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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 8 March 2005
Just thought I should warn future prospective buyers through the marketplace. Do NOT buy a used copy... once a CD Key has been used Blizzard lock down that Key, and it is non-transferrable. So if you buy a used copy then you won't be able to play.
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on 1 March 2005
This game is as I have said above........Awesome!
I am a veteran of Star Wars Galaxies and Everquest 2, and World of Warcraft beats them both hands down.
Galaxies was basically just plain boring, not enough content, too much of a grind, and Developers who just didn't care about their players, World of Warcraft has none of those complaints.
Everquest 2 was too much of a system hog (VERY high end system required just to run the game on medium settings), too elitist according to player grouping, and basically just too serious for it's own good, it kind of felt like Everquest 2 was a second job rather than a game. Once again World of Warcraft has none of these complaints.
Warcraft runs fantastic on a medium spec system, and it's absolutely flawless on mine (1GB ram, 128MB Geforce FX5700 ultra, and a 512k B/B connection) there is no lag whatsoever, and no slowdown even when many players are gathered together spellcasting and fighting etc.
The game is colourful, amazingly well drawn (the scenery is literally breathtaking at times) the quests are fun and actually yield good rewards for your chosen class (no 3 hour questing for something you can't even use and can only sell for 2 copper coins in this game!).
All in all a brilliant game, and the best MMORPG I have ever played.
Kudos to Blizzard on this one!
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on 8 February 2006
This game is truly amazing, the depth is bottomless with the developers continually enhancing the game and adding new 'dungeons' or areas for the level capped players (those who have reached the max level).
If you are anything like me however TAKE CARE. This game is very hard to put down and VERY time consuming. Most of the decent things (dungeon raids etc) take a long time to organise (some needing 40 people to be in the same place at the same time), and a lot more time to do. You CAN log on and play for a bit, but to get most things done will take a solid 2-3 hours playing, and thats at a minimum.
This game is so addictive that I recommended it to an acholoic friend and he has now become totally immersed. It has really helped his drink problem and now he spends most of his time glued to the PC instead of drinking. He used to go straight from work to the pub, now he goes straight home to play. The game really is that addictive. You can't stop, and there is ALWAYS something new to do, or better to get.
I have now managed to stop playing, but only until the expansion comes out, and I still dream of WOW regualarly.
In summary; An excellent game, way ahead of any of it's competition. But if you are into your fansy/MMorph and often find yourself spending more time playing than you should then HANDLE WITH CARE.
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on 2 March 2005
This is my first MMORPG that i've ever played...I enjoyed Warcraft 3 and must admit that i was aprehensive about playing this.....but i was proven wrong!
This game is, in a word, amazing. I have played Morrowind but quickly got bored - with all the tedious touches (fatigue etc) which some may find "realistic" but i found to be a waste of time...
This game suffers from none of these little niggles. It is very easy to pick up and play - finding quests and knowing where to go to complete them is done so in a very streamlined way so u dont spend ages running around trying to find out where to go...again making for an enjoyable gaming experience.
The graphics are beautifull. Everything is smooth and is rarely repetitive...and the sound is nice and crisp. Addiction is a problem! This game has one of the rare ingredients that made old games like Tie fighter ledgendry - a must have "gotta have more go goddamit" feel...and u feel rewarded for the time you put in.
People complain about a monthly fee...well it depends on how you view that. Unlike many games, you do get what you pay for with this game, so in my opinion (setting aside the issue of "is it right to have to may a monthly supplement") the money is well spent. I would rather spend money playing a game i know i like than to pay less for a game i do not like.
I do have 2 niggles with the game, and hence why i gave it 4 stars, is the social aspect of the game - many quests that offer the greatest rewards must be done by a large group of people - it is not possible to do them without, which some people may be put off by. But teaming up with characters that are helpful makes the good experience of the game soar and is very enjoyable. Forming groups is easy (as is leaving them!) and works very well and should not be viewed as a drawback to this game.
The other issue is that of time! This game will take up a lot of your time...believe game has had me as hooked as this game in my entire is possible to spend over 6 hours playing and notbe bored at all, such is the appeal of the game.
