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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 22 February 2005
I'm trying to wait until I've completed (or at least got near the end of) games that I purchase, mainly to stop that 'I've just purchased a game and its the best thing ever!' euphoria that comes with getting a new shiny disc through the post. The main problem with this edition of Morrowind is that the additional side quests alone stand at 100+ hours of gameplay according to the box blurb. I've slogged away for some serious hours on this game and I feel like I've barely even got started.
You begin the game as a newly released slave, you choose your entire identity from scratch. Different races have different skills, do you want to be a magic casting High Elf, or perhaps a fierce fighting Redman is more your cup of tea? Everything from facial appearance and gender is assignable, as is what star sign you were born under (which denotes special skills for you character). When you meet the Imperial Official for the first time to be debriefed, you can select your characters class and
statistics. Now depending on how technical you wish to get at this stage, you can tweak each individual aspect of you characters skill sets (i.e. Long Blade, Unarmoured Combat, Mystecism etc), class (i.e. Thief, Spellsword, Alchemist etc), or you can answer a series of hypothetical questions to gauge what kind of character you are and have all this done automatically. The sheer number of classes and set up of major skills, minor skills, let me to go for the easy option, but the scope is there for someone who wants to be in 100% control of what kind of character they are. Initially this number of statistics and various pieces of character detail and progression that you have to learn seems a bit bewildering. You then realise that this is a game you have to put a serious amount of time and effort into to get rewards from. This was then compounded when I got into my first fight (all which take place in a 'First Person Shooter' style) where I spent approximately 15 minutes flapping a rather ineffective knife attack at a small worm on the ground. It was a close run fight but I won.
I quickly realised that my character was pretty much useless at everything. Only by putting in time and effort, working on your major skills to level up, do you start to get places. Now, when I get into a fight with some wee creature, I don't almost always run the risk of dying, I tend to shat on it from a great height. It gives you that great 'chufty' feeling that you've worked to achieve something. Once you're at this stage, then you're free to do what you want, you get vaguely stuck on a path doing missions for an Imperial agency known as the Blades, but other than that ... your destiny is your own. Wander round the land checking out
the various scenery, rendered in lovely 3D and accompanied by an appropirately epic Lord Of The Rings-esque score. The game is a few years old now and the character models do look a little basic, and there are some strange occurances of rain pouring down in front of you as you walk through a tunnel, but put that aside ... the actual countryside is wonderfully varied to walk though, little places to perk your interest and enough varying graphical style without looking like the programmers thinking that 'oh we better stick in a vocanic section here, a barren bit here, a forest and lake here...', it all blends perfectly.
Where the reality doesn't quite match up is when it comes to the NPCs. Japanese RPGs have it down to a fine art, characters you encounter all seem to have worries of their own, a life story that motivates them to be there. With Morrowind you do get the feeling that the entire game is focussed around you with people and guards frequently chipping in with a 'what do you think of our city outlander?'. Makes you think everybody is staring at you! Minor niggle though.
If the promise of absolute freedom and a MASSIVE land to explore and fiddle with appeals to you, as does a game with some serious game life, this is the RPG for you. If it sounds a bit daunting, you'd probably best head to Knights Of The Old Republic. Even though its set in the Star Wars universe, it does feel like Morrowind for wannabe RPGers in training. An RPG with safety wheels. Be prepared to lose hours of your life if you get
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on 2 June 2004
We had never played a role playing game before and purchased the original game on a whim. From the moment we put it on we couldn't put it down!!
The content, graphics, playability of the game are fantastic. With so much to see and do and so many character variations that no two games are the same and if you do finish the game you can go back, change your character and your affiliations and open new challenges so you never get bored. The game is challenging enough in places but varies constantly with each quest and is also highly amusing in places.
On finishing the main Morrowind quests we couldn't wait and were so excited that there was an expansion. The game of the year edition is the main Morrowind title plus both expansion games so if you are considering Morrowind(which you absolutely must buy)then buy this title rather than the original or you will just end up buying this one later anyway and wasting money.
