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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 9 February 2006
I remember seeing this film in my late teens and secretly loving it for the obvious reasons of the amount of skin shown. Time and critics have been cruel to this film and even the main people involved seem embarrassed and keen to distance themselves from it.
The main criticism seems to be the nature of the relationship between Caine and Johnson; uncomfortable for some and in dubious taste. Well time for people to pull their heads out! Since when has good taste equalled good comedy? This is essentially a very funny romantic comedy with more laughs than Shakespeare or Austen.
Let me add to the criticisms:
The soundtrack is irritating (even in the 80s it seemed naff!).
The arrival in Rio may be a bit contrived, but does help generate the mood.
Brazillian women hardly ever go topless on the beach (remember this is a remake of a French film set on French beaches where this would be normal).
Michelle Johnson sometimes misses the feeling a bit.
The colours may be turned up too far for some!
Demi Moore is clearly uncomfortable about showing her breasts (not surprising with her cousin around!)
The outcome is predicatble.
On the positive side, the jokes are great and delivered with style and perfect timing. I still find myself laughing out loud all the time even after seeing it several times.
All the cast seem to be in the spirit of the place and the situation. Young Demi Moore shows promise as an actress and the older stars show their true professionalism.
The young men in it are a draw too - I'm told, which gives appeal beyond hetero males.
The colours and the print are stunning and guaranteed to cheer you up in the depths of winter.
As for Michelle Johnson; I must differ from the critics. For the most part I find her very believable. Her behaviour and the nature of her flirting is spot on. Teenagers can be irrational, hormonal and silly. For a 17 year old to expose so much - and act alongside some old pros - she did a great job. Her amazing body was believably too tempting for her uncle and people do get into situations like this. The fact that it may be taboo in some cultures adds to the awkwardness and danger which is handled with humour here.
I saw this film a few years ago on TV with my mum and dad. They saw it as a bit of harmless fun and a good laugh. Some critics need to be a bit less "po-faced" about it and admit the truth or confront their hang-ups. If you want some light hearted relief and eye-candy then make a cocktail, put on your brightest holiday shirt, squirt a bit of sun lotion on and sit back and enjoy.
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on 29 April 2004
Many years ago illness prevented me from seeing this film at the cinema.Finally a few years later I obtained the video. 'Blame It On Rio' has beena guilty pleasure ever since.
The story concerns two friends, onerecently devorced from his wife, the other separated. They head to Rio onholiday taking their nubile and far from innocent daughters along withthem.
Michael Caine stars as the bewildered Matthew, apart from his wife,struggling with his emotions and trying to fight off the attentions of hisfriends teenage daughter.
Michelle Johnston who played this charactershould have gone on to be a big star. She's sexy and funny in her pursuitof Matthew, not only an older man but her best friends Father.
Instead it was Demi Moore, who played Michael Caine's daughter, who wentonto to be an international star.
The film develops into a farce as Joseph Bologna, who plays the jealousfather and Caine's friend, asks him to investigate who's seeing hisdaughter. He therefore has to investigate himself.
The film is no'Singin' In The Rain' (made by the same Director Stanley Donen) but it isan enjoyable comedy typical of its type in the eighties.
There's some nudity, some beautiful locations and some actors who probablydon't put this film on their CV anymore. All this aside its anentertaining romp in rio.
Its a shame there's no commentary from Caine (Has he ever done one?),Moore or Johnston. It would also have been nice to have seen whateverhappened to Johnston and whether or not she regrets making the filmconsidering the negative impact it had on her career at the time.
Afun, frisky film. No great extras but at a good price. Bring a little ofthat Rio sunshine into your life.
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This movie has so much ham and cheese in it you could almost sell it as a sandwich. By this I am of course referring to the cheesy script and ham acting. But, despite this, it is much better than the sum of its parts. I have watched this movie many times, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I suspect this is because the whole thing is underpinned by a Woody Allen-esque fraught neurosis and paranoia in its principal characters - but I will come to this later on.

The plot really comes down to Caine's dilemma: He's a man in his forties, who's wife has walked out, and who finds himself being chased by his best friend's daughter - a girl the same age as his daughter, and who happens to be every man's dream babe.

