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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

on 16 August 2017
I really enjoyed this series it was a nice set up to the whole Buffy franchise. Lighter than series two which I am now watching which is darker. Sarah Michelle Geller was good as Buffy strong, funny but human. I liked her relationship with Angel which I know grows more in series 2 was a partnership of equals not like Bedward save me Edward all the time. Alyson Hannigan was also good as Willow who was the most identifiable and least stereotyped of them as Xander, Cordelia and Giles were all based on stereotypes. I found her crush on Xander tedious he is not worth it I am glad in season 2 that she is with Oz who actually has more brain cells than Xander. Xander was quite funny and goofy but he was a little boring. I could not bear Cordelia in this season she is so shallow and mean and never grateful to Buffy until when she pulls up later in her car who rescues her at least twice in this season. She does seem to promise more depth and season 2 she seems better. Anthony Head was quite good as Giles very nerdy but human with feelings and I liked his and Buffy's relationship which was fatherly- daughter and I love the scenes when they are training together and she beats him to pulp and his hilarious reaction to her wanting to cheerlead again. David Boreanz in this season was good as Angel his visits always unexpected but I cannot see what the attraction between him and Buffy was beyond slaying and looks but she does not with the slaying have time to do much else. I think he is better in this series than season 2 at the beginning before the part when he turns bad as I do find in season 2 somewhat bland he is all looks and not much personality. The master was a freaky villain and Buffy's final fight with him was good. I like how Buffy and friends are a team and they all take their part but it would be good if Willow was given a little more action and Xander a bit less but he is far from a much marcho character though. I also like Whedon's feminist twist and the way many of his stories have a point.
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on 8 August 2014
The complete series as a whole is fantastic but I can understand why some people feel this is the weaker of the 7, First of all this season was given the go ahead pretty late into scheduling after another season failed to meet standards, So Budget for this was smaller than average for this type of show as its only 12 episodes instead of the full as latter seasons all are.
The story is got into straight away with strong impact that gets you hooked straight away if considering watching for first time the first two episodes are like a TV movie so you will definitely make your mind up from these. Characters develop so much over the course of the whole series and this season is no different even through its shorter you will come away feeling that you have known them for years it sets the main characters up perfectly as does Angel Joss Whedon has a real talent for doing this brilliantly giving each character their own distinctive personality then developing them along with the story firefly!
In this season Buffy shows how much variety is in the world not just vampires, spoilers witches for one thing it introduces to a world that has been one of the most influential in TV history making vampires popular. It sets long overarching storylines lines that last for seasons when you think something is unimportant it will turn up seasons latter.

Enough Buffy is fun to watch, has plenty of action, the star learned all the moves herself, acting is done well and at times you almost forget its a show you get that hooked from within 10 minutes and you won't stop until you've watched all the seasons and then angel but then you will be annoyed because Joss Whedon shows get cancelled.

What more to say Born early nineties watched this and still do.
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on 26 December 2016
Being a new fan I absolutely love buffy and I like the characters and the story lines tied with them. I like the concept with the vampires they are so different to the vampire diaries ones which I love that about them. Its completely different from my idea of vampires so watching is new and exciting
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on 8 May 2017
A godsend in it's day, the brilliantly bold and the fantastically written series will reward it's viewers for years to come.

A guide to High School and Humanity itself, my favourite show of all time.
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on 23 March 2017
I watched Buffy as a child and I loved it I had all the bags, accessories, etc I could find so I ws happy when I came across this box set so I could re watch my favorite TV show from my childhood. If you want to watch a empowering, butt kicking, strong female then Buffy is defiantly the way to go.
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on 30 September 2017
I love watching buffy can watch over again love if when on tv do brought the collection. It's a must watch
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on 7 May 2017
An entertaining show ahead of its time some very talented actors, the movie was even better, pee wee Herman was hilarious.
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on 30 April 2017
Loved the series. Well written and acted. Would recommended to anyone who loves si fi.
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on 5 August 2017
Past partners have been jealous of "Buffy " she still rocks!!!🤗🤗🤗
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on 17 June 2017
Still translates well. Bygone era of real quicky and cool
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