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on 26 December 2004
If you are a casual python fan, who just likes the famous sketches that everyone knows about then this dvd is for you. If you are serious about comedy and love python then don't bother.
All the sketches are shown totally out of context and lot's of brilliant sketches have been ommitted. Admittely this is not the fault of whoever put this package together, the whole point is that you cannot do the best of monty python. How can you reduce over 24 hours worth of material and do it justice in just 4 hours. It's not possible, and it is evident here.
The material itself is 5 stars, the package is no stars, it's that simple. So if you want the real thing it's worth importing the mega set from america. It's region 0 so it plays in any dvd player, I have one and it plays in my region 2 dvd player.
Watching the episodes as they were meant to be seen is the only way to watch Python. And for anyone serious about comedy then Python is a must have. 90% of comedy that was made after python could not exist without it.
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on 22 October 2002
4 tapes from the Python crew, totally unmissable, and a must buy. If you've ever seen the films (Life of Brian, Holy Grail, or Meaning of Life) and thought that they were good, just wait until you see the episodes. Monty Python has, sorry, is the best comedic entertainment the world has ever seen, nothing to date can beat the originality and variation within Python land.
These videos should, if anything, be bought in tribute to the team, displayed in a large glass case, and honoured for years to come.
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on 6 October 2003
So maybe your favourite isn't in this compilation, it's happened to anyone who has ever bought any kind of 'best of'. The fact remains however that this compilation is absolutely brilliant. From the argument to vocational guidance councilor, from deja vu to spam, this compilation contains some of the absolute greats and I defy anyone not to cry with laughter.
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on 7 March 2004
This collection offers superb value for money. Do the math and it works out at under 6 pounds per DVD.
Each of the 3 "Best Of" DVDs are 90 minutes each and are packed with only the classic Python material. Much as I love the Pythons there was an awful lot of "padding out" in the TV series to make it run to 45 x 30 minute episodes (the last 6 without John Cleese). But the 4 and a half hours on offer here are the absolute best.
The fourth "Live At Aspen" DVD is a real bonus though.
Not only do you get the hour long Live At Aspen show but also the 2 hours of new material which was made for the BBCs Python night back in 1999. These are a 50 minute "Its...The Monty Python Story" (presented by Eddie Izzard), a 30 minute "From Spam To Sperm (presented by Meat Loaf and about the band's musical career), 20 minutes of new sketches made in 1999, a 20 minute tour with Michael Palin through Pythonland (showing where the series was filmed)
Which makes this collection something like 7 and a half hours long. Certainly great value for money.
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on 15 April 2000
This Set Features all the best sketches plus a few you may have forgotten. The highlights include the blackmailer on a plane, Tinny and Woody words and The Gumby Doctors surgery. It is also great fun to see how the animations improved over the four series. One Notable absense is the Dead mother/cannibalism sketch which the BBC apparently disaproved of but its still better than anything else available to buy on video!
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on 24 January 2004
Let's be clear that the one star rating is not a reflection of the material here - Monty Python is still one of the best, and boldest, comedy series of all time. But the BBC are seemingly reluctant to acknowledge this, and so we get another re-release of a best-of compilation, rather than the full 45 half-hour programmes we deserve. There may be complicated rights issues at work for all I know, but why are all the episodes available on Region 1, whilst in the UK we get some poorly edited botch job? For god's sake "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps" is available on DVD and Python isn't? Doesn't that sum up the BBC for you?
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on 17 August 2001
being just 17 I wasn't around to see the Monty Python series but became a fan after seeing the Holy Grail film on TV. I have since seen all the films and bought many albums. This box set completes any Python's collection. Its got all the classic sketches we know and love - Ministry of Silly Walks, Lumberjack Song. Plus many I had never seen before, Ideal Twit Exhibition, Woody and Tinny words and the Spam sandwich shop. This is a must even if you've seen them all before and especially if you haven't! The whole team should be knighted to recognise the genius that is Monty Python. I loved it....so will you.
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I bought my set very cheaply second-hand two years ago and had a merry old time watching all of it on consecutive nights. Never before have I zipped through a whole boxset so quickly.

With a national treasure as iconic as Python, there's going to be many who are very protective of them and their comedy. That's fine but there's also those of us who've seen some of the sketches since, as we're far too young to have been able to enjoy them when initially shown.

Yes, the really classic sketches are the ones that keep on popping up on TV these days. The ones that people know and still refer to. But, by an act of balance, there's stuff that isn't. That's because even geniuses produce work that is better - and worse than others. What I am saying is that unless one is prepared to spend a comparative fortune and get everything, this neat set is an excellent substitute and one that is fine for most folk who want to experience the best of Monty Python. If by the end of it you're baying for more, then you know what you have to do.
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on 8 January 2017
For MPFC fans, there’s no longer much point buying this ‘Best of’ now that you can buy The Complete Series (for less money, at the time of writing):

Monty Python's Flying Circus - Complete Series [DVD]
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on 30 September 2011
This is a must for any Python fan who has not got some of the classic sketches - there is also a bonus DVD which includes interviews with all and features Graham Chapman in an Urn !
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