We have been playing for months and have never found a game that is such value for money and is so great to play.
We are just praying now that they release more expansions for this title!!!
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on 28 February 2006
I just read a couple of reviews for Fable and somebody had praised it for having a sense of freedom... I felt i had to write my piece here to say that Fable feels like a prison in comparison to the grand scale and depth of the magnificent Morrowind. I found Fable a linear, rather dull experience compared to the fun you can have wandering around the massive and open environment of Vvardenfell. Console RPGs tend to be scaled down and restricted in terms of the player's ability to make decisions and play everything in their own order, at their own pace. This is not so with Morrowind, you can follow the main quest however you choose to, possibly spending days investigating towns and sidequests. There are so many locations on the map and so many ways of reaching your destination that you truly do feel that sense of freedom and autonomy so lacking in most games.
If you're looking for straightforward rpg action with a little bit of depth and around a 15 hour completion time then Jade Empire is your game. Morrowind is what you turn to when you want to spend literally hundreds of hours investigating, fighting, spellmaking, exploring, stealing, brewing potions etc etc the list goes on! Morrowind has a living breathing environment. Seasons change, weather is temperamental and varied, plants grow and ash flies from the ominous Red Mountain at the centre of the map. While the graphics may be considered a little dated by some people, I think there is a real beauty in the environment and of course in the wonderfully atmospheric sound accompanying the visuals.
Morrowind is a deep game, and you should expect to spend many many hours playing it. The sheer amount of options available, both in terms of items to collect and character creation and attributes is really quite staggering. This is what makes the game such a joy to play as you know that your character is entirely your own and not predefined completely by the game developers. Despite its depth, the quests are easy to keep track of via a chronologically ordered journal and an index of topics, which I found to be indispensible.
There are very real consequences to your actions in Morrowind. Hit somebody unprovoked in a town and the Imperial Guards will catch up with you and either lock you up (also taking your stolen goods), take you on in combat or demand that you pay a hefty fine (again this results in you losing your hard-stolen property). Whilst in prison, your skills decrease, making it a very undesirable thing to do indeed... The way you talk to people affects how much they like you which is important considering that people sell you items and lead you to quests. If you make a bad impression they will not even enter a conversation with you. Of course, bribery and flattery can go a long way...
Morrowind is a game for people who love proper RPGs and who are willing to embrace the all-consuming experience that it will surely give them. The loading times are fairly long, but to me this is an insignificant criticism and will only bother you if you just don't like the game at all. Once you get past the initial loading, the in-game loading is barely noticeable and fairly infrequent.
This game is so cheap now that it would be a sin not to add it to your xbox collection. Buy it now or forever be sad that you missed out on one of the best experiences on xbox...
Roll on Oblivion!
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on 7 May 2004
Let's get one thing straight- this game is not for everyone. I think if I lent it to most of my friends they would only have the patience for about 10 minutes, giving up because of the initial slow pace, and "rubbish" combat system. Those with more patience will get past the initial bewilderment (there are stats galore) and enjoy an incredibally involving game, with total freedom to explore the huge world, and take your own career path. There are literally hundreds of hours of gameplay and the detail is fantastic. The combat system is very simplistic, but that's just not the point. You can enchant items, create potions, and increase the abilities of your character. There is a definite feeling of doing what you want, when you want, in fact it is the least linear game I have ever played. I give it five stars, but deduct four if your favourite games are Resident Evil and FIFA.
