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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 15 November 2003
The G unit is here after all those hot mixtapes, they drop with beg for mercy. This is the street lyrics coming through 50 staying street with some of the lyrics. Banks is coming through as one of the hottest artists at the moment check out his remix of mobb deeps recent track backwards renamed trying to b a gangsta. Hitting off at ja rule again Hot Track. As for this album its pure g unit. Some hot beats Like dre's Beg for mercy and the laid back wanna get to know you. Some weak tracks though that sound a bit like filler material but if you love the g unit and there lyrics then get the album. This is the new rap crew taking the game over.
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on 13 August 2005
As soon as i heard of the release of this album i rushed to the shops and baught it . I had already heard the fantastic Dre produced banger 'Poppin' Them Thangs' ( and still to this day , remians the best song on the album )and i already obtained 50 Cents fantastic debut 'Get rich or die tryin .' I also had a copy of G-Units mixtape ' The Gangsta Mix.'I thought that there was nothing to lose and oh was i right .This is your more than typical 50 Cent album with crunching beats and dope rhymes .Amazingly , this is no 50 cent side project and Lloyd Banks and Young Buck really show there own and prove that they are no mear 50 wannabes . They each have there own talent and rhyming abilities although young buck is similiar to 50 as they share an equal love for firearms and reminising of 'hood days'. The only problem with this album is that the 3 songs in a row , eye for eye , smile and baby u got ALL have the same beginning sound and annoying music and verses . They certainly ruin the album and derive it from its overall gangsta feel .Besides this , the rest of the songs are FANTASTIC ! 'G-Unit' is a great introduction song with great beat and catchy hook , Lloyd Banks drops the best verse .'My Buddy' , sampling the famous scene from Scarface , is a more than predictable gun / beef song with great gun sound effects and death threats a-plenty . In my hood is not too bad , the chorus being sung by Lloyd Banks .Stunt 101 is a G-Unit 'classic' all about car parts / car upgrading , picking up babes etc. It has a brilliant , banging , catchy background , great hook and ALL members drop sick verses , one to rival poppin' them thangs. Unfortuneately Tony Yayo is scarsely seen on thyis album , only rhyming on the great 'groupie love' and the X-Rated love song , i smell p**** , dissing Enemies and serving as a seductive / love song .
Beg For Mercy is a typical club banger , sounding all too much like 50 cents back down and 'Gangsta s***' , 'salut u' and 'G'd up ' all sound the same , dark , catchy beats , with gun , drug and death talk . Overall this is a great G-Unit experiance , spoilt by the minority of bad songs , not up to 'G' standard .I reccommend this album to ANY G-Unit fan or hardcore / gangsta rap fans .
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on 8 November 2003
Well what can I say? So many solo artists have tried 2 put they boyz on in a group effort & not made it (D-12, St.Lunatics & Harlem World). The most recent sucess story was that of Cam'ron's Diplomats but it's time for 'G-Unit'. 50 has always had it locked down, back when I heard his verse on Onyx's 'React' from the '98 album Shut 'Em Down I knew 50 wud rep. Now even thou Yayo locked down he still gets sum verses off (pre-recorded). Buck the newest G-Unit member adds his Dirty South vocal talent to the release but Banks is the man who lyrikally assasinates this album. Him & 50 need to form a double act. They has similair ryhme styles & both have the lyrikal talent to smash it.
Tracks like 'My Buddy' (Sampling from the movie 'Scarface') & Beg For Mercy (produced by Dr.Dre) show the ruffness of the groups lyricism. Smashin' everything in their way. 'Stunt 101' naturally had to be the lead single with the bounce & attraction of heavy lyriks. The bonus cut had to be the 'P.I.M.P.' remix as it is the last track released by 50 with Banks & Buck. It brings a wider audience to the album. So all in all 5/5, can't mess wit' it, Banks kills it. Another St.Lunatics? D-12? I don't think so. Just watch it rack up sales!!!!!
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on 23 November 2003
Now before I begin I know my review is going to get bad ratings because I don't follow the 50 Cent crowd. But If you can look past that and see that I go into quite a lot of detail about the album and can make a reasonable judgement based on that I would be grateful!