My advice to those considering this as their next gaming purchase is to buy it - the first month is free and every pre-conceived worry you may have with online only RPS's (long loading times, lag etc) will be quickly swept aside when you start playing. It is one of the best games i have played and i know that i will be playing this for some time to come!
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on 23 February 2005
What a great game! It successfully combines the winning features of my favorite roleplaying games: The wonderful sense of exploration (as in the Might and Magic series), the fast action (as in Diablo II) and great questfilled storylines (used well in many games, but most recently in Never Winter Nights).
The game itself is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), which means that you play in with hundreds of other players being in the world with you. They're not from around the globe though - there are special European servers. I haven't tried other MMORPGs, so I can't compare - but it gives a great game dynamic to play with lots of others. There are enough to choose your friends from, but not so many that you won't begin to recognise some after a while (unlike, e.g. Diablo where the chances of running into the same person twice are slim). The one big disadvantage to MMORPGs is that there's a monthly FEE for playing the game. As you install it you need to type in your credit card number. No withdrawal will happen until you've played a month, but each month after the first will cost around £8.
The world has two warring factions that you need to choose between: The Alliance (Human, Night Elf, Dwarf and Gnome), and the Horde (Undead, Troll, Orc or Tauren). You can choose to play in a PvP world, where alliance players can attack horde players and vice versa, or in normal and roleplaying worlds where you can only be attacked by other players if you agree to it (creatures in the world will not extend you the same courtesy, though).
The gameplay is very easy to get into, and quite hard to fully master - but you'll learn as you go. Thousands of skills, items, talents, monsters, quests and environments give the world a depth and near endless possibilities, but you won't feel overwhelmed, as you don't need to use or understand them all to be an efficient player. The graphics are very smooth and pretty. Enjoy - but watch the time! Set an alarm clock to remind you that you have a real life too :-)
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on 17 October 2005
This is, without a doubt one of the best games I have ever played. The sheer depth of it is astounding, I put in over 20 full days (that's 480 hours!) on one single character and was still 10 levels off the elusive level 60 and that is why I stopped playing.
For the first 20 - 30 levels the game is great, there are loads of quests you can complete by yourself, loads of new armor, weapons and items to get and lots of abilities to learn. However the further into the game you get the more you realize how much time everything is actually going to take. From about level 40 onwards you will very rarely find a new weapon or piece of armor that you will actually use, you are more likely to spend a few gold pieces at the Auction House buying new stuff, everything you get from completing quests is worthless which makes completing the quests worthless.
Certain bosses in the dungeons will drop quality items but firstly the chance of the item dropping is slim and secondly the chance of you winning the roll against everyone else in the group is slim, meaning you keep doing the same dungeon over and over again just trying to get this nice sword or piece of armor.
The other people that you play with are of a very young age and many can be immature which completely ruins your game, if your half way through a dungeon and two kiddies in your group decide to leave because their mum has told them to go to bed or they didn't win a roll on an item then you are screwed and have to leave, find another two people and start again.
You are generally questing in contested areas which means anyone from the opposing faction can attack you, if you are trying to complete quests and are getting killed by groups of players 10 levels higher than you it becomes very frustrating.
The quests become repetitive and increasing difficult to complete on your own. Now if you have no job etc then you have enough time to get into the game and make it worthwhile, however if like me you work everyday and most will have 3 to 4 hours a night to play you simply cannot do what needs to be done. For example, it can take around an hour to find a group to go to a dungeon, 15 minutes to get there and then a couple of hours to complete it. There goes your entire evening and if you don't win the drops then it's a waste of time. It gets much worse when you hit level 60, you will need 8 to 10 hours to do the end of game dungeons and bosses, absolutely no chance.
So I have hung up my sword and canceled my subscription, fantastic game but impossible to play if you have a life!
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on 7 June 2007
I have heard the tales of WoW, the teamwork, the hours put in by some people, the addiction.. and when I saw the ten day trial.. signed up to give it a whirl.

