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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 October 2005
You do not have to be a fan of the movie to enjoy this great game!!
I had two real reasons for getting this game: -
1.I loved the film,
2. The makers, Rockstar always release promising games whether it be a GTA game, or fresh ideas, such as Red Dead Revolver.
I got the game, and realised....This is amazing!
Before i got the game i thought that it may be too linear, and have little or no replay value, as well as nothing outside the missions, this is where i was wrong.
In between missions, you can hang around coney island and do bonus missions and explore the island, this was a plus, also in the warriors hideout you can play pre-game story missions of how members joined the gang, such as Cleons story, and these too are amazin. You can also train to get your stamina up, whether it be pressups or use the punch bag. The fighting is original, intuitive and very well perfected in the sense that it works well and is not too hard to get to grips with.
Rockstar have made the game very much like the movie, they have included great amounts of characters, also backdrops and levels as well as voices (not sure if original but are very good) and music.
Also you can create your own clan, where you choose nine from a total of 365 unlockable characters which i thought was really good, and you can use this clan to undertake variosu missions such as a battle royale whre you win by thoring the other clan (of 9 people) off the roof, and massive fights.
Instead of you just fighting, fighting, and fighting. Rockstar Toronto have cleverly included various aspects from the cult movie. These include smashing up the street, using weapons, such as bricks and bottles, breaking into shops and looting, and also stealing car stereos. You can also mug people. Not to mention, you hav to evade the cops if you cause trouble and can also tag (or spray paint) various parts of a level.
I would rate this game: -
Graphics... 9/10 dark an gloomy like manhunt, great effect
Gameplay... 9/10 many different modes to complete
Sound......10/10 well captured, sounds like ur there.
All in all the game makes you feel like you are actually there.
This game is similar to manhunt, in the sense of gameplay, this is the game that GTA and Manhunt should have been.
I would highly recommend this game to anyone who owns a Playstation 2, (or Xbox)
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on 11 November 2006
I have never been a big fan of fighting games. If you were to put me down in front of Mortal Combat I would die of boredom. Give me a gun and I'll just shoot them!!

I have always been a big fan of Rockstar games, GTA and especially Max Payne! I was excited for the release of this game but when I found out it had no guns I was sceptical! It was my friend that got this game first. What I saw was unlike any fighting game I had ever seen!

This is a free to roam fighting game where you can beat the hell out of any one you choose in the most elaborate ways, not just gang members. Firstly each warrior has there own unique set of moves and finishing move, and secondly you can also use almost any object as a weapon. For example, pick up a bin throw it at someone, out rolls a bottle, smash them over the head with it, then stab them with the broken end and finally throw it at the body or just at some random passer by. Some other objects included are crow bars, bricks, knives, meat cleavers, bats, polls, boxes, hotdogs, brooms, planks rapped in barbed wire, a big sausage, and a slab of steak, Nice! There are many breakables on each level; you can put anyone though shop windows or just slamming their face into the glass is equally satisfying. If you want to steal a car radio why use a crowbar to break the glass when a Hobo's head will do just the same job! Brutal!

The Missions are fantastic and so much fun, you will go back and play your favourites many times and in lots of different ways. The detail and depth to this game is great, I haven't seen anything quite like it. All the different gangs are so cool and each have unique ways of doing things. The audio is the best I have ever seen on a game. There are hundreds of characters and each have so many different sound bites. I still hear them come out with things I've never heard before and I've had this game for a year, which also shows its longevity. So many games I play for a while and then never go back to, but I always go back to the warriors and its instant satisfaction. This game doesn't discriminate. It doesn't matter whether they are Men or Women, Young or Old, Big or Small, Black or White! If they get in my way, then they're Going down, and going down hard (and in stile)! That is the satisfaction of the warriors. It's so much fun!

Two player mode

It has fantastic two player options, not only does it have separate games for two players but you can play the whole game as two-player mode as well. If you stay close together you play full screen, which I like, but if you wish to roam it goes split screen for more freedom.

The rumble mode

Extra games are great fun in two player mode as well. One of my favourites is the battle royal game. Where you have to ring out your opponents, but instead of throwing them out of a ring you are throwing them out of buildings! It is great to create your own gang from a massive choice of all the characters in the game. It can be funny because they all have different screams when you throw them off. It's good to see who can create the best gang and then have it out!