50 Cent is the man you love to hate (well hate in my case). Curtis Jackson from South Side Queens is a former crack dealer turned rapper. When listening to his debut "Get Rich Or Die Tryin" his past is very evident. In hip hop these days whats sad is skill no longer seems to be a concern, but your sreet credibility can get you VERY high places. 50 Cent is a prime example of this, he's an awful rapper yet many (not all) buy his records because of his "Gangsta" image. When coming out he brough two side kicks along with him to add to "Shadys" long list; these were Banks and Young Buck. When listening to this album the inital feeling you get is just extreme violence, I've had people who LIKE G-Unit and said listening to this album made them want to go out and beat somebody up, this is very close to the truth.
I'm sure all of you have heard the arbatary single "Stunt 101". Yes the clasping drum loop and deep electrical keys classic of an Eminem production. I will be honest the production on this album is barable, on songs like "My Buddy" where deep keys and electric backboards play a deep part in the production; Dre and Eminem at times prove that they are very capable. But the thing that makes the album the horror that it is, is the lyricism. Good production can't really make up on a rap album what the whole album is based on...lyrics. To say that 50 and Co. are misogynist, unintelligent morons would be an understatement. 50's flow is very rubbery over the production, he pauses as if he seems to have forgotten his lines which doesn't help matters. After Ja Rules "Blood In My Eye" 50 dedicates most of this album to dissing him, which when you get two artists which are as awful as each other, isn't a good thing. 50 lets out some sweet punch-lines at times and then you realise he's fighting fire with fire, he's just as bad a Ja Rule! He says Ja releases bubblegun pop-hop records...ummm 50 whats "21 Questions"????
Anyway the lyricism on here is awful, if you don't belive me heres a taste-"I got a hand gun habit, ni--a front i'll let ya have it, when the shots go off cops sayin 50 back at it. I'm alergic to the feathers on these bird a-s ni--as, front and i'll put ya brains on that curbed fence ni--a."
See what I mean. 50 not totally to blame his side kicks are nearly as bad with Banks being the best lyricist out of all of them and even he comes up with "He ain't never been broke he glitchless, So reliable I bought him a rubber coat for Christmas. Infared beam in the scope for distance, the best company wouldn't proach in business". See if thats capable lyricism Canibus must be out of a job.
Most of the lyrics are about ice, jewels, Ja Rule and woman. This is an album not to be taken seriously. With some nice production at times even Slim Shady and the Doctor himself couldn't help this awful album going under.
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on 24 January 2005
like on of the other reviews i expected t buy this album thinkin most of songs wud be aight but boy was i wrong, every track on here is top. buck, banks, yayo(only a lil of him on this album) an the man himself 50 all surpass how good i thought this album wud be. this is at least 10 out of 5. i also HIGHLY recommend gettin any underground album by g-unit or 50 cent
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on 17 November 2003
At 1st i want sure how g-units album would come out.My original thoughts where that there would be a big hype then a huge dissapointment by 50 Cent fans. This would lead to people calling fiftey a 1 album wonder. However this isnt the case at all.I knew this from the intro "g unit" 5o, llyod banks, and young buck sound pure heavy over this beat. The next song is "poppin them thangs" This is a dr dre production and as usual dr dre delivers. 50 showing the same chemisistry as he showed on tracks like "in da club" and "heat". " My Buddy " is a song where g unit show the dedication to guns. Its has llyod banks singing the hook."im so hood" is a solo song by fitey. My opinion is that this is one of the weaker songs on the album. The beat is sick though and a 50 cent still use his smooth flow over it. " Stunt 101" is the lead off single so you gona of heard this before!nufff sed!Young Buck kills it!Young Buck also holds it down on " wana get to know you" (a love song) and kills it on groupie love. The rest of the album are similar to the the other tracks but somehow fails to get boring.Also has "i smell pussy" at the end. This is a must have for most hip hop fans especialy a shady/aftermath fan.
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on 28 October 2008
This is a gangsta rap album from start to finish. Listen to any of the tracks(excluding 'wanna get to know you') and youll get the picture. Personally I like Gangsta rap but i don't like this album. it appealed to me when i was about 12 years old(I'm now 15) but after listening to a range of different styles of hip hop from different eras it occured to me that this album carries absolutely no message. Its all jewelery, cars and guns, the life of what many people would call a 'gangsta' but it avoids more mature and realistic areas like the struggle to escape a life of crime, in fact g unit make it sound like robberies and drug dealing lead to success. Its not a completely awful album, Ive heard worse, but its nothing special either. If your a fan of g unit or any of the individual members then go ahead and buy it, i'm sure youll like it, its a lot more hard hitting and raw than some of the units more recent material...BUT, If your looking for strong wordplay, a unique sound or lyrics which deliver a message this isn't for you.
