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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Price:£18.13+ £1.36 shipping

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on 28 March 2004
Firstly i would like to congratulate the makers of this game for providing a top quality game. This game was everything a stealth game needs.
With 2 characters with alternate story modes (and 1 to unlock) this game provides hours of gameplay.
Nothing can satisfy you more than observing your target then seeping your cool blade into their suple flesh. Which brings me on to my first delight of the game: sucessfully stalking a target without him spotting u allows u to pull of superb stealth kills which include slitting throats.disembowling and skull spearing.
with an intense storyline and great bosses the first 2 parts of this game are great with unlockable items and weapons.
however once u complete it the first 2 players the fun stops.
the unlockable player is aweful. It is really easy as he has animal calls which stop people chasing u and return to their posts. Also his stealth kills have left alot to be desired as they are just corny X-rays of where he is jabbin people with his pins or watever he has.
All in all a top quality game, and i truly recomend it for u stealth fans out there.
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on 14 May 2011
I thought the Xbox did a great job in updating the Playstation 2's Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven. For starters, the improved higher resolution of the Xbox over the Playstation 2 did it more justice, but also, the real additional fun-factor was the inclusion of a couple of new levels not previously found in Wrath of Heaven.

Atmosphere, typical of the Tenchu series, is second-to-none. Lost none of the fantastic music, Feudal Japan settings and has some great un-dead and spooky levels. The stealth is, once again, amazingly good, better than all the other stealth games out there, as Tenchu was the original (and best).

Five stars. Any quibbles or weaknesses are quite minor compared to the overall gaming, graphics and experience that Tenchu: Return from Darkness brings to the series.
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VINE VOICEon 23 March 2004
First impressions weren't great - no 60Hz, slightly jerky opening movie, minimal options... The enemy A.I. is frequently laughable - prime example: hotly pursued by a ninja, you run into a dead-end dust-trap behind a ladder ... whereupon the ninja (plainly visible to me, so presumably I'm plainly visible to him) yells "I'll find you!" before promptly forgetting you're there and wandering off, leaving you "hiding" in plain view in a nook with one way in or out! D'oh! I imagine that connoisseurs of "modern" stealth games with all their dynamic shadows and intelligent adversaries would be horrified...Tenchu's enemies have the memory of goldfish, and are painfully short-sighted - in fact the entire game is so simplistic that it feels like the original PSOne code with PS2-quality graphics running on, erm, an Xbox. Not good, you'd have to agree - so surely this game deserves ridicule then? No, actually - I can't explain it, but it's actually good honest simple fun. I actually found it quite refreshing after all those high-ambition Splinter Cells and suchlike. No matter how much I wanted to like MGS : Substance, or Splinter Cell, I can't honestly say I enjoyed them - in my opinion they had too many gadgets and gizmos, and the gameplay never quite delivered that vital factor called "fun". Techu: RFD is a simplistic game, sure - likely too simplistic for some to stomach these days - but I found I enjoyed it a heck of a lot more than its more ambitious competitors. Go figure...I'm not blessed with broadband so I can't comment on the Xbox Live aspects of this game, but I've read since that they're a hoot and a holler. Sounds like you can add another star if you've got Xbox Live then!Overall: Would've been more acceptable as a budget release, but it's simple stuff that's somehow very enjoyable in an almost retro kinda way. Looks & feels like a game from the last gen, but sometimes simple arcadey fun is more important in a game than an accurate physical model of life the universe and everything! :-)
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on 9 January 2005
What can I say? This game is amazing. Shame about the poor reviews those other people gave it. Luckily I didnt read them before I bought it otherwise i wouldve been put off! This is an excellent game. You sneak about completing missions and when you finish, depending on your stealth level, you are awarded new items. Poison rice, throwing knives, Nun Chuckas, Tetsubishi, Explosive tipped arrow, tiger traps, an early version of grenades, smoke bombs, health potions, the list goes on for ages! THERES LOADS! Each item has it's own speciality in each siutation. For instance, the blow dart is great for taking out a guard if you cant get close to him, and the poison rice is really good if a guard is around a corner but dosent turn around so eh will see you if you walk in. Chuck in the rice, hopes he eats it and while he is incapacitaed, run in an disembowell him! The gore levels arent huge, but a few may cringe when a neck is snapped. Whenever you get a stealth kill, it shows a mini cinematic of it, and you get a new one depending on how you approach the guard or how good you are. Aside from being stealth, you will sometimes need to fight. Luckily you are equipped with a Samurai sword (Or two short swords depending on character chosen) which can carve through enemies when used efficiently. Stealth plays a large part in the game, so it isnt for you if your a bit of a n00b who just likes to run in with tonnes of guns (Figure of speech!) Overall a great game. I could go on for ages, but my urge to go and play it again is too HUGE! Great game. Buy it now! You wont regret it at all! If you dont, your a fool! BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT IT ROCKS!
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on 3 January 2010
If you like stealth games... you will love this. its Excellent format on sneaking up on people is great.. also great for all ages. And genders
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on 25 March 2016
I own tenchu 1, 2 ,3 wii, tenchu, tenchu z they all rock best stealth games ever
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on 21 March 2004
This game is cool a lot of move to unlock by having fun by sneaking around and earning stars and a online multiplayer match always avalible for fighting your way to being a top rank master. This tenchu is the best release tenchu ever it has best of both worlds of online and single player you can even get a friend to help you with co op play if you don't have live and death matchmode . there is lot of unlocking to do in this game even online too and a good story . there is a down side of this game like the camera angles are sometimes anoying but the game play is good so Enjoy
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on 7 November 2015
the best stealth game I have ever play
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on 12 January 2005
I have always been interested in martial arts so at Christmas, when my parents don't know what to buy, I get anything which has an oriental looking chap on the cover. So this year I wound up with Tenchu. I thought, oh great, this will be out the £5 bargain bucket and probably rubbish. However, I was pleasantly suprised to find it a really enjoyable game. You have the option to either sneak around assasinating enemies unseen, or plough headlong into cut and thrust ninja scraps.
You collect items which help you and tackle traps etc... You can't save mid-level, which is annoying, and fighting techniques can be tricky. The story is nothing special but the real satisfaction comes from being able to complete levels with out being seen. Each level come with three different configuration - eg the guards are in different places and so.
Over all a good game which incidentally acheived over 8 in the Official Xbox ratings.
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on 20 April 2004
the only good thing about this game is the stealth kills. the rest of itis so dull. the graphics are awful, its a blatant ps2 conversion withnothing improved. the fighting is terrible and the levels rubbish.
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