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on 2 February 2004
This game is fantastic.Lasts for as long as you want to play it,totally open ended with an immense number of main and side quests for you to get involved in.Thousands of characters and a world that is utterly huge.Forget star wars kotor or fable, this is the definitive RPG and if you want value for your money then buy it now.You can even carry your character over from the old xbox version to the new one.Face it,in what other rpg have you ever been able to take on monsters with a fork???Or enchant magic on to your own weapons and armour.BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT
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on 27 July 2005
Yey, that is the first thing I must say about this game. It is a master piece(although I can't wait for IV and xbox 360). The graphics are alright to start off with i was slightly unimpressed by the boxy flatness that they show but not everything is perfect. The first thing I noticed that stood out when I turned it on was the music it was hauntingly beautiful and I had a panic when I realised it didn't come with me when I first went into the game but it was just hiding and I found it as I was lost in a dark forest just outside the first grubby fishing village you are regurgitated into. The music is fab as I have said. The best thing I honestly think is the freedom(although the responsibility of thinking: 'am I going to find a nasty big monster over that ridge that will kill me, should I equip my lockpick or my fork as defence,should I even go over the ridge ,should I even be alive in this huge incomprehensible vastness'-in the first few minutes almost sent me into a panic attack) yet it is almost too much. At the start you are given a class a race and a birthsign and if you are like me (i.e. a complete retard) I had no idea what they or even the abreviation RPG meant so I picked the first of everything and somehow drowned with a lizard man(don't ask me). My first battle was once I had got a short sword(the cheapest) and that was all the equipment I thought I needed. Naturally I thought I was invincible and charged at the nearest heavily armoured guard. I woke up on the prison ship at the start again realising that to win you need to save constantly. Then my fist proper fight was with a worm on the ground it lasted many minutes and I recieved many cuts but I won -just. At the start you are incredibly weak as I have found out many times and the conversations you have(of which there are many) confuse you no end but luckily you have a little journal which you write all your ideas,opinions and useful info(no real writing involved don't worry).
The many things you can do are amazing wether it be using magical powers to heal weary travellers trying to use a spoon to kill a ferocious bear, swimming along tormentous rivers,trekking across deserts,through forests,pick flowers,make potions from random ingredients everywhere,hunt animals and sell their hides, sack towns on your own, steal nearly anything you want,shoot harpies out the sky with a longbow, smash rats into jam with a warhammer,turn into a werewolf,turn into a vampire (both of the last you have to get bitten by one first),become a gentle healer wandering the glades of the forest, a fearsome barbarian crushing huge monsters beneath a ham like fist or a stealthy assasin creeping up upon a local dignitary foolish enough to stray into a dark alley in Vivec on a stormy night.
ALMOST ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE except you can't fly at leasy I haven't found that but that is just a stupid addition to the review. It is a great game and whoever hasn't bought it is really stupid and must be ripped apart by a million rats and have their entrails slit before their living eyes(you can't do that either I'm afraid but it would have been fun).
Luv y'all
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on 29 March 2005
Morrowind is truly the greatest RPG ever!
The concept behind Morrowind is brilliant:
You can choose to change the world with your brave and heroic deeds, or change the world with your assasinations, killings and robbings. You can choose to be the worlds most powerful swordsman, or you can be the worlds best mage or archer. You can make potions and sell them for a high price, or you can be a pilgrim or a gypsy; never stopping at a place for a long time. You can choose to make your own potions, or to buy readymade ones. You can repair your own weapons, or buy new ones once your current weapon is too worn to be used. You can be the master of all spells, and go around enchanting rings and hitting people with fireballs and flamethrowers. You can choose to be a assasin, warrior, guard, creature, scavenger, traitor to the king or loyal servant to the king. When you start off you can choose to be any of the 10 classes that are given: these are Argonians, reptilian warriors from marshy areas,
Bretons, natural born spellcasters, dark elfs which are, you guessed it, dark elves, high elves, which are proud and golden skinned and very intelligent, imperials, which are people from the civilized areas, Khajits, which are often thieves because of their agility and acrobatics, nords, which are tall and fair-haired people, who lare strong, willful and hardy. Orcs are a beast race; they have unshakible courage and power. The redguards are the race with the most natural ability and power. Finally the wood elves are nimble and quick and are good scouts and agents.
The graphics and physics of Morrowind are great:
When you jump off a guard tower, you do not land unscathed; if your aerobatics skill is high, you will live, but if it is low; you die! If you try to walk up a waterfall, you will be knocked back and will not be able to get up,
The graphics of morrowind, together with the huge graphical capacities of the Xbox make Morrowind even more stunning than before. (and Morrowind was absolutely earthshattering on the PC!)
