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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 9 July 2017
Although used was in immaculate condition and price even better. Brilliant and one to watch. What a voice!! Highly recommend others buy this too.
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on 25 November 2004
I was at this concert when it was being filmed. Christina was an hour and a half late - her excuse? Making the DVD. Well, the DVD in question is finally here, and at long last I get to see "Beautiful" live (I missed it because I had to leave early, otherwise I would have missed the train home!).
Christina's singing was top notch throughout, and she was a very confident performer. Whilst all the songs are great, her version of Etta James' "At Last" is amazing (how long can someone hold a note for?). Christina focuses mainly on her "Stripped" album, only singing three songs from her debut CD, including an acoustic version of "Come on Over" and rocked up versions of "Genie in a Bottle" and "What a Girl Wants". Most of the performances are quite raunchy, particularly "Walk Away" and "Lady Marmalade". My only real criticism is the length of some of the songs (e.g. "Dirrty" and "The Voice Within"), which have been substantially shortened. Also, for some reason her performance of "Make Over" has been omitted, which is a shame (although she did trip on the cage prop). Watch out for her fluffing her lines on "Impossible"!
Overall it was a great concert, and is well worth the price of the DVD.
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on 29 December 2004
Much has been said about the young pop diva Christina Aguilera, but few would be foolish enough to question her vocal ability. A powerhouse of pop, Aguilera made her name with her big voice and, although everything else did, this hasn't changed for her second LP, "Stripped". Filmed at Wembley Arena in November 2003, this DVD is a complete concert from the tour that accompanied Aguilera's album "Stripped". Including all of the album's biggest hit singles, aswell as some of the other stand out tracks that didn't get released, the concert is a must see for all fans. It also includes some material from Christina's debut album, but each of those tracks have been revisted and remixed for the tour [Including a downtempto, jazz-style version of "Come On Over" and harder edged, rock influenced "Genie In A Bottle"].
The concert itself is thrilling from start to finish. Watch in delight as Christina dances pervocatively [What else did you expect?], sings her heart out [With outstanding vocal control] and even talks with the audience. It's difficult to find any flaws with the concert, as it's totally engrossing and entertaining throughout. The DVD has been very nicely put together. With a handy "song selection" you can quickly and easily view your favourite performances. And with the extra features, you get a rare glimpse behind the scenes of the show that thrilled you. It's all here.
The vocal ability that Aguilera displays here has not been seen in popular music since the likes of Mariah Carey. For the next generation, thier is a singer who combines the passion of Madonna and the vocal strength of Whitney Houston, and her name is Christina Aguilera.
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on 2 September 2006
This was a high-energy,high-impact performance from Christina Aguilera,at Wembley Arena,taking songs from her album Stripped,

which is great entertainment in itself.Considering Christina dances while singing,the quality of the sound coming out of her mouth is extraordinary.Her band and dancers look very able and accomplished and the audience seem to think so too.You won't see an artist giving more to their fans than this.The special features section of the dvd has an interview with Christina,who answers questions from some of her fans (though not face to face)

and there are also interviews with Christina's band,dancers,make-up people and even with Donatella Versace.I'm going to stop writing now so I can watch the concert again!
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on 12 November 2004
After waiting almost a year after the supposed release of this DVd it is finally here... Needless to say I got my copy in america two months ago!
Was at the concert in the SECC in Glasgow and was one of the best gigs I have ever been to, Christina is so down to earth and with a voice like this one, you never want to hear anyone else. The dvd is amazing and the concert was spectacular. Let us all pray she comes back on tour again and again!
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on 19 April 2006
Though i'm not what you'd call a Christina Aguilera fan, i must admit she's great on stage and her show is absolutely amazing... Great voice, great moves -- A must-buy concert DVD for all! The girl *is* a real star!
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on 3 February 2007
I love this concert!! From start to finish this is an exciting fun concert with some amazing singing and dancing from X-tina and her dancers.

Not only does she sing live (which not everyone does) she dances and struts her way through the concert the only way she can. She is amazing and never fails to get the crowd going. She pulls of the vocals and keeps up with high energy routines and fast cosume changes.

It is a really fun concert where she sings her best songs as well as a couple of others for added bonus.