And so to the story: The story follows two couples (each comprising husband, wife, and teenage daughter) as their marriages fall apart. Michael Caine and Demi Moore (father and daughter #1), and Joseph Bologna and Michelle Johnson (father and daughter #2) head off for Rio while their wives carp from the sidelines. Once in Rio, Johnson reveals that she has a crush on Caine, and Caine has to decide whether to try rescuing his marriage, or give in to temptation and accept Johnson's amorous attention. For this dilemma to work on-screen, it is essential that the audience understands the temptation - hence Johnson. At the time she was a teenager armed with pretty face, coke-bottle body and an astounding set of breasts. Caine believes, probably rightly, that this is the last time in his life that he will bed such a woman, given that he is already more than twice her age. Will his head control his loins? - I think we can guess the answer.

I have simplified the plot to avoid ruining it for you, but rest assured there is plenty happening between the six characters (and a few others we meet along the way). Larry Gelbart's script is so full of single-liners it is practically a monorail, but he strings the story together so that it never wanes. Indeed, it picks up pace as it develops to the finale.

I mentioned Woody Allen earlier because the fears of the male characters are expressed in that flustered, almost panicky way that Allen uses. It is engaging and funny, and I think this is the facet of the whole movie that makes it so watchable. It is a long way from reaching Allen's quality but, age everyone ten years, swap bimbos for self-obsessed intellectuals, set it in New York, and weave the script a little from one-liners to speeches, and you could well have an Allen movie here. Watch Caine in the to-camera sequence, and compare it with Allen in Annie Hall, and you will see what I mean.

Direction is somewhat obvious and workmanlike, but takes us from plot event to plot event smoothly, without us ever having to engage our minds to the material. I wonder if Stanley Donen (director) knew what to do with Johnson. Caine, for all his macho image, looks genuinely uncomfortable sharing the screen with a bombshell (as if his wife is watching), even though this is true to the character he plays. When Caine is next to topless Johnson, all eyes are on her, of course, and no amount of on-screen charisma from Caine can overcome that. Had he slapped her and told her to cover up, Caine would have come across better. Thinking on that, if Caine had played a harder person, then the interplay between him and Johnson, her persistence to bed him, and his resistance to her advances, would have had a tension that the whole movie lacks.

This movie's selling points were Caine (established star) and Johnson (sex), the combination of which is often sufficient to fill cinema seats. That it was not a runaway success is probably down to the frivolous way it was marketed. Also, it seems that the movie was marketed at a young audience, when the plot was really about mid-life crisis. These two things seldom go together, and may explain why the movie sank.

There is a little nudity, notably the beach scene in which we see topless Johnson (milk-mountain breasts and sexiness) and Moore (boyish and self-consciousness) meeting their over-protective fathers. That Moore looked so uncomfortable in this scene has less to do with the nudity (her breasts had long hair hiding them), than it had to do with the fact that she was flat-chested and plain next to Johnson. Moore simply has nothing to put in a bikini. Sexy daughter and plain daughter is not necessarily bad casting, as two babes would have had us asking why Bologna didn't make a play for Moore, but it does make this scene fall flat.

As mentioned in other reviews, breast-centric Johnson's career nose-dived inexplicably after this movie, while the washboard-bodied Demi Moore's career took off. According IMDB.COM, Johnson has been busy over the years, but her days starring opposite big names seem long gone. Demi Moore's career took off quickly after this movie, though the moody girl she plays here has been a role she has reprised to a greater or lesser extent many times since.

In summary, this is a movie you ought to see at least once, though it's probably not one for the collection.
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Do they make 'em like this anymore? Unlikely. One of those 1980s flicks overlooked and generally regarded as outmoded and irrelevant, but when it's a funny and lightweight farce, a sex-comedy set in an exotic location, what's not to like? The episodes of talking to camera recall Annie Hall, and remember after this Michael Caine was to be found in NYC making Hannah & Her Sisters, another adultery story, for which he won an Oscar. Blame It On Rio is rather more physical.

An American and his English friend, residents of Sao Paulo, take their daughters for a long vacation in Rio. We're expected to believe they never went before, hum... Caine's wife startles him by choosing to go elsewhere; the other man's going through a messy divorce so he's a livewire full of sardonic and bitter quips. The trip comes to grief, or the petit mort, when Caine is seduced by his friend's Venus-like teenage daughter, played by Michelle Johnson. You can guess the rest.