After waiting 2 days (I am on superfast broadband, just a rather nasty P2P file delivery system) for the game to install I was off.

Now,I have played many fantasy games, and I always have in my head certain characters who I create. My firs impression of Wow was extreme disappointment. Not only are the classes / races very limited.. but some of the classes are also barred to certain races. You want a human ranger.. forget it.

However, I finally settled on my dwarf hunter, and hit my second disappointment.. customisation of your chracters appearance is virtually none existant.. they pretty much look the same universally. The main way to change how your character looks is via clothing and equipment. I suppose Oblivions charcter creation spoiled me somewhat.. but I digress.

Playing the game.. well.. to be honest, it is NOT newbie friendly at all. If you have never played a MMO you may struggle without a major read of the manual. No tutorial other than a few pop up boxes every now and then. The chat boxes are flooded, so forget asking a question on there.. and the atmosphere is occasioanlly ruined by characters invariably called 'asfdjhajhj' who do nothing but stand around and spout webpages where you can buy online cash.. and this on an 'atmospheric' RP server.

However, overall.. it is a fabulously fun game.. especially as a hunter when you get your pet. The graphics are 'cartoony' but still veryimpressive. You first walk into Ironforge, and the Great Forge in the middle I challenge you not to be impressed.. or take your first flight on a Griffon and gasp at the faboulous scenery or the amazingly smooth load-free transformation from zone to zone.

and yes, I can see why the addication.. I am currently skinning everything in sight, and gathering herbs like they are going out of fashion just to get lovely silver to buy more training.

So far, interaction is very.. halting.. and what conversation I have had seems swkward.. but maybe I am just not fully happy with the interface yet.. time will tell.

Needless to say.. give it a go, but if you have an addicitive personaity.. or can get easily lost in a game.. stay away for your own sakes. My trial is over in a day or two.. and I have the full retail version winging on its way to me now.

