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on 15 September 2012
This is an excellent product in my opinion. I originally bought a small grey 'puffer' style blower (with a brush on the end) from a local photographic shop, with the aim of removing a couple of small hairs that had managed to find their way into the mirror mechanism of my digital SLR. Rather than clearing away the hairs, the 'puffer' actually deposited yet more hairs from its brush. The small 'puffer' was absolutely useless. On looking through the Internet, I came across the Giottos Rocket Air Blower which I thought I would try. The product delivers a good, strong puff of air, which is still gentle enough to remove hair/dust from the inside mechanism of my camera. It worked first time and all of the hair (and brush hairs that the inferior puffer had deposited) were gone. The Giottos product was definitely worth the money.

In terms of its build quality, the product is built using strong, thick (but obviously flexible) black rubber. The air nozzle at the top is red rigid ABS plastic with a small hole through which the air is delivered. It can deliver both a gentle or strong puff of air, dependent on how hard you squeeze the body of the blower. In terms of application, according to the packaging, it can be used for computer and communication equipment, traditional and electrical musical instruments and photo, video and precision optical equipment. The packaging says 'Not recommended for CCD sensor cleaning'.

Overall, a good, solid product and money well spent in my opinion.
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on 8 May 2017
I have tried a number of blowers, especially as crammed camera bags make it tempting to find a small one which can do the job equally well but the fact is, they don't! My personal compromise was to cut off the fins (sorry, design team) which makes it quite a bit easier to fit in and obviously doesn't affect performance. Despite the advice given as to it not being recommended for sensors (understandable lawyer input) I happily use it to clean superficial dust off the sensors of my (expensive) camera bodies but of course you must do it without putting the nozzle inside the body. Despite moderate abuse (squashing it in bags, sometimes with the nozzle bent slightly to one side) mine has been in use for over 5 years. Impressive.
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on 19 February 2018
Great little blower that exceeds expectations. Sized to fit into a large hand, but could be squeezed equally well in a small hand, this blower gives a short blast of air capable of clearing debris from difficult to reach corners. Works well on keyboards, circuit boards and cameras, I bought this one for clearing the jet on a camper fridge that is prone to block. Well made, sturdy construction that feels like it will last. The one way valve works well for rapid re-inflation so that the bellows inflate immediatley upon release and do not leak when squeezed.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 August 2017
This works well enough and is quite large. In fact the size has led to people asking me why I had a douche on the kitchen table. The mind boggles. However in hindsight the rocket shape - which I am guessing is what you're paying for - is a bit of a gimmick. It's of no use in the camera bag. As such, I think this is a little over priced. There are some products that it is possible to over-engineer and I think this is one of them.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 5 February 2014
I'm not sure how, but some dirt managed to make it's way onto my cameras sensor which ended up ruining a lot of my photos.

At first I was a bit worried about cleaning the sensor myself, so I took it to a local camera shop who quoted me £45 to clean it professionally... Needless to say I was rather unhappy at how expensive that was so decided to do it myself.

After searching around for various cleaning products, it was the overwhelming amount of positive reviews that swayed me to purchase the Giottos air blower over others that were available, regardless of a lot being much cheaper.

This product itself ended up being a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be, it seems to be a similar size to that of a 'Nerf pocket aero flyer.

Anyway, I switched my camera on cleaning mode via the settings and took of it's lens, I then gave it a few blows with this little device whilst my camera was pointed downwards (to let the little specs fall out), and that was all too it!

It did a fantastic job at getting the dirt off my sensor which has saved me a total of £35.

Obviously this isn't going to be a solution for all dirty sensors/lenses, however in my case it was which is why I would highly recommend it!
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on 16 March 2018
I have lots of blowers most of my bags have at least one in them, it a large rocket shaped puffer right? Well I have another about same size I wanted to know why this cost 1/3 more the Giottos is heavier as seems to have better moulding the air stream though a bit stronger is very accurate the cheaper rocket blower would shoot a broad band of air. So is it worth the extra money YES if you wont a precise jet of air. Recommend
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on 18 August 2016
After looking around a few reviews on Air blowers for my 70D, this one was mentioned most. Glad I went for it. Good sturdy construction with quality materials, decent power (I doubt you'll get better without using compressed air) and the rocket feet are surprisingly useful keeping the blower upright when not in use.

The only downside is that Its a little on the large side so not suitable for travel. I suppose with these things, the smaller they are the less effective they become. I'd rather have a product that works as intended over a compromised one so left the review at 5 stars. Just be aware of the size when considering your buying options.
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on 2 December 2017
Great power. I used one of these to successfully get grit off a camera sensor before a wet-clean and then completely strip and rebuild a Canon EF-S 17-85 lens in an unclean environment. That there was no dust or contaminants on first assembly of the lens is a testament to the effectiveness of this blower. It had enough power to 'suck' dust off internal lens and barrel surfaces when blowing through the partially assembled lens parallel to the glass surface.
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on 22 October 2016
This is one of the better blowers on the market, allowing you to put a decent stream of air onto an affected area, be it camera lenses, computer keyboards, or indeed anything else that's acquired dust in tough to reach locations.

I would caution that if you're going to use this for sensor cleaning, be *very* careful. Use it with the camera pointing downwards, and don't expect it to shift 'stuck on' dust particles - for that you're going to need brushes or wet swabs.
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on 28 April 2012
Within a month of owning my new DSLR I had annoying black speck on images.
When I removed the lens and looked inside the body I could see this speck, right alongside the focus points and needed to get rid of it.
I read LOTS and LOTS of tips on cleaning of sensor/mirror and decided to start with the easiest, least invasive method.
A few gentle puffs of air from this Rocket and all was well again.

Very happy. If you are new to DSLR's take the time to read your camera manual, and a number of 'how to' guides before you go poking around cleaning the innards of your DSLR.
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