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on 20 September 2017
Massive fan of the film and so is my fiance. Bought her this as a gift of gaming love
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on 18 September 2017
Very good condition
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on 27 December 2005
Having loving Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas animated movie musical, my dad brought it for me on Xmas day, and it was GREAT!!! I'm extremely thankful that the dark-minded: Tim Burton, the Disney-related: Buena Vista Games Company, and the best-selling games company: Capcom kept it very true to the movie, and I'm espically thankful that Danny Elfman (composer of The Nightmare Before Christmas movie and video game) wrote song lyrics to the game and the levels will keep Tim Burton fans occuiped.
From a gigantic Roald Dahl & Wallace & Gromit fan:
Max William James Keogh
12 years old
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on 9 October 2005
Being a tremendous fan of the 1993 movie, I purchased the video game with high anticipations. They were not disappointed. Since Capcom collaborated with Tim burton while making this game, it stays incredibly loyal to the film, which most of the same actors voicing the characters! (It's good to see Chris Sarandon back as Jack's voice singing as well as talking this time, although Danny Elfman back as his singing voice would have been even better).
"Oogie's Revenge" is a rank-based action/role-play game, in which you battle and sing your way through around twenty levels. At the end of each level, you are given a mark for time, combos, damage, and !-mark count, which gives you your overall "Nightmare Rank". You get rewards for completing a level with all "A+"s which help you unlock bonuses and the like at the end of the game.
If you are thinking of purchasing this game, but have not seen the film, watch it first. The game acts as a sequel to the movie, so you will not know who the characters are, or fully appreciate the songs, most of which are remixes from the original soundtrack. Not to mention that one way of collecting souls (souls are like the Halloweentown currency) is to complete the quizzes that the corpse kid gives you, in which almost every question is about the movie.
You play as Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, a year after the end of the movie. A cut-scene shows the mayor awarding the prizes for that year's halloween scaring.
"And now, the award for most spines tingled, by a non-corporeal being... Another magnificent Halloween, Jack!"
The moment Jack leaves the limelight, his head hangs.
"This can't go on. You've got to do better, Jack!"
After talking to Jack, Doctor Finklestein gives him a new toy - The Soul Robber. A green, stretchy entity that can latch on to objects, enemies, and in one case, tombstones. Overjoyed with his present, Jack leaves Halloweentown to find new scares for next Halloween. But when he returns, disaster has struck - Trick-or-treating tricksters Lock, Shock and Barrel have ressurected Oogie Boogie - the villain who attempted to eat "Sandy Claws" and Jack's love, Sally, at the end of the film. It's all up to Jack to stop him, for Oogie has pronounced himself the new king of Halloweentown, now re-named "Oogie-town", and bullied all the residents into helping him make a more dangerous Halloween.
There are three modes of play: East, Normal, and Nightmare.
The harder the mode you are playing with, the more challenging the game is, but the bigger the reward you reap. In nightmare mode, you can get combo counts of 1000+, which are pretty much impossible in easy mode, and still damn hard in normal mode.
With regards to the difficulty of the game, it is not the most challenging in the world. I bought the game a week-and-two-days ago, on September 30th (its release date), and am very near completion (I'm on chapter 19, which is the most difficult yet), so if you are one of those people who get really stressed when you can't complete something and lob your controller at the TV screen (I did that during the bonus level of "The Cat in the Hat" - Hey, I had less gaming experience then!)then this is the game for you. Despite not being able to complete part of chapter 19, I have stayed remarkably calm.
If you want to get this game simply because you loved the film, and not because you wnat to experience remarkable gameplay - like me - then you will not be disappointed. I bought the game so that I could charge around Halloweentown, Christmastown (though I haven't been there yet), and change from Jack Skellington's normal costume to his Pumpkin King (Which enables you to breath fire and explode) and Santa Jack (Which lets you chuck presents that stun, freeze and transform your enemies),
take part in musical dance battles (the more accurately you press the correct buttons in time to the music, the hotter Jack steps, making a Super-attack that can finish off most enemies)and battle Oogie Boogie!
If you are still undecided, I'll let you know that any price is worth it to hear Jack shout "That's it! NO MORE MR NICE BONES!" upon hearing that Sally has been kidnapped.
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on 16 December 2005
Based on the Tim Burton film of the same name, this game ‘stars’ the pumpkin king, Jack Skellington as the main character. Jack has to wend his way through Halloween Town and the outlying areas, fighting monsters and solving puzzles as he goes. His mission is to save the town from his old nemesis Oogie Boogie and to restore order. There are three levels of difficulty, easy, normal and nightmare as well as many levels and side quests within the game. Even the easy level has some difficult areas though; not so much with the battles but more with solving some of the puzzles. Knowledge of the film is useful to complete the quiz with Corpse Kid as the questions directly relate to the movie. You can do this quiz as often as you like and receive various rewards for completing it depending on the score. After each section you receive a grade for various activities and you are then given an option of proceeding to the next level or trying to improve your grades on the level you’ve just completed.
Lots of the favourite film characters feature, such as Sally, the Mayor, Zero, Vampire brothers, Clown and so on. Of course Oogie Boogie has Lock, Shock and Barrel helping him and Jack has various ‘boss’ battles with that nightmare trio. As the game progresses, Jack receives other costumes and skills. You can flame throw with Jack as the Pumpkin King or throw exploding parcels as Sandy Claws Jack. The graphics in this game are excellent as is the sound quality. Music and voices from the film are used adding to the enjoyment. This is a good quality game; not the most difficult or taxing but huge fun nonetheless. Any fan of the film should have a great time with this. Highly recommended.
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on 17 July 2014
While I really enjoy the source material and the level design, the gameplay really ruins the game. First off the camera is really messed up it's zoomed out on the player when I felt a third person perspective would have worked better. Whenever you turn a corner the camera along with the directions on the control reverse which many times will cause you to move in the opposite direction to which you were heading. The combat is just awful and very repetitive and annoying. The jumping doesn't really do anything other than make Jack do a somersault, you can't really use it to jump any gaps so it's just a useless ability. The soundtrack is just a butchered version of the one from the film, basically for certain moments mainly boss battle they will play the first minute or so of a song from the film with different lyrics relating to what's occurring in the game and repeat it over and over again until you defeat the boss or fail. You don't really get any guidance on any of the missions, sometimes you have no clue where to go and the map doesn't help you (just wait till you get to the Hinterlands, I was stuck there for hours).

There are some positives to the game such as the level design is very faithful to the film and looks amazing most of the time and the game is definitely worth a buy just to explore Halloween Town and Christmas Town in full along with some new areas added that fit perfectly and do not feel out of place. If you're a fan of the film I recommend playing it at least once but you probably won't want to a 2nd time for a long time. Though for the love of god make sure you pick the easy difficulty, I tried Normal and it was almost impossible, thank god for the quick and easy replenish health cheat. So overall great looking game and fun to explore but really let down by gameplay which really sucks as I want to like this game.
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on 24 April 2007
The game is based on Tim Burtons Nightmare Before Christmas. Its not the story line of the film (it has a story all of its own), but it does have alot of the main characters, and sets from the film.

Now I'm not very good at playing the games, but this is really easy I pick it up in seconds! It keeps you moving and is always changing (but its not complicated).

I have got really addicted to playing and would recommend it to gamers of any level, especially if you love the film.
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on 29 October 2015
Ok so here it is, a quick review. I completed this game years ago when it launched it works great on my ps2 fat, but it gets to the loading screen on my slim and when i press load game the screen fades to black and never comes back. My discs are in fairly good condition and ive noticed this with a couple of my ps2 games, Spiderman 2, Path of Neo, Family guy and Nightmare all dont work well with the silver slim (or my slim).
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on 9 October 2014
As the only acknowledged Tim Burton adaptation game, it takes what you'd expect from your traditional rpg and puts a nice nostalgic twist on a classic. Unfortunately it still suffers from the old capcom stunted camera syndrome but it's not a dealbreaker. Really well paced adventure for the pumpkin king and as a pseudo sequel, it does well to wrap things up.
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on 9 November 2014
I've played this game so much since I bought it, you have to buy this if you love the film it's like the the next film as a game real voices and music from Danny elfman :D
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