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on 4 November 2007
As my title explains this album is good (considering it's a debut) and is worth buying but is no way near as brilliant as 50 Cent or Eminem's debut albums. Most of the content is explicit and mainly about violence but for those idiots who say this album is bad because it will make people want to kill people - that is a stupid thing to say and is certainly not true.
50 Cent, Young Buck and Lloyd Banks feature the most on this debut because other G-unit member tony yayo was inprisoned upon it's release, but for those of you who think 50 is the only 1 who can rap, you're wrong.
Lloyd and Buck prove they can hold their own on certain tracks and provide good background rapping on choruses as 50 Cent is undoubtably the main man on this.
Best songs i think are Stunt 101 and Poppin' Them Thangs. They are really catchy and have great, bouncy rhythms whcih makes you want to listen to them over and over again.
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on 14 November 2003
On my first listen through this was poor, the second time it was ok and although it is growing on me, it is still disappointing. I was really looking forward to this release following the G-Unit mixtapes (especially Cutmaster C's G-Mix & the older Whoo Kid stuff) and hoped that this would be less commercial than Get Rich but Beg for Mercy has landed uncomfortably somewhere between the two. Apart from Stunt, there isn't really any track that captures your attention and the whole album is a bit boring to be honest.
The one good thing about this album that Eminem's influence isn't as noticeable as on Get Rich (which sounded like a second-rate Eminem tribute act in places) so it may be a truer indication of what 50, Banks & Buck are about – but next year’s solo albums will have to be much better if they are to maintain their hype. Although Yayo is on some of the tracks, his absence is very noticeable on others and I think this has affected the chemistry between the others.
I agree with Rocksuck 101 that 50 doesn’t come across very well on this (although I disagree that his voice doesn’t suit a laid back style as he often sound his best on some of his more relaxed tracks). You are left with the impression that he hasn’t put much effort into this and perhaps he would have been wiser to let Banks & Buck showcase what they can do on this album and just added enough himself to still be able claim credit for the album overall.
I think 50 and G-Unit are becoming something of an enigma – their mixtapes are excellent but so far, they haven’t been able to raise their game for the ‘official’ releases.
I’m sure this will still sell by the million but may struggle in the head-to-head with Jay-Z. Personally, I would recommend searching out some of their mixtapes over this.
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on 23 August 2004
G-Unit's "Beg For Mercy" sees 50 hook up with his posse Young Buck and Llyod Banks, the album is basiclly rubbish, sure a few songs are good such as "GD Up" or "Footprints", sadly the lyrics are all the same throughout and you get a bit bored, Young Buck and Llyod Banks aren't bad rappers but G-Unit are 'Meant' to be a bunch of gangstas but really they rap about cars and girls which is ok but can become boring.
I also noticed that 3 songs have familiar startings and the worst thing is that they are all next to each other in the album. Also 50 Cent isnt a bad artist and i think he will be successful, sadly he tries to live of 2Pac which isnt going to help him one bit as we all know that 2Pac was one of the best lyriclists of all time. Also G-Units album seems to lack good song names. "Smile" , "Baby U Got" seems to sound all so fimiliar, maybe they should hook up with Vanilla Ice and release the gangsta album, this album is over rated and i feel angry that people like Timbaland, RZA , Nas and even Wu-Tang dont get all the praise nor get there videos played very often because of todays Pop music, G-Unit are basiclly adored by teen girls and have been in the pop charts so long. Not only is G-units debut album rubbish it is truely one of the worst hip hop cds ever made and im sad to say Hip Hop isnt there anymore and the scene has changed too much and too quick. Buy this album if you must but i would recomend some Ja Rules "the last temptation" , Nas "i am nas" or Biggies "ready to die" also g-unit are not the first gangsta rap group as many news shows claim, its like Public Enemy or N.W.A Wasnt even here or even the westside connection, wu-tang , bravehearts, mobb deep and of course the outlawz. Sadly 50 is a breakthrough artist, his just another individual.
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