See you in ironforge.. Thunderbrew is on me!
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VINE VOICEon 8 November 2004
blizzard are in my opinion, one of the best 4 games developers in the world, with the starcraft, diablo and warcraft series, they have proven themselves to know how to make fundamentally excellent and enjoyable games, which is exactly what an MMORPG needs to be
world of warcraft is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) set in the history-rich world of azeroth, you pick a team - there are two teams at "war" - the horde and the alliance, though that's not to say this is strictly a player vs player game though, there are non-pvp servers where the war atmosphere is maintained through other methods, the horde are comprised of orcs, undead, tuaren and trolls, while the alliance are humans, night elves, dwarves and gnomes.
along with choosing a team & race, you must choose a class, there are a number of classes such as:
Paladin: a holy knight, capable of taking damage well, who can also heal competently and has other support spells
Rogue: a sneaky chap who strikes from the shadows, causing incredible amounts of melee damage
Warrior: the warrior is typically the chap responsible for taking damage in fights, they have the most health and the best armour, along with skills designed around them taking damage and holding "hate" so the enemy sticks on the warrior instead of attacking weaker classes, although, quite uniquely in wow you can design your character around being an offensive warrior, or berserker, who can do melee damage which almost rivals that of a rogue
Hunter: the hunter is a ranged attacker (guns or bows) who commands the respect of animals, he can "charm" an animal to his side and it becomes his permanent pet, he is capable of reasonable damage with many utility spells
Mage: a powerful class designed around doing a lot of damage over a short period of time (direct damage spells)
Warlock: the warlock is a class designed around doing a lot of damage over a long period of time, on long encounters (raid bosses etc) their damage is unsurpassed, they also command demons pets which they may summon to their aid (including a warrior type pet and a rogue type pet, and more), warlocks also have many useful utility spells
Shaman: the shaman is described as a hybrid class, they are competent healers, able to take damage reasonably well when needed, and able to cause damage reasonably well, sort of a combination of a mage, warrior and priest, yet the sum of their parts is no more powerful than any one of their component classes, they also have powerful utility spells and "buffs"
Priest: the priest is the generic healer, he has powerful healing spells, resurrection spells and buffs (statistic improvements), or you can specialise in offensive damage as a priest
Druid: the druid is a difficult class to describe, in their natural state, they command nature magics, able to heal well and cause damage well, they also have what is described as the best buff in the game, yet their strength (and weakness) is their versatility, they are able to shapeshift into various forms, such as a cat (which gives them limited rogue abilities) a bear (which gives them limited warrior abilities) and more, their versatility means they can fill almost any role needed in a group, but since they do not do anything as well as the "parent" class, they are considered to be the "silver medal" of the game at this point
after you have decided on your class, you must venture out into the wide world, filled with hundreds, and probably even thousands of other players (depending on your server), here you adventure, quest, fight, gain experience, level up, and gain new abilities and spells. As you adventure you will learn more about the world, its history, and perhaps make friends along the way
although most MMOs are designed around group play (and wow is not especially different here), all classes are able to "solo" (fight alone) to a reasonable degree, group play is beneficial, but no longer will you have to sit for 40 minutes just to get in a group, like you did in, say, everquest. Also unlike everquest, the game isn't designed around the "grind" (tedious constant killing of enemies to gain experience), the game is more quest-based and the concept of "downtime" (having to rest to regain strength after fights) barely exists. Wow is a game of fun, not a game of work (unlike everquest & probably eq2). Players can also band togther to form guilds, guilds will bring a strong sense of community to the game
at high levels (60, and beyond as expansions are made), the game will cater for "raids", raids are events where guilds fight very powerful AI creatures which may take 40+ people to kill, but the loot (items) they drop will be incredibly powerful, unlike Everquest and other MMOs, wow will mostly have "instanced raids", this is where carbon copies of the zone are "spawned" specifically for your guild or group, meaning there will be no competition for items, quests and zones, meaning also that any guild will be able to get into raiding
the game also has a number of "battlegrounds", where players can fight other players (remember, this is *war*craft), and possibly parttake in sieges on enemy cities and strongholds
along with all this, the game will have a rich tradeskill based economy, where players can gather components then produce items from them, then sell or use them
along with the "player vs environment" servers, there are also full on player vs player servers, where players can enjoy the full atmosphere of the war, with an honour system where people are rewared with honour for killing players near/above their level, and lose honour for killing players who are significantly lower than they are in level (with appropriate rewards/pubishments for having high/low honour) the game will stay fun and hopefully put off the "griefers" who just want to pvp to make other people's lives miserable
the game has so many little touches of brilliance, it's hard to sum them all up.. you can fly around the world by griffin, ride by beast or walk on foot, every class is unique and enjoyable, and develops well over the 60 levels
ultimately, world of warcraft is looking like being as close to perfect as you can get from an MMO, unfortunately the US release has been forced by the publishers so the game is probably going to launch unfinished, but with a february 05-ish release looking likely for UK, the game should be finely polished by then
