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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 16 October 2012
Mine arrived this morning, and I can confirm it's the same as the recent US release.

Audio Commentary with actresses Ellie Cornell and Danielle Harris
Audio Commentary with director Dwight H. Little and author Justin Beahm
Halloween 4/5 Discussion Panel (18:27)
Theatrical Trailer
Subtitles:English SDH and Spanish
Aspect Ratio:1.85:1
Picture Format: 1080p 24fps AVC MPEG-4
Soundtrack(s):English Dolby TrueHD 5.1
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on 16 October 2012
Halloween 4 arrives on blu ray thanks to anchor bay and the result is best described as mediocre.
The blu ray transfer just looks like an upscaled dvd,the picture is mostly soft and lifeless and the audio does not seem to have been improved much.
There are moments in the film where you get to see some sharp and defined images and there are also times when the colour seems to pop but,unfortunately most of the film just looks dull.Daytime scenes seem to fare best and are a big improvement over the dvd but,as fans know most of this film is set at night and so the transfer never really is allowed to shine.
If you are a fan of the halloween series,then for the price that they are now which is £7.00 on blu ray,then that is a bargain.However if you are hoping to see a massive upgrade in picture quality,then you might as well stick with your old anchor bay dvd.
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on 5 December 2013
October 30, 1988, and Michael Myers has been in a coma since that night a decade ago when his doctor set him on fire.

An ambulance makes its away along the road to Ridgemont, and Myers is on his way to another hospital. During the ride, he overhears the crew mention his young niece, and he kills them.

Dr. Loomis is alerted by the state troopers after the ambulance is found with blood everywhere.

Myers has already started to make his way toward Haddonfield, where he confronts his niece in a pharmacy, and then kills the town's phone & power lines leaving his niece and adopted sister trapped.

Now he's coming to pay young Jamie a visit....

In some sort of way, it was a smart move to bring Myers back after the experiment with the very good third movie, but it's more or less more of the same, Myers stalking family and killing silly people in wonderful ways, without even doing anything more than a slight stroll,

Back in 1988, i'm sure this would have been an awesome release, especially as at the time, Jason and Freddy were slightly losing there appeal, but twenty five years later, it's doesn't hold up too well.

Performances are okay, especially Harris and Pleasence, but the rest of the young cast are just Myers fodder, waiting for him to walk slowly toward them.

All in all, if you are a completest, it's worth seeing, just don't expect too much.
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Halloween 4 is a terrific entry in the best slasher series of all time. While it doesn't have quite the all-pervading atmosphere, suspense, and general gloom and doom of the incomparable original, it more than lives up to the Halloween tradition. To me, the key to this movie's success is the acting talent of both Donald Pleasance (Dr. Loomis) and young newcomer Danielle Harris (Michael's niece Jamey). Disfigured from his encounter with Michael ten years earlier, Dr. Loomis strides through this movie as the avenging hero he is, having to convince foolish minds that Michael has returned home to wreak havoc yet again. Of course, you can blame a couple of paramedics for tipping Michael off that he still has a living relative, namely his sister Laurie's little girl Jamie (Laurie has supposedly died in an accident a year earlier). After Michael is transferred out from under Loomis' nose, he naturally escapes and begins leaving a trail of bodies on his way to Haddonfield. Loomis is right behind him, intent on saving the little girl from her evil uncle. The young Danielle Harris gives an incredible performance for someone so young, conveying emotion and fear quite convincingly. After this movie came out, I remember hearing some criticism of terrorizing such a young person in this type of horror atmosphere, and Harris spoke quite eloquently on the subject from her perspective. She brings to this movie talent well beyond her years.
Surprisingly, this movie is not altogether that graphic. We rarely get to see the actual coup de grace of each killing (and in a couple of cases we don't even see the actual murder), and even the remains of the slain never exhibit much blood loss. Of course, Michael uses a variety of means (including his bare hands) to murder his victims here. I for one missed the guy's trademark knifings. He does get hold of a knife eventually, but, sadly, he doesn't get much of a chance to use it. As for Michael himself, it is easy to see that the man behind the mask is not the original "shape" Nick Castle. George P. Wilbur has a slightly different build, and he just doesn't have the malevolent presence Castle possessed. He is strong in the category of standing still and watching from the shadows, but he is a little awkward in his movements and often seems to be patterning them on those of King Kong.
This movie has some really nice touches to it, several that strongly call to mind pivotal scenes from the original. Another master stroke is the conclusion, which certainly surprised me when I first saw it. Far too often a trite ending can ruin one's impression of an otherwise good horror movie, but Halloween 4 offers evidence of how much a terrific ending can increase one's enjoyment of an already satisfying experience. By inserting a whole new chapter in the Michael Myers saga, Halloween 4 actually injected the series with newfound life (and blood); it certainly excited me as a fan, and that is something that most sequels of sequels simply do not do.
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on 16 January 2015

Its great to see Michael Myers return after a few years break since the second movie, part 3 went in a weird direction and broke the franchise up a bit, Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield to create more havoc, this time he's after his niece (Danielle Harris) and will kill anyone who gets in his way, its a great film with a cool cast especially Harris of course who was an amazing little actress who now deserves her scream queen fame, I think the ending to this movie is brilliant too, one of the best in the whole franchise, there's plenty of the usual creeping around and scares that you expect, nothing major gory here, but there's some blood letting, this is for die hard fans only really, the average horror buff wont get much.

Blu-ray looks good, features are quite good with a couple of commentaries that explain lots about the movie, and a Q&A with the cast which is rather cool.
If your a hard-core fan then seek out the German media book version which is 3-discs including the Blu-ray, DVD and movie soundtrack CD plus all these features and more. All in English. Region B.
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on 6 October 2009
The two things which hold this film together,firstly -the work of the director; who gives it a great opening sequence and "feel/vibe". And secondly - donald pleasance. The thing that basically lets the film down, is the mask they used. When i first bought this film on VHS, i was quite intruiged because i'd never seen any sequels past Halloween 2. I saw the cover, and what really irritates me, is on the cover they use an image of the mask used on halloween 2 (which in my opinion is rather scary). And then when you actually watch the film, the mask used is just basically quite funny looking. Watch it.. you'll see what i mean, and you'll probably see how that is what majorly destroys this film.
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on 9 June 2001
This is a very good horror movie.It would be my 4th favourite in the series(after 1,2 & H20).It picks up 10 years after Part 2, and has an interesting storyline whereby Myers returns to Haddonfield to stalk his niece.Donald Pleasance returns as Sam Loomis, one again to try stop Myers.The characters in the film, namely Loomis, Jamie(the niece) and Rachel(her step sister), are likeable and you end up hoping that none of them wind up dead.Dwight H. Little does well in trying to recreate the tension and suspense of the first 2 movies but never really gets there.It seems he may have been more interested in the violence with Michael on the rampage in his quest to kill his niece.I think the body count is very high in this movie compared to some of the other ones(Michael even attacks the police station which is a cool touch).Little seems to be more comfortable with the violence than with the frights and shocks, but overall he has created a very good, entertaining horror movie.If you love Michael Myers and any of the other Halloween movie then you'll love this one immensely.
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on 24 April 2015
Brief summary of the movie: Michael Myers is alive and the same as for Dr Loomis. Michael goes after his niece Jamie whose mum is Laurie Strode. Laurie is confirmed dead in this movie. He kills anyone who gets in his way. Dr. Loomis is eager to go to Haddonfield and warn the family and cops about Michael being alive.

This movie does have it's plot holes which a lot of true Halloween fans have the right to complain about. Like how does Michael and Dr. Loomis escape an explosion as seen in Halloween 