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on 11 April 2017
Still going through all the episodes but so far they have been enjoyable and surprisingly stood the test of time
Another big factor for me watching some of these older tv series is that you can actually hear what people say, a number of the modern tv series, particularly the american ones love to have music drowning out the dialogue and actors that mumble their words. Of course some of the music in these old series can be loud but at least they don't compete with the dialogue
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on 17 January 2015
Danger Man

This is true Desperate Dan stuff for adults. Patrick McGoohan, as John Drake (no feathers), with his solid frame, good looks and craggy voice, is cast as a sort of Superman: indestructible, (bruise and pain proof) and on God's right hand.

The plots are varied and range from the credible to the not so credible. Plenty of nice girls, mostly well dressed and in high heels. Plenty of cigarettes lighting up and the downing of alcohol. (Cigarette? Drink? The perennial ask when anybody meets anybody.)

Drake introduces himself near the commencement of each episode. Notice the way when he emerges from the glass doors of a large (state?) building how he suavely tosses his bundled raincoat from his right arm to his left, and then when he approaches his waiting coupe, that raincoat is slung carelessly into the passenger seat. All this to the accompaniment of that oh-so-brash theme music. Great entertainment for a fantasy ride on a full stomach.
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on 11 April 2011
I wonder if Patrick McGoohan was not offered Dr No because he would not do the bed and kissing scenes? If so, then what a waste! He would have been the perfect actor for James Bond. In this boxed set, I can only recall him kissing a woman once, and that was on the hand!

I prefer these half hour episodes to the later 50 minute ones, but that is just personal opinion. They are very well put together and do not appear rushed.

Look out for a brief appearance from Nyree Dawn Porter as a stewardess, and many other guest performances.

I recommend this set on entertainment but not on price which I believe could be a little lower.
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on 31 August 2017
I really love this show!
Since I was too young to see any Danger Man episodes in my toddler years, I was only familiar with Patrick McGoohan - the Television Actor - through his work on 'The Prisoner'. That was a show that aired a couple of years later and naturally I was completely confused by it as well.
But I remembered the Actor...
So many years later, still intrigued by the memories of the Mysterious 'Prisoner', I purchased that show, first on VHS and later on DVD. And I loved it very much. Patrick McGoohans crisp and rapid way of acting was something a person could get addicted to, and he got me hooked, as well!
Already loving 'The Prisoner', I felt very confident about purchasing this box of half-hour Danger Man episodes.............and I was even more blown away! With this show it becomes very clear what an intense and (especially) versatile actor McGoohan actually was! Of course I have seen him act in other films as well; Ice Station Zebra, Braveheart, to name but a few. But to see him in this show...marvelous!
I enjoyed the fast pace and excellent timing for these episodes; it is allmost incredible how they were able to fit a small movie in 30 minutes time! The stories were fresh, acting was intense (and sometimes very humorous as well!) and it was great to see so many actors of later production at a time in their life when they were so much younger!
Is it a big surprise that I'm watching the DVD-Box with the 1 hour episodes now?
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on 30 October 2004
With television of the 21st century rapidly giving way to "reality tv" (which is anything but real) coupled with umpteen repeats on cable and satellite, I decided instead to spend the subscription money on some good quality DVDs, and when I bought "Danger Man", I was not disappointed. Pre-dating James Bond by a couple of years Patrick McGoohan is definitely in a class of his own. With his reassuring manner and matter of fact approach to his job, it is easy to see how Danger Man was catapulted into what is known today as Cult TV. This 39 episode box set has strong story lines, a good plot with suspense guaranteed in every episode. I was too young to remember "Danger Man" when it was first shown on TV but I am delighted with what I have seen. It really is a must for anyone who is a James Bond fan. Dont be put off that the episodes are only 30 mins long and in black and white. In some ways its much better as a result, being more compact, fast moving and definitely no filler. This collection will certainly be an all time favourite in my rapidly expanding DVD collection. Roll on the next series please, I am waiting!!
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on 20 August 2012
These DVDs contain the first 39 half hour Danger Man episodes, known in the US as Secret Agent. Stylistically they are typical TV dramas of the time when they were produced, the early 1960s, and may seem a bit archaic to viewers brought up on modern TV crime shows. The shows are quite well made, however, considering their very short run time. Everything is condensed into a rapid fire set of short scenes, with little time for character development or involved plot twists. The focus is on McGoohan throughout. A big plus for this set over other sets of the same episodes available from other companies is the inclusion of English subtitles by Carlton, great for those whose first language is not English. Picture and sound quality is good, but these DVDs are nowhere close to the great quality on blu-ray releases of similar old TV shows like McGoohans The Prisoner. Enjoyable watching to see the beginning of the TV spy show genre, the Danger Man series improved as the series later moved to an hour format (not included here). Unfortunately, the hour format later shows have yet to be released with subtitles.
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on 27 March 2018
They don't make them like this anymore, takes me back a bit, loved the 60s era, at the age 10, john drake was my hero, i love this box set, i keep watching it over and over again.
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on 26 May 2013
I bought the longer episodes first and had to go back to the half hour shows to complete my collection. Just as good.
I thought towards the end of the longer series he was getting a bit bored but a great series altogether. They don't make them like this any more no gimmicks, just straight adventure!
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on 16 April 2018
Top acting and story lines compacted into short 25 minute episodes full of action. One of my favourite series from the 1960s and still enjoyable. I had to have it when I saw it was available to N.Z customers. Not disappointed.
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on 1 May 2004
It's 1960.The Bay of Pigs confrontation and the Beatles are still waiting to happen.Independant TV is still in it's infancy but it takes a giant leap into the future with this,the first Danger Man series.The exploits of John Drake pre-date James Bond by 2 years and arguably this is the more entertaining of the 2 productions.Every episode is a joy and the half hour format is excellent as the producers try to fill every last minute with excitement and adventure,the narrative ending right on the wire with each episode.It also sees the first appearance of Portmerion as a location which would later be seen in the Prisoner.In some respects this is a lot better than the later 1 hour episodes though the latter catapulted Mcgoohan to superstar status.A great piece of TV and a wonderful snap shot of British culture at the dawn of the '60's.
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