 21 July 2004
The first ever Hitman (CODENAME 47) was unlike any other game seen before.
It featured this insane bald bloke who had every gun you could ever dream of.
It proved to be incredibly successful and soon enough the people's demands were met, when IO Interactive released the second in the series, Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin.
Once again we saw the bar coded maniac wielding guns here, there and everywhere. People became blood thirsty and yearned for more, more, more.
Hitman - Contracts is a game that is unparalled to the real world.
Unlike the second in the series, Contracts features no cheats (as far as i am aware)thus maiking the game more realistic. You have to watch your back and your ammo.
You are able to choose whether you want to enter a room guns blazing, blasting everyone who falls under the aim of your cross hairs, or to go in silently, performing the kill and then sneaking out as cool as a cucumber.
Although the plot is slightly hard to grasp, who cares. You get to be a Hitman with access to the world's most coolest weapons.
Surely this is everyone's dream to shoot someone and get away with it.
Features -
Masses of weapons - knives, pistols, shotguns, machine guns, rifles and even a mini - gun
The ability to complete the mission as a silent assassin or a mass murderer
A must have game!
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on 11 February 2005
This game for me is actually worth 5 stars. Why? Well it just manages to keep ones attention so well throughout all the levels and it has so much variety and almost 2 to 3 ways to complete each mission, which makes it absolutely replayable.
Unfortunately I had to drop one star just due to the fact that this game is far too short and it is definitely easier than the previous Hitman 2.
Controls are still the same, to those of you who are familiar with the Hitman series and your weaponry is basically also the same with the odd two or three additions to your bag of tricks.
Again the same as in Hitman 2, you will be rewarded with a level status, ranging from common thug status to silent assassin status.
Go in with guns blazing and complete the mission killing everyone in your way and you will be rewarded with the THUG status. Do everything by the book, stealthily, carefully, only killing when absolutely necessary and you will be rewarded with SILENT ASSASSIN, unlocking special weapons which unfortunately, can only be accessed on the TRAINING level. This was another downside to the game and where Hitman 2 had the slight edge. In Hitman 2, one actually had access to the new unlocked weapons which you could use in the following missions, but with Hitman: Contracts, you're a bit restricted and you only have what you're given at the start of the mission, or what you can find on the level.
Overall I still very much enjoyed Hitman: Contracts since I am a big fan of stealth games. If you don't mind a short length game and love getting in to a disguise to get close to your target, buy this game.
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on 24 April 2004
In Hitman 3: contracts, you start, seeing agent codename 47, stagger abouthis appartment, mortaly wounded. He collapses.
His life flashes beforehim, convenietly, in the form of levels!
You play through 47's earlier life, some levels are set before hitman 2:silent assasin, and some are set leading up to 47s probable death. Thegameplay is pretty much similar to it's predisessor, THrilling.
Your heart pounds as a man in a white coat walks past, you slip from theshadows, holding wire tightly between your hands. Quietly does it, yesslowly, and BAM, the wire tightens around the victims neck. You struggleto bring him down, but in the end, his movements cease, quick grab, hisclothes, and make an escape. You walk past a security guard, he eyes youup and down suspiciously, no sudden movements or he might realise. Thesuspicion bar above the guards head, starts to relax as you smoothly walkby. Suddenly an urgent voice comes on the intercom. "Guards, be on thelook out for a bald man in a suit, Damn! You think to yourself, thecameras saw me!
The guard you tricked before, won't be fooled again, He shouts for you tostop. You pull out a 45 magnum pistol and iliminate him, Better get out ofhere before, you start a riot.
That was the action from the last game, and with more moves, weapons, morehumerous Enemy AI, this sequel is a definate buy for Fans of hitman 2 andpatient new comers, as some levels you have to walk tediously slow.
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