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A Crow Left Of The Murder
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£3.91+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 27 July 2016
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on 5 February 2016
Love this album!
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on 11 December 2014
if you like incubus, this is one of their best; great cd
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on 19 July 2015
great product
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on 22 February 2004
Incubus have obviously grown slightly weary of the sunny sound that made them so popular. 'A Crow Left Of The Murder' is rawer, more organic and substantially darker than the shining optimism of 'Morning View', as if the titles alone were not an indication ('Agoraphobia', 'Sick Sad Little World', etc.). Also, while their change in sound is not the level of say, Cave In, Incubus have altered (but don't be mistaken into thinking this is a return to the maniacal Mike Patton-isms of 'S.C.I.E.N.C.E.'). Whereas before DJ Kilmore would simply scratch away, he now layers sound, often to stunning effect ('Beware! Criminal' & 'Talk Shows On Mute'), while guitarist and Art Garfunkel-lookalike Mike Einziger has let the flashes of genius he had shown on previous releases flourish, especially on the gorgeous final three minutes of 'Sick Sad Little World'. Brandon Boyd, meanwhile, has progressed lyrically, as he proves on the twisted 'Zee Deveel' and the despairing verses of 'Made For TV Movie', and a new bassist (Ben Kenney, stolen from genius hip-hop crew The Roots) seems to have worked wonders, and it shows on the punk-metal of 'Pistola' and the title-track. Pushing further out is the aching 'Here In My Room' and the aforementioned 'Sick Sad Little World', a piano-infused psychedelic amalgamation of all the best points of 'A Crow Left Of The Murder'.
Incubus were obviously not going to reproduce 'Make Yourself' or 'S.C.I.E.N.C.E.' (or 'Megalomaniac' fourteen times over, which is seemingly what many of the other reviewers seem to want), and those that were expecting it are evidently the ones who will be disappointed. While 'A Crow Left Of The Murder' is obviously a great step forward for the band, they are not fully evolved quite yet. On occasion they feel the need to repeat themselves (the album could almost have been perfect had the below-average 'Megalomaniac' and 'Leech' not been included), but once these problems are resolved, by the next album we should be looking at a very different Incubus.
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VINE VOICEon 28 January 2004
Being a pretty big Incubus fan (have all the bootlegs, including the excellent 'enjoy incubus'), I was very pleased to get my hands on an advance copy of this CD.
First of all, in keeping with Incubus' approach to making their new albums, their are hints of new musical direction here, while keeping the distinctive styles of such a diverse band.
Out of all the incubus albums though, this is the one I have been looking forward to the least and that is because of the leaving of one of their founding members - bassist Dirk Lance - who left the band last year. On first listens it certainly seemed that my suspicions had some truth in them. Admittedly opening track 'meglomaniac' is a brilliant starter, but the rest of the album is most definitely not a grabber, so those expecting another 'make yourself' or 'morning view' are likely to be disappointed. However 'megolmaniac' is a glorious opener, a track that bridges the gulf between 'morning view' and this new release. The always colourful palette of guitarist Mike Einzigers playing is very evident here, as is Brandon Boyd's howling vocals (You're not Jesus, You're no f**king Elvis he screams in what is one of the best anti- bush songs I've heard in a while).
After that the album seems to settle into a much more gentle rhythm, though that is not to say it is anything but quiet. bass lines rumble over some superb improvisation by Einziger and drummer Jose, whose latin-flavoured drums are as welcome here as ever. Highlights are difficult to pick out, but 'Southern Girl' is a warm track in a similar vein to 'Echo' from the last album, while 'Agorophobia'is almost hypnotical in its simple rhythm.
It could be said that the album lags a bit towards the end and certainly in comparison to their early material that seems to be the case, but final track 'leech' is full of exotic work and a very strong closing track. It is interesting therefore, that INcubus, who have constantly been accused of 'selling out', have produced such an understated and uneasy album. And for that, they should surely be commended very highly.
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on 10 February 2005
Morning View was a very tough act to follow, and unfortunately ACLOTM didn't quite live up to the expectation. "Megalomaniac", "Agoraphobia", "Beware, Criminal" and "Pistola" are the highlights of the album, although "Southern Girl" and "Zee Deveel" are also good. One of the only issues I have with the album are the long, twiddly solos in tracks such as "Sick, Sad Little World" which just go on forever. All in all, a good effort.
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on 13 January 2007
I was 13 when this came out, and when My step brother showed it to me I was instantly hooked. First of all, Megalomaniac is a BRILLIANT song; its really powerful and an excellent opening for the album. Not saying it needed the best opening, as every one of the 14 songs presents it's own individual sound and feeling, and are possibly equally as good. I distincly remeber putting 'Talk Shows on Mute' on repeat for hours, its throughly hynotising, similarly 'Here In My Room' has a certain sedcutive quality.

I won't go through ever other song, as they all really are great in different ways- it is positive to say that none of the songs sound the same, resulting in an album that has a song to suit any mood.

Overall, This album is actually one of my favourites ever, it carries it's own sound, which every Incubus album has, which I think is one of the greatest things about them. It's not so rap-metal as 'Make Yourself', or mellow as 'Make Yourself' and certainly not as experimental as 'S.C.I.E.N.C.E', instead I'd say it's a mature reflection of their many genres, and carries a certain mellowness, alongside growing political awareness(explicit in songs Meglomaniac, Talk Shows on mute....etc) which is seen slightly in S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

Ok. I'm not sure if I've made much sense... But I'd recommend this album infinatly, if you're a fan of incubus or not, it's a great listen, and what an album really should be... there is honestly not a song on this album that is'nt rated 5 stars!
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on 23 June 2007
There are a few good tracks on this album, the rest id just filler, im not too keen on it as an whole album. it feels as if they are trying to regain some of their past glory with this one being a bit more heavy in places but the opener 'megalomaniac' just doesn't work it almost seem ironic toward Brandon Boyd as his political statement sounds like a mockery of itself. perhaps its the loss of their previous bassist that makes this incoherent sounds. the good tracks are 'A Crow Left Of The murder','Sick sad little world' 'smile lines' and 'here in my room' which is the best track and shows some promise.

Patchy and misses the mark, not up to their usually excellent standards but still quite good 'morning view' is still their best though.
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on 21 March 2005
This album doesn't get the gratitude it deserves. At first this album may seem off from what Incubus is usually producing, but when you listen to it a few times you notice that they have progressed. This CD has a fresh, new and great sound to it. It shows the brilliance of Brandon Boyd's song writing skills.
The tracks on this album that stand out the most for me would be 'Megalomaniac', 'Beware! Criminal' and 'Here in My Room'.
Overall I think this CD should get a 5 star because of its originality. A great buy for a any music lover.
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