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on 18 January 2005
This phone is an ideal mini PDA. It has loads of functions and menus for you to spend all day browsing.
The great thing about the phone is Realone Player. If you purchase an additional memory card for the phone, then you can have hours of fun downloading full length movies, simpsons episodes and loads of various games and applications.
Full length movies only take up around 40-60mb. Simpsons episodes are only around 10-13mb and most of the applications are very small (7-75kb).
The 6600 phone accepts truetone ringtones e.g. The crazy frog. You cannot transfer the MP3 format of the ringtone directly onto the phone, but if you use the Nokia PC Suite, then this converts the ringtone for your phone, also it takes up less space.
Video is a bit annoying, only 10 seconds worth, but ok quality nonetheless. Camera takes one of the best quality photo's I've seen from a Mobile.
Be careful with the memory card scenario, I got caught out by not checking what card works for the phone. MMC's are the best.
Another good purchase to make is a Bodyglove Cover, I got mine off Ebay for four pounds twenty five pence.
Battery life on the phone is ok, not as good as say the 7250i etc. Lasts on average 3-6 days.
An all round excellent phone with a great sized screen that will keep you busy for hours on end.
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on 20 October 2004
This is still the best smartphone on the market. Good screen, easy to use keypad and functions which are simple to use. When you set up the sync with your PC's Outlook it can really replace your PDA. Antenna performance and audio quality are good too. Picture quality is good for simple quick snaps.
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on 30 December 2003
I got this phone on contract from Vodafone and I must say I am definitely impressed. If You can use Windows, this phone is simple to use as its mostly Icon driven!
If your network supports it you can check your email using GPRS which I find most impressive.
The screen is spot on, nice resolution and High Colour count make it good for viewing pictures and moving images on.
The Joystick used for moving around the menus could do with being a little Sturdier but this is the only downfall I see.
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on 4 March 2004
When i recieved this phone for my birthday, i was amazed at how good of a phone it actually is! Firstly the look is ok, i orignally thought it would be too big and heavy but it wasnt and it fits into my pocket fine. The phones features itself are amazing, the picture quality is v.good and video quality is also good. The amount of fun you can have with video is brilliant. I bought a USB adaptor to connect this phone with my pc and now i am putting music files and pictures from my pc onto my phone and vice versa. This is simply brilliant, its like a digital camera but more usuful as its smaller and a handheld gadget. To get all this on a phone is extremly impressive and i keep finding new amazing things out about it like the Bluetooth technology, which means i can send files for free to my friends when i am next to them. Bluetooth is just a much more advanced version of infared. The fonts and layout is brilliant, its very easy to navigate through and you can personalise it so much to suit your taste. With this phone you cant go wrong, you will never get bored of it!! I particularly recommend this phone for younger people as its sucha nice piece of technolgy to have. I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND THIS PHONE AS ITS JUST SO GOOD AND THE PRICE IS WELL WORTH IT!! 5/5 NO LESS
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on 15 December 2003
I received this has an early christmas present from some friends to replace my ageing Sony-Ericsson T68i. Although i'm normaly reluctant as towards Nokia's, I have to say, so far I am impressed!
On the plus side: The screen size is spot on, as is its resolution, image quality, and brightness; the software driven menus are rather fast to access, although phone startup is slow; the PC synchronization is rather good although not without its usual hassels; the picture quality taken with the intergrated camera is rather good in low light (ie indoors), and fantastic in outdoors; the expandable memory is superb (comes with 32MB MMC card), although i'm not too sure at the availability of MMC cards to buy; I was impressed at being able to import a 1hr video clip and being able to play it with sound on the phone without it looking too slow or bad (though it's a little small); and bluetooth compatibility works fine (as opposed to 7650 non-audio compatible BT).
On the down side however, battery life was disapointing (Charged twice within 48hrs, with slightly more than average use, PC synchro via BT and IR, minimum audio); I find the phone a lot bigger and more combersome than my old t68i, although nicer to handle for normal usage than the 7650, but not so practical for taking pictures as the 7650; video clips taken with the phone camera are in my mind of very poor quality.
I can't comment on the Audio, because I havn't used it much for audio yet! As my subject line reads, it's realy a gadget, with built in camera, e-mail client, web browser, file storage capabilities, Schedular, Converters (currency, mass, temperature, volume, length, fluids,...), PDA functions, video camera, and somewhere in there is a phone.
The price is high, but if you want the latest thing, this is the phone for you! I wouldn't have bought it myself because of the high price, but as it was given to me, I realy have no complaints about it, apart from the picky points I mensioned above.
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on 6 January 2006
I managed to get hold of this phone for about £70 as an upgrade to a Nokia 6230i with the sole intention of being able to use TomTom Mobile 5 with it.
Boy was I pleased! TomTom installed extremely easily and works perfectly, the voice prompts are clear and accurate not like others have reported and I'm hoping never to get lost again.
The menus are easy to navigate when you get the hang of them. The photos are reasonable quality, the screen is big, colourful and clear.
On the downside and hence only 3 stars, because it uses the Symbian operating system it does tend to idle on what can sometimes be simple tasks like trying to write a text message. Also, it's not compatible with Nokia PC Suite's usual port, it actually has it's own PC suite, which really messed things up when I wanted to transfer my contact lists and messages from my 6230. In fact I had to transfer contacts using the SIM several times, then edit them because SIM storage is rubbish. And I lost my messages!
Not a bad phone though, does what I want it to do! By the way, don't go for an unlocked one, it can mess up the MMC card reader and can't read MMC memory cards even if you try formatting them as a friend of mine found out.
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on 9 February 2004
I recenty bought the Nokia 6600 after hearing about it from a friend. it has everything you could ever ask from a phone (except a radio but a minor detail). the camera is top quality, the pics are so clear and there is even a night function on the camera for when you're in dim light. the screen works great in all levels of light. the colours are amazing. i bought a bluetooth device that connects to the pc or laptop which allows you to send images, pics, videos and midi tones to your phone. i would recommend this phone to anybody looking for an update. the only draw back i found is the lack of a radio but other than that i cannot fault the Nokia 6600. Buy it!
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on 10 February 2004
This is one of the best phones that I have ever encountered in my life. It does everything except the washing and ironing. It is light, compact and swamps you with endless features. It has superb photo quality with digital zoom. The 6600 has a very large colour display, with an easy-to-navigate grid setup menu. There is no point me telling you what features that are included on the phone as it has everything you can possibly think of, with the exception of a radio. With no offence to Amazon, their price is rather expensive, in ARGOS it is cheaper. If you're thinking about a new phone buy this!
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on 26 January 2010
this is the best phone...ever. i had this one for over 4 years and it was working perfectly. yes, its too old now, but it was the best.
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on 5 March 2004
After owning a 7650 I was impressed with its functionality and was looking forward to the 6600.
Now I've got it there really are very few features that are worth upgrading to. The music player is mono and not very good, the battery life is limited, the video player is only 9 seconds (and could be downloaded for both the 7650 and 3650 anyway) and its basic functionality is almost identical.
The only plus points I can see (and you need to be semi-techie to appreciate them) is that you can transfer avi video clips onto your phone (I backed up a couple of Simpsons episode's onto mine with sound and they were great quality) and the fact that with some messing about you can play nGage games on it. This said, there are sometimes a few minor glitches on them as they aren't designed for this phone. Paying £35 to find there's no sound, etc ... for something like Tony Hawks would be very annoying!
Overall, if you havent owned a previous Nokia series 60 phone then go for it - its great. If you have, you're pretty much buying your old phone with a bit of plastic surgery and some more memory!
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