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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 February 2004
By no means a "complete" assessment of The Jam on film, this DVD nevertheless is a great overview of The Jam's career from 1977-1982. There are some great performances captured - notably Newcastle City Hall 1980, Electric Circus 1977 and the highlight for me Mandasborgen 1981 with Weller at his most dismissive during the accompanying interview. The bands last performance on The Tube rounds off the live material, but there is also all the promos to enjoy. The only quibbles are that more interview / documentary footage could have been included and there are some great concert and Top of the Pops performances around on bootlegs which are not included here, but maybe they couldn't secure the rights(?)
Those minor points aside YOU SHOULD OWN THIS DVD, it's a great testament to one of the greatest and sometimes underrated bands to come out of Britain. Hopefully more Jam stuff will come out on DVD but in the meantime you will not be disappointed with this one!
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on 17 October 2002
This is a truly lush presentation. Great packaging, two discs, free postcards(?)
But let's concentrate on the innards. The Jam were undoubtably a phenomenal live experience. Here's where the two discs succeed and fail.
The videos for the singles are stilted, cheap, clumsy and without passion.
However, the meat of the matter here is the live performances captured on film and TV.
If you want to see The Jam at full tilt then there is much here to enjoy.
However the two 'documentaries' are very similar, both borrowing heavily from items available elsewhere on the discs.
This collection is a deal at around £15 maximum. There's too much padding for it to go for full price.
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on 19 May 2005
i read the promo poster for this dvd about 2months before it was released and i couldnt wait for this dvd to come out,i have been a big fan of the jam for nearly 20 years and never got to see them live,theres some really great live performances spread over the 2 discs the tube performance is exceptional as is the old grey whistle test.theres a concert from newcastle city hall back in 1980 which is way to short to say the least!live jam material is very rare so why did they not show the full concert?come on polydor!also on the dvd is the bands full video promos which we have all seen before,never the less,nice to have them on dvd instead of vhs,again a big let down as only some of the songs seem to have had the 5.1 dolby treatment,others sounding like there playing on an old mono video,the disc overall is value for money but if youre a big fan dont expect to much,i bought this dvd solely to see the live footage,it doesnt let you down as the band are so powerful,full of energy when they play,but there should be much much more on here...perhaps in the future we might see some more releases,why we havent seen them is beyond me because there is a great deal of call for it and would sell very well,so come on polydor lets see ajam concert released very soon,until then buy this dvd,it might be all weve got of the best band to have come out of the uk..
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on 19 January 2006
Not having the full track listing available to me at the time of ordering I went ahead and bought it any way thinking it would be a complete collection of their singles with a bit of live stuff thrown in. That was not the case, but not as bad as it first seems.
'All Around the World', 'Modern World', 'David Watts', 'Down in the Tube Station at Midnight', 'Eton Rifles' and 'Beat Surrender' are not included in amongst the 'singles' sections. Odd considering they were their other released singles. Yet we have inclusions like 'Butterfly Collector' and 'Precious'. Those missing from the singles sections can be found in the live sections though, but still no 'Down in the Tube Station at Midnight', one of their best. Unless it's hidden away some where.
Most of the promo (single) videos are in scratchy mono. Those that have stereo audio (Start onwards) have audio which itself is flaky at times. I can't help feeling that an opportunity was perhaps lost to replace the original audio for most of the singles videos with clean stereo audio. It's not that hard to do. I say most as some of those included are in fact live performances. Perhaps they felt it better to keep them as they were originally released, warts and all. I can kind of accept that. It's a sign of the times of how videos were released with mono audio back then and so adds to the nostalgia in a way. I have to ask though, why a '5.1' Dolby surround mix when it's remains in mono? The picture quality isn't great on most of them either, but then some of them are getting on for 3 decades old now. Considering that they hold up pretty well.
So to my "not as bad as it first seems" point; the live stuff I thought was going to be thrown in as space filler. How wrong was I. The live material is great, which brought back a lot of memories, far more than the promo videos. And there are some really nice rarities. As you'd expect the video and audio is not great on most of these, but the sheer energy of them playing live shines through and shows why they were the biggest band in the world at the time, and the grainy footage on their really early performances only adds to it. Brilliant.
The omission of 'Down in the Tube Station at Midnight' does leave a big hole and so makes this a less than complete collection. But even if I had known before buying it that it was not included I would still have bought it any way. The live material is the best part and there was actually far more there than I thought. I'm sure there is much more material available that could of been included, but what's there are absolute gems. And wait till you see Paul Weller being interviewed during a Swedish TV appearance. Very funny. The final 9 song farewell performance on The Tube is both brilliant and yet sad at the same time. On first playing the singles sections I felt a little let down, but the live material more than made up for it and that is what makes this DVD.
Not complete and not perfect, but it's not far from it. 49 performances, so an absolute must buy.
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on 15 February 2005
If you buy this you won't be disappointed, you just won't.
Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, bubbling with energy and covers The Jam's career pretty comprehensively,(although I would have thought that it was impossible to have any definitive collection without 'Tube Station'?).
Still, it's so enjoyable that you don't really notice too much, and what is there more than compensates. Its nice to watch the band develop from their rather raw, but powerful and passionate beginnings to an accomplished and authoritative outfit. Much as I remember it all really.
'In the City' was the first album that I ever bought and I've followed them since. Buying this definitely adds something worthwhile to that already comprehensive collection.
The live footage took me back to Glasgow's Apollo and Edinburgh many years ago.A thouroughly enjoyable trip down memory lane. All I can say is that I would've paid more for it!
If you're a Jam fan, either passing or afficionado, you'll like this!
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on 14 July 2015
The best overview currently available of a band that were the biggest in europe for four or five years.This double disc dvd brought back so many fantastic memories for this old mod,and also a few sad and bad ones too.They really were something special,and the gigs were truly phenomenal,full of passion,and raw aggression,like a force of nature really.Buy this,you WILL love it.
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on 14 July 2005
Some very interesting TV appearences which give the viewer some idea as to what it might have been like to turn on your TV during the punk era and see bands like 'The Jam' on the air. It's a shame there wasn't more of the presenters, for example Marc Bolan's show only briefly show's him introducing the band and I would have liked to have seen more to get an overall idea of the show. There's also a brilliant segment from Swedish TV which has Paul being snide and rude to the presenter. He obviously just wanted to perform music. That said the live performances are very powerful and great for the likes of me who wasn't even born until 'The Jam' split up. Recomended.
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on 19 October 2002
The Jam where a phenomenal band and this DVD illustrates this fact right from their early "Punk"
days in 1977 to their "Mod" status which all but sadly came to an end in 1982. The TV footage which accompanies this DVD is absolutely essential viewing for anyone who likes this group. The raw energy this 3- piece band manage to provide on Disk 1 is unbelievable and the second disk incorporates superb music from a band who deserved the "Best in Britain" tag during that period. I have personally waited a long time for such a satisfying DVD Music video release.
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on 4 January 2014
Excellent footage for full on Jam fans but two criticisms. It would be nice to have a constant flow instead of menu selection, plus it is erroneous to say it is "The Complete Jam" when it is clearly not. One classic performance omitting is the Something Else footage of "The Eton Rifles". A real shame, especially when it includes "When You're Young" from the same show.
Otherwise there are some amazing moments capturing this incredible ensemble.
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on 9 November 2013
If it was possible to give it more stars I would as I love the jam this was to replace my old one which went missing
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