The skeletal-based characters certainly are increadibly realistic; nothing looks out of place and everything looks as though you really are inside the game! All the creatures, characters and places look good. The world of morrowind is huge: it takes over 200 hours or longer (seriously) to tour the entire world on foot. If you want to finish all the quests and visit all the places, it will take over 600 hours to do!
The freeness of morrowind is increadible; you can choose to follow the main storyline, or you don't have to; you can make up your own storyline and become the most wanted criminal in the entire Vvardenfell (the land of Morrowind)!
Morrowind is for people who like to be free, and for people who are creative and who do not want to follow a certain storyline and have the game end the moment the storyline is finished.
The additions of Solstheim (the nothernmost island) and Mournhold (a very useful city to be in) only makes the original morrowind better!
In Solstheim you can steal great armour that lies in crates on the top floor of the Fort Frostmoth guard towers; then you can help lead settlers to a good place to build their town, help them build it, then manage it, or if you want to be evil, you can lead settlers there, help them build it, then kill the settlers, or you can even help them build the town then purpously get bitten by a werewolf, and turn all the settlers and children into werewolves too! It is your choice.
In Mournhold,you can go to the huge Mournhold temple, or go to the great bazaar, a place full of shops and stalls. You can go to the palace, or go to the Plaza Brindisi Dorom, a grassy area with a statue of two people fighting.
Morrowind GOTY is a great game: The two expansion packs: Mournhold and Solstheim (packed into one disk) make the game even longer-lived (around 700-750 hours now!)
Morrowind takes the RPG business to a new level; nothing can beat it!
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on 11 January 2005
There is very little doubt that this is THE greatest RPG ever, and also one of the best games of all time. There is so much to explore in the province of Morrowind, where you can travel from Vvardenfell, to the expansion destinations, Solstheim and Mournhold, the Capital City of Morrowind.
You first arrive in Morrowind on a ship, where you create a highly detailed character to your own specifications, and are then released off into the world to do whatever you like. Options are near to limitless, as you can fight, sneak and blast your way through all the challenges thrown at you.
Morrowind provides hundreds of hours of gameplay, and is near impossible to complete. It will keep you playing and interested for ages! And whats more, just look at the price! Its a must have for your X-Box Game Collection!
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on 14 November 2005
Well what can i say, this is honestly the best game i've ever played. i started playing the game 3 years ago and i still can't stop playing it, and when i'm not playing, im thinking about it.
You start the game off by choosing any kind of character you desire. From a mage to a warrior, from a thief to a master high elf. Anything you want. You then have the world in your hands. Do what ever you want. Complete the main quest while doing sub quests, or just search for missing treasures and explore caves and shrines. Watch out though, you'll always have an enemy in the wilderness.
In summary every RPG fans should have this game, and if your not a fan of these kind of games then try it out anyways. I can guarantee that you'll enjoy this open ended, never ending game.
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on 10 January 2006
Firstly, This game has everything an RPG should have, which is..
1) A World-Ending Plotline where YOU are the saviour.
2) Absolute freedom within the lands of Morrowind, Solsteim and The City Of Mournhold.
3)Ability to Summon Multiple Demons to Aid you, or find the various wandering warriors who will follow you everywhere.
4) Hundereds of Main Quests, Hundereds of Side Quests and a Variety of Play that can range from the Ultra-Holy to the Uber-Demonic.
5) A vast Array of Legendary, Deadly Weapons and Spells that can be wielded in a similar deadly fashion.
6) Through extreme perseverance you can become a God, and thus wield the power to Kill all the other Gods.
7) Special Spell Combinations mean you can bolster your abilities... PERMANENTLY i.e. Soultrap on Target + Fortify Jump 20 PTs = Permanent Ninja style Mile-High jumps (watch your landing though ((!!!!AGILITY!!!!))
If any other game could offer you that then buy it.
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