This girl can really sing her socks off and is amazing live.
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on 20 November 2004
I have been dying to get this on DVD for roughly a year now and it's been virtually impossible to get. Amazon said for MONTHS that it was "temporarily unavailable", and every other USA website I tried wouldn't deliver to the UK. And I got royally conned on Ebay, but I'd only just started using it at the time. It's unbelieveable that a concert in the UK is STILL not available over here on DVD, but is in America! When I finally realised Amazon had it, it was ordered straight away, and arrived within a couple of days. And all I can say about this concert & DVD is - WOW!
I'll let Christina off with the fact that she died her hair black a couple of months after I did, but she is one of my idols! I like Britney too, but Christina is a much better live performer, and (hopefully) isn't ruining her voice unlike Britters by smoking. She gives a great performance!
Most of the songs performed are from her fantastic Stripped album, but there are three songs from her debut album. Genie In A Bottle is given a rockier twist, but to be honest, it's given the feel that Christina doesn't like the song, as she only sings a verse & a chorus at the most. Come On Over is sung accoustically, which sounds even better than the original, and What A Girl Wants, albeit short too, is made funkier.
In all, there are 16 or 17 tracks on it, including some cool video sequences of Stripped Intro Part 1, Loving Me 4 Me & Stripped Intro Part 2. The rest of the tracks are: Dirrty (which DOESN'T feature Redman, despite what the tracklisting says), Get Mine Get Yours, The Voice Within, Genie In A Bottle, Can't Hold Us Down (DOESN'T feature Lil' Kim), Contigo En La Distancia/Falsas Esperanzas, Infatuation (one of my favourites), Come On Over, Cruz, Impossible, At Last, Lady Marmalade, Walk Away, Fighter, What A Girl Wants & Beautiful. At Last was a song originally done by Etta James, one of Christina's favourite singers, and who I'd never heard of, until I realised it was the singer of "I Just Wanna Make Love To You" from the Diet Coke adverts years ago. Lady Marmalade & Walk Away are also the slightly raunchier songs, and have to be seen to be believed!
(Incase anyone was curious, Contigo En La Distancia/Falsas Esperanzas, translated roughly, means With you In The Distance/False Hopes)
There was a lot in the press a couple of days after this concert, criticising her fashion sense. Frankly, although the Dirrty outfit was slightly dodgy, the rest of the outfits were fantastic. I loved all the outfits, especially the long black coat she wore during The Voice Within. And any girl who is wearing too tight outfits, or outfits that are not meant for sitting down in are going to show up bulges. Thank God Christina has more confidence about her body, cos the way the press were going, they could have given her a complex.
The only criticisms I can make about this DVD (or the concert for that matter) is the fact that sometimes the mix of vocals, instruments, and backing track doesn't sound right, and particularly the over zealous production doesn't let Christina shine enough. I noticed it most during the more upbeat tracks, particularly Dirrty.
This DVD does actually have extras, which I haven't watched yet, but will do. These include: exclusive interview with Christina about her album Stripped, the Stripped tour, and her life & causes outside of music; an introduction to the supporting cast: meet the musicians, dancers, stylists, and choreographers who help Christina put on her dazzling show every night; Gilbert's Bus Tour - take a tour of Christina's tour bus with backup dancer Gilberto Saldivar; One Night In Milano - Christina meets up with Doantella Versace in Milan, the fashion capital of the world and RSVP - Christina answers questions directly from her fans.
This DVD is best played loud as possible to actually feel like you're there. I don't have that great a sound system, unlike some, but when the crowd roars, my chair was practically shaking. I dread to think what it would sound like with a sub woofer, and all the rest of that stuff!
This you HAVE to get. Believe me, it's well worth it, as Christina beats any of her other peers/contemporaries hands down.
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on 17 June 2005
Not being a fan of xtina whislt this tour took place, i was extremely suprised when i actually got to see the DVD. I mean if you ever see someone like britney on stage it is absolutley awful coz it looks like shes always miming, but with christina you can see she isn't and its sounds amazing.On the DVD christina performs ecceptionally well and you actually discover that her talent is just for the studio. She focuses, really, on stripped by only singing 3 songs from her previous album: 'Genie in a Bottle', 'What a girl wants' and 'Come on over' Overall this is a must have for any xtina fan, but even if your not and just curious buy this DVD and believe me, you will not be disappointed.
Look out 4 wonderful performances of: Dirrty
Get mine, get yours
At last
Walk away
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on 16 November 2004
This DVD is the most incredible display of talent i have seen in a long time, with a combination of edgy music and huge power ballads. An incredible stage, but the most impressive thing was the preformer herself, hitting EVERY single note perfectly. If you are a Christina Aguilera fan you will LOVE this and if you aren't a Christina Aguilera fan, after seeing this you will be! Its impossible to get bored watching this with plenty of extras this is GREAT!
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