blizzard are one of the best four games developers in the world in my opinion, and although they've made many mistakes (this is their first mmo afterall, and it's not even finished yet), it is looking like being another wonderful game, and a benchmark in MMO history
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on 24 June 2005
All I can say is this game is great. There is not grindng in this game at all. This is totally unlike Everquest 2. I have tried both since one of my best Friend has had both.
My friend first got Everquest 2, while his oldest brother got World Of Warcrfat. About 3 weeks after my friend got everquest 2 they brough out a 14 day trial to compete with World Of Warcrafts 10 day trial. So my friend gave me this trial. I got home and it took Everquest 2, 3 hours to install all 4 discs and then another 2 hours of downloads! I didnt get on it till bout 8 at night after school. Then when i did play it i loved it til i was about lvl 16. Then it was boring. It grinded slowly. I set my character to make some stuff in proffesions and i got to lvl 10 after 3 hours of doing it. Thankgod id been cleening my bedroom while my char crafted. Thats how slow it is, sometimes u arnt even needed at they keeboard for upto 20 mins. How joyful it is siting doing nothing in front of the comp. So after about 1 week playing everquest 2 i stoped playing it.
Then after I stopped playing Everquest 2 my friends brother gave him the 10 day free trial for WOW. My friend after 5 days on the trial quit his everquest 2 membership and ordered WOW (World Of Warcrat) Then wen my friend received WOW he gave me the 10 day free trial. After looking at their European website, before id even tried WOW out i already thought it was better than everquest 2. The WOW european website is [...] Its great and helpful. After 10 days of playing WOW the 10 day trial ran out but i had already ordered my own WOW of the internet.
WOW is great for many reasons, for a start there are 2 main factions that r split up into 4 different races each. 1 faction is called the Horde (the supposed bad guys) and the other, The Alliance (the gd guys). They r both totally unique and Blizzard have built a great sense of hatred between the the two sides. There are over 2200 quests to do in the game. then there are seperate repeatable ones. To adavance in the game u have to do quests, mainly to get exp (experience points) to gain lvls although u can get exp from kiling animals too. Also quests can help u gain reputation with allied races, reputation can let u save money from flying to places, paying to be trained or simply buying equipment. There are 12 proffesions and 9 seperate classes. The classes range from being able to shoot enemies dwn with a gun while having ur pet (that u trained urself from variouse beasts around the world) attack too to rogues sneaking around or warriors thrusting swords through enemies. The proffesions range from mining to alchemy, leatherworking and blacksmithing. Only a few were mensioned then.
There are also 3 different realm types, they are PvE (playervs environment) this consists of mainly fighting the 100s-1000s of animals in the world. This realm type is for beginners as well as experts as it limits PvP.
PvP (Playervs Player) realms are like the PvE realm just when u venture into unsafer territories u can get attacked my players of the opposin faction.
Then theres RP realms (Role Playing) these r like PvE just u have to act like ur a real person in WOW and u have to try and stick to the real storyline in WOW which is very extensive. U can not talk about the real world in tese realms or u may be kicked from the realm.
Later on when u get higher lvls u can start raiding enemy cities eg. i was in the Human City Stormwind when a group of 40 Hrde players game. They started attacking and killing the 100s of guards in my own city! So all the Alliance in Stormwind came to the Horde and we started fighting them. This started a 40v40 pvp battle to defend our city. Then in the little villages scattered in teriotries have defended them too. It builds a great sense of hatred to the enemy.
Recently a big patch introduced the Honour system where u get rewarded for PVP kills with better steeds and arour or weapons. Over 50 new weapons and armour pieces were introduced.
The the Battlegrounds were introduced. there are 2 ones a capture the flag (CTF). in this the teams have bases and compete in 10v10 combat to get each others flags.
Then theres Alterac Valley (AV) this is a whole map with numerous bases, towers, bridges, mines, Bandits , Graveyards and much more. Here 40v40 player battles happen with lots more NPC Guards fighting for each faction to help defend strategic points. Then soon Blizzard are bringing out siege machines for these battles. The possibilities are almost unlimited.
Then each different race have their own steeds etc.
The only problem is you have to pay £9 a month but that isnt bad since i havnt brought anything else with my money since i got this game, so trust me its worth it.
Oh and somewhere else in these Reviews about WOW some1 has mentioned RUNESCAPE to be better, trust me i was a memeber of this game for a month and it gets repetitive. You have to do lots of things again and aain to gain each lvl. It gets broing but if u want to see for urself heres the website [...] trust me im not lying. Also note WOWs graphics are amazing too unlike Runescapes :D
Im sorry if this review dragged on a bit but plz rate it if it was helpful or not, i am trying to improve my reiews overall :).
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on 10 March 2005
Never played an online game before but, as I have always enjoyed Warcraft I, II and III, I thought I'd give it a go. Fully expected to cancel my account before the first chargeable month. Now think I may never cancel.
Don't give the monthly charge a second thought, as you will save far more through the fact that you will never have the time go down the pub again. In fact, you will probably never go out at all. There will also be no point in you buying any other games as you will not want to waste any WOW time playing them. What you should worry about is: lack of sleep, and a total inability to think about anything in the real world, leading to loss of: job, wife, kids, health, sanity...................
This is a truly beautiful and totally absorbing game. Buy it and kiss goodbye to everything else in your life.
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