I don't recall seeing Joseph Bologna before but he's like a cross between Alan Alda and the sarcastic one from Caddyshack. Michelle Johnson is the very incarnation of a nymph centerfold and her blooming performance, playing off Caine's British reserve, utterly eclipses the debut of Demi Moore, whose lines are virtually unintelligible. As for the Brazilians, the cliches are out in force. Everybody is fit and partying and topless (the last one a famous myth). The dialogue is snappy and the pace lively. It's a lark, it's better than Blame It On The Bellboy, and it's nice to see Caine in good comedic fettle.
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on 10 October 2016
Blame it on Rio makes it worldwide blu-ray debut courtesy of UK indie label Fabulous Films. Directed by Stanley Donen (Singin' in the Rain and Charade), the film finds Michael Caine's Matthew Hollis having an affair with his best friend's teenage daughter (Michelle Johnson), whilst on holiday in Rio. The blu-ray transfer is great and makes this 80's film look brand new. Of course, as is common with smaller blu-ray labels here in the UK, there are no English subtitles with this release. This might put people off, but if you want a release of this with subs then there's always the MGM DVD. If you're new to the film spring for this blu-ray as the quality is good. If you already own the DVD, it depends on how much you like the film to upgrade as there's no subtitles and no special features other a trailer for the film, although the picture and audio quality will no doubt be superior.
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on 19 September 2011
Blame It On Rio is a funfilled romantic comedy filled with lots of misunderstandings, wit and british humour. I really enjoyed Michael Cain's performance, he was to the seventies and eighties what Hugh Grant is today. The screen is filled with lots of holiday scenery, beautiful beaches, beautiful girls and the back drop of Rio De Janeiro is simply stunning. One really feels that you are on holdiday with the characters as you are transported to a world of relaxation and the promise of holiday romance. I would recommend this movie to anybody who wants to escape from the stress of life and just, sit back, relax and enjoy a good laugh.
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on 3 February 2004
A very funny movie with a very young Demi Moore in what I believe was her first film role. Michael Caine plays a man a long way out of his depth to perfection. Touching and very funny. If you like Michael Caine you wont be disappointed.
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on 25 May 2012
Whilst Michael Caine may be better known for his more serious roles this film is very funny. Also stars a very young Demi Moore (Ghost) and tells of a 40 year old man falling for a young girl.
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on 27 January 2014
Loved this Film when I first saw it many Years ago, and still find it brilliant t watch now. The plot in itself is something to smile about, and up until DRS's with Steve Martin, for me this was Michael Cane at His funniest best.

John Green.
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on 15 April 2011
I have long been a fan of this film ever since I saw it on television as a kid in the late 80's and I'm unashamed to say it has remained one of my favourites ever since. I'm tempted to say it is a guilty pleasure but that would assume it is something I want to hide which I don't. I've always been a little suprised it doesn't have a wider following and that it has received such harsh criticism.

First of all lets deal with the criticism. This is no masterpiece, nor was it ever intended to be. This was never going to trouble the Academy board or the Cannes Jury. Much has been made of the sexual politics in the movie arguing that it is sexist and exploitative. To these critics I would suggest that they take themselves and the film less seriously, or at least as seriously as the film clearly takes itself. This film is not biting social commentary. It is a gentle play on the male mid-life crisis and at its heart is very sweet. Yes, there are a few naked breast shots here and there but I can think of hundreds of other movies made before and since that have more questionable examples of female exploitation. The criticism also misses the fact that the characters argue the ethics of these issues themselves and nobody comes out of the film looking good on this level

However I think to linger on these issues for too long would only add to the pointlessness of raising them in the first place. This is a light and fluffy concoction, played with real charm by all the cast members. Michael Caine in particular shows what a fantastic light comedian he is and gives the kind of peformance that would eventually win him the Oscar for Hannah and her Sisters

The film is effectively an extended quality episode of a popular sicom, but so what, its still fun and there are some genuinely funny lines from the veteran writers and at times a level farce which you rarely see anymore in comedy - both on the small and big screen. If anything, time has added to its charm with the setting and 80's soundtrack filling it with an irresistable nostalgia.

In short, its a silly, warm little gem and a great way to cheer yourself up over 90 minutes. Ignore the snotty brigade, most of which are probably just following the herd and trying to display their cinematic literary credentials. Dive in, enjoy the nostalgia and have a fun time, and join me in ressurecting this overlooked little piece of 80's cinema. Oh and one final warning - you may be tempted to book a holiday to Rio( or somewhere equally sunny) immediately after you've finished watching!!
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