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on 23 February 2017
Very happy with this.
The glass ones are a poor design as they break when you try to bang the coffee out of them while cleaning.
Glass is not needed as you brew the coffee by stirring it for 20 seconds and then leaving it a minute or two, this is sufficient to brew the coffee accurately without using a visual judgement.

It looks great and seems indestructible.

The plunger works great, better than various others I have used, it filters perfectly while still being foolproof to attach and plunge.

For many years I only used Italian espresso stove top pots, those are easier to clean but more of a hassle to brew and probably cost more to brew too (if on gas hob). A french press gives a milder taste, the italian ones are espresso style very thick and dark.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 May 2013
It interested me that the reviews for this item were so mixed & wondered how most people found it excellent whilst a few found it dire... Seeing that it is manufactured by LeXpress (I already have their excellent 8 cup double walled pot), I went ahead & purchased it for the house anyway (my double waller resides in the caravan).

My notes following use:

1) It is well made & sturdy.
2) The top is a slightly loose fit (the subject of some negative comments), although it is pretty intuitive to place a finger on the plunger finial as you pour. The finial does not transfer the heat adequately enough to burn your finger.
3) Despite it looking like the filter is a nice tight fit as it travels up & down within the cafetiere, a few grains (and the normal coffee "dust") do appear in the bottom of your cup... Especially with the last cup.
I am however used to other cafetieres doing this & as it is by no means excessive I am personally not at all bothered by it (others may differ).
4) Unlike my excellent double walled cafetiere from the same manufacturer, this is a single skinned variety which is reflected in the £10 price difference. The fact that stainless steel does transfer heat better than glass is a given fact, and the simple solution is to douse the pot with a good slug of boiling water before use (the old adage of "warm the pot" is the key). I don't bother doing this with my double walled pot, as although some heat is lost on initial contact, the thermal properties of that pot still keep it to an acceptable temperature.
I find that this cafetiere (the single skinned one) actually serves HOTTER coffee when I warm the pot as described... You just cannot leave it sitting around for as long...
Another solution is to purchase a quirky cafetiere warmer/jacket (available here on Amazon).
5) Mine pours really well (without any drips or dribbles). Some reviewers however state the opposite as their experience. As far as I can see, this can therefore only be due to slight manufacturing flaws.

Overall I have found this a really good product for the money. Sure, glass cafetieres are more heat efficient, but they also break (very easily) & I have lost count of the ones I have replaced over the years.
I do take on board the other reviews that state genuine issues, and put these down to manufacture flaws... The slightest irregularity in the bore of the cafetiere (for example) will cause grains to bypass the filter & fluid to squirt up qhen you press the plunger.
This product is dispatched via Amazon themselves (not a "marketplace" affiliate), and so return is simple & hassle free should you get a "duffer".
Knowing how decent this cafetiere is, I would then advise ordering a replacement rather than giving up completely..

I have been pretty ruthless here & knocked a star off for the very few grains that appear at the bottom of my cup (although they appear to me to be no more evident than with most other cafetieres), otherwise I can find little to complain about.
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on 19 February 2018
This is all metal and therefore unbreakable. But not insulated and the coffee still goes cold quite quickly. The plunger fits OK but grounds do get through and into the cup.

Useful for dinner parties etc, but be careful as the pot becomes very hot when full and could produce burns.
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on 22 January 2018
This is a beautifully crafted item - solid & functional. - But it is too small (narrow) to be cleaned easily - this makes it unsuitable for most people - unless they know this - & are resourceful / 'determined',
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on 11 September 2012
I have mixed feeling about this cafetiere; I have no problem with the pouring, but we have had one before and the nuts and screws come loos on the filter section and then the filter does not work properly and the lid tends to move when pouring. On the other hand we have had ours a long time and the filter has only just begun to let a few coffee grains through. It keeps the coffee beautifully hot and I would buy one again; much more practical than the glass ones.
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on 17 January 2014
I got this to replace a 1 litre glass cafetiere. This cafetiere is silver but not double walled so it hot to the touch on its walls. The filter is good though and does not let coffee grounds through. Some have commented that it is easy to press the filter too hard and have coffee spill out of the spout. Well, I've not found that a problem. It will happen if you fill it to the brim but not if you're sensible. This issue is more of a problem with the metal 350cl cafetiere which I also have.
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on 22 March 2018
Great cafetiere and brews a good size cup. Bought this specifically to use at work as it is GLASS-free (glass not allowed on a food manufacturing sites).
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on 10 March 2013
Like lots of other reveiwers I was fed up with breaking the glass liners of regular cafetieres, and I ordered this when I was cafetiere-less, having broken 2 liners in quick succession.
I must admit that if I had read the reveiws before ordering I might have been hesitant - this one leaks, it doesn't fill a mug ... well, it fills a regular-size UK mug perfectly and mine certainly doesn't leak. It also pours much much better than glass cafetieres which tend to dribble (well, mine always did ... ).
I am so pleased with this, and hopefully it'll last me a life-time. In my opinion, if you buy it you won't be disappointed!
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on 13 September 2014
I have 3 of these cafetieres (home, office etc) to replace glass ones that I break no matter how careful I handle & wash them.
It is single-walled so that simply means you brew the coffee (maybe 4 minutes) and pour it into your cup to drink - if you leave it much longer it will obviously cool down too much.
Being made of stainless steel it is hygienic and easy to clean, but I would prefer it to have a polished internal surface for even easier cleanability.
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on 26 August 2013
Like others I find this SS cafetierre to be good value, but also found the seal between the filter and sides of the pot to be a little loose. I got round this by having spare filters from old cafetierres and mixed and matched until I found a combination that gave a tighter fit so no longer have grounds in the filtered part of the brewed coffee. Something the makers could fix easily and thus get the full 5 stars..
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