Warriors is a classic and truly one of my very favourites. I hope they make a second warriors game! Oh and for the great price on Amazon this should definitely be a no brainer! I feel like buying this game again just for Prosperatar!

Rockstars newest game Bully (Canis Canem Edit) seems to be of a similar style. The graphics and game play are the same and also has a great focus on audio. It is a fantastic new game but probably not as satisfying as Warriors. You cant hit the girls the same way as you can the guys which is a bit sexist. This is a good game but it will not replace Warriors!
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on 31 August 2006
Of all the films that would make a good game, surely The Warriors is one of them? After all, controlling a gang trying to get from one side of New York to the other, fighting every step of the way, is a goldmine. And considering Rockstar made it, you're expecting it to be rather good.

Naturally, it's a riot - literally and figuratively.

The game takes the Manhunt engine, but instead of stalk and execute, the onus is on running and brawling your way throughout New York against rival gangs and the police, using your fists or any weapon that comes to hand, which there are plenty.

Yet the game did miss a trick one a couple of points. First, most of the game is set three months before the events of the film, building up the characters and rivalries (as well as adding more to the characters, especially with the flashback missions that have back-story for most of them). Secondly, the game is split up into missions - not such a problem with the events prior to the film, or around your Coney Island hub, but when the events of the film come up, most of those are far too short - especially the missions against the Baseball Furies, or the fact the Lizzies and the Punks are both lumped into one mission.

However, the game does have plenty of aces above its sleeve to compensate - the prior mission are a lot of fun and slowly bring you into the game, and there's the Rumble Mode as well that you can constantly unlock new gangs to use and new modes - personal favourite of mine is the insanely enjoyable Battle Royale mode, although King of the Hill is also exceptionally good fun.

Of course, there are times the game seems intent on stirring controversy (you make money by stealing car radios and mugging people, and the health pickups are snorted like certain illegal substances), but the fighting is as dirty as in the film, right down to holding enemies so an ally can hit them and ramming their heads into the wall, as well as throwing elbows, knees, and kicking them when they're down. And that's not mentioning bottles, bricks, planks...

There's also the fact they got almost the entire original cast in to do The Warriors' voices, with plenty of dialogue to fill out their character. However, some characters don't have their voices, which ruins the effect - while Rembrandt, Masai and the DJ are understandable, how they can't have David Patrick Kelly as Luther or Roger Hill as Cyrus, key characters in the film, is a mystery and does dampen the effect.

The game isn't the longest, either - it's at best a week's worth, and some gangs having boss characters on certain levels is a step too far into being a video game (and we'll ignore the occasional lapse in film-to-game continuity), yet it is certainly enough fun and worthy of a few replays to unlock all the gangs and characters for Rumble Mode at the very least.
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on 2 August 2006
I won't beat around the bush with this game because I LOVE IT! Having seen the film a number of years back I knew exactly what the game was when I saw the front cover. I bought this quite hastilly it should be said. To start off I think the best part of the game is it runs exactly how the film did and therefore has captured it's magic. The first part is extra missions and things like getting rid of Cleon's old gang the Destroyers after forming the Warriors. There's also fun levels like joining in with rioting and looting during a blackout and thrashing riot police. Actually, that said, the 18 certificate should be heeded well as impressionable young kids may get swayed into believing street gangs are cool and exciting. Maybe in the films and games they are but not in real life. Especially as your health is replenished by sniffing a drug called Flash.

Now I can get off my soapbox and continue. After following the early missions that detail how the individual members of the Warriors join the gang we follow the film where the head of the largest gang, called the Riffs, is shot and blame assigned to the Warriors, from then on it's mission after mission to get back to Coney Island in one piece. The fighting system is superb, no other word for it, and you never get tired of kicking some serious butt and when you use the Rage meter, a red mist decends and your attack combos become seriously devastating and you rarely, if ever get knocked down. The other Warriors who join you in missions really do their job at destroying the enemy and as War Chief, you can give them orders such as wreck'em all, watch my back and scatter etc.

There are a few sub games involved. My favourite is Battle Royale where you choose a gang to be and then one to fight and you win by knocking all of the enemy gang members off the rooftop which is hilarious watching them go flying off the side yelling all the way down. You can also make your own gang during the sub games and choose the best members from all of the gangs to make the greatest gang ever!

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on 3 April 2006
I have seldom played a game which has left me with such an impression.
The storyline is excellent, characters,dialogue and graphics outstanding. "Friendly" and "enemy" AI is also first rate and streets ahead of many other games. It's not unlike the "Brothers in Arms" series of war games in this respect.
This is a very immersive game, dark, brooding,violent and realistic which captures perfectly the immorality of gangland life in late seventies New York.
A cut scene near the end sees one of the characters, "Swan" sitting on a tube train opposite some late night revellers going home after a night out dancing and drinking.The contrast could not be greater. The look in his eyes is remarkable:challenging, aggressive and chillingly cold. The designers' work in this respect is awesome: it's extremely convincing.
It is one of those rare games where the gamer really does begin to empathise with the characters and each of the main protagonists has a unique identity which is clearly defined.
There really isn't too much to criticise - it's lengthy, varied and challenging.
If I could pick holes at all it would have to be the lack of boss fights and repetition of fighting but for lovers of beat 'em ups this would be a dream come true.
There are also lots of side missions and unlockables to give the game more length but once having played through the game, these seem somewhat pointless but I guess you'll have to play it yourself to know what I mean!
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on 10 February 2006
With a remake of the film coming, and the original gaining an amazing cult status the game was inevitable. It could of gone so wrong, a company like EA could of taken it over and made a quick buck from it, but Rockstar got the rights and God was that a good decision, with Rockstar being some of the most creator of some of the best recent games you could expect it to be good, but its better, so much thought has been put into designing the sets and characters, although the graphics aren’t the best (they are good though), the game play is absolutely stunning.
It really feels like the Rockstar care about the film and that makes all the difference, there are so many options and its free roam in a lot of places, you can rob stores, mug the people and on top of that mark you own territory by spraying all over the walls (with spray paint). The characters are great and really compliment the film and the co-op mode is so much fun, if you have a mate, you can beat up anybody and roam together causing havoc.
Later on in the game you are allowed to create your own gang, and can use characters form other gangs in the movies such as the legendary baseball furies. One slight disappointment though are the camera angles in the co-op mode, they flick back and forth between to modes and it can get annoying however I really do urge you to buy this game, its one of the best of 2005. If you like the GTA games and love the film this is perfect, it is a violent but extremely fun.
It also gives you insight to the characters past as well, it really does add to the brilliance of a film, you can find out about the origins of the characters, so fans of the film will be very pleased.
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on 6 October 2006
If you love Rockstar games as much as i do,you will absolutly adore this game!. In the fine tradition of grand theft auto, manhunt, and red dead revolver, the warriors is totally addictive!. The graphics are suprisingly clear, and the story missions are all really satisfying to play. Although some of the charachters are sometimes hard to like, you end up routing for them in the end!. The rumble mode is a really interesting idea, as it gives you something to do after 100 percent completion, and unlike gta san andreas i think the game is just the right length without the gamer getting slightly bored. The musics is pure 1970s gold, though i would have liked to see interchangeable radio stations. The theme tune more than makes up for it! So in the words of the game go on boppers buy the game you will LOVE IT!
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on 5 January 2016
Awesome game great music and brutal fights you can really get stuck into nice and realistic body damage getting all cutup and messed up after a big brawl,would have been good if the game lasted twice as long,but for the short time it it takes to complete its very fun to play.
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on 22 July 2015
Another PS2 Classic that could look so good if updated for the PS4 and Xbox 1. The gameplay in this was pretty good at the time most moves seemed to be executed in the manner they were supposed too. The graphics were quite good for the era too. It's a game I enjoy playing over and over again and it has yet to lose it's appeal for me.
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on 7 March 2006
What better way to doff one's hat to unarguably the best gang films every made that with this game.
Graphically it screams at you with every move, the faces of the characters are instantly recognisable with their film counterparts. Cut-scenes between the action are a mixture of excerpts from the film and new action shots, which all give this game the feel that you are really involved on the action.
Starting off a couple of months before the famous meeting that the film starts with the game eases you in with a really good tutorial that follows a new gang member going through his initiation.
The difficulty levels ramp up at about the right level, and depending on how well you complete a level, how many secondary objectives you achieve and points to score, determines how much bonus stuff you unlock. This feature increases the lifespan of the game as you are always replaying levels to try and achieve a new high score and unlock that last bonus character.
There are lots of levels to unlock as well as a 'rumble' mode that has many different ways to play.
I am unable to fault this game except to say that it would have been nice to have it all accessable over one giant map, a la San Andreas. All in all a great game
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