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The Actors [DVD] [2003]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 17 September 2008
Well, its alright. You look at the cast, scan the storyline and you mind is reeling with the possibilities of so many great and funny actors behind one movie. To a certain extent it works, there are laughs and lovely moments to giggle happily about, but it's really not that good a film. Rent it, watch it, enjoy it for what it is - just don't buy it.

The plot is possibly the worst element of the film and might be to blame. While most people are happy to suspend a certain amount of belief you kind of start to feel like they are taking the mick. There were good intentions behind it but realy it becomes a case of people not recognising people they were talking to a few hours before under the pretence that that wig actually works.

The acting is surprisingly dissapointing...i hate to be, but i have to be honest - Micheal's Caine and Gambon both give truly mediocre performances. Whether this is down to script, characterisation or delivery it is hard to tell, but both are distinctly uninspiring. However, the rest of the cast who are perhaps lesser known, such as Lena Headey do well under the circumstances, and the highest praise goes to Abigail Iverson (one hell of a nine year old actress) and to Dylan Moran. Moran runs circles around his co-star, portraying a varied character who manages what good characters do and sidles quietly into the backroom of your heart without you even noticing. Suddenly you are holding your breath for his happy ending and so i credit both of the stars i have given to him.

The score is lovely, the acting varied - Moran shines in this, unrecognised as he is, and it should have worked. Sadly it lacks something - it is difficult to pinpoint what, and i am afraid i will have to be obscure and merely observe that it lacks a heart. Maybe it was luck, or sparkle or magic or something but it just misses the mark and so i'm afraid it is nice, but not much more.

Still, i would recommend watching it - it is partially funny and there is quite a sweetness behind the characters that appeals greatly. It is not groundbreaking, hilarious, amazing, breath-taking or brilliant, but simply good - i suppose that is enough on some days.
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on 19 February 2018
Not bad film, completely new for me. But had to look it up once I heard of the cast. Michael Caine, Dylan Moran, Lena Headey & Michael Gambon! This is a silly romp based entirely on the talents of Moran, who is really good as an actor turned reluctant conman who swindles a former low level gangster into paying him the money he owes a London gangster. Unfortunately he falls for his mark's daughter and the con gets longer and more complicated.

This is quirky and enjoyable. Michael Caine supports as the orchestrator of the con, a failing aging actor who just wants the money. Moran carries this nonsense though as the bumbling insecure overcompensating actor/conman. There are a few extras on the DVD too so this is well worth the curio factor.
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on 15 February 2010
After reading some of the other reviews I thought this movie would be dreadful, and now that I think about it, that predisposed me a little bit to the negative side. However having watched it, I can say I really don't understand those people who didn't like it. Yeah, yeah, it has all the atmosphere and little flaws an independent film tends to have, but even among all that, the story, silly as it is, works smoothly due to its lead characters -and actors-. Caine and Moran shine, and that is all that counts, I think. Special mention to Sir Gambon's performance (made me laugh a lot...that toupee! lol!) and the little girl who plays Moran's niece (lovely!).
This is actually a very sweet movie that gives you a load of laughs and an enjoyable dose of sillines.
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on 25 April 2016
Thank you great
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on 5 June 2013
Don't why this isn't more well known. Brilliant turn from Michael Caine thoroughly enjoying his over the top performance. All the rest good. Funny plot and lines. Another jolly evening in
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on 20 January 2015
completely nutty and such fun
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on 5 March 2013
Bought this for my daughter who loves it but its not really my cup of tea but quality good - thanks
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on 9 August 2005
It all depends how you like your comedy.
If idiotic identity mistakes and hammy acting are what you like, then this is the film for you. Dylan Moran as young actor Tom Quirk far outshines his A-list co-star Michael Caine in his ability to adopt any number of comedy characters and make them all different. His more subtle acting is also excellent; understated and innocent is his way - though it' unusual to see Moran in a romantic lead, he turns what is actually a fairly emotionless script concerned with its linear plot into something quite beautiful.
Chaos and farce are limited devices, and this film does its best with them, giving a few giggles and even the occasional guffaw, but if they're not your bag don't come here!
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on 27 April 2009
I am surprised that reviewers have taken this film so seriously! The point of Michael Caine's character is that he is inept (the play he is in and directing is meant to be awful, and tasteless too) Therefore is it not surprising that the disguises are poor, they are meant to be surely bearing in mind in the play both Caine and Moran do their own makeup, such as it it is. Michael Caine as a woman is a nod to his part in Dressed to Kill, and he was none too convincing as a woman in that either! I think Michael Gambon is very funny, overacting like mad, as if trying to outdo Caine! Sure there are plenty of plotholes, but I think this is a funny feelgood film and taken at face value is very entertaining.
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on 26 August 2011
Two actors - one can't remember lines but is a wizard at improvisation; the other who can't improvise to save his life (literally) but is brilliant with lines. Throw in some loveable crooks and some not so loveable ones and you have, largely thanks to a great cast, a very funny film comedy. Michael Caine is great as usual and the supporting cast are all excellent but stand-up comedian Dylan Moran deserves a special mention as he demonstrates here a great talent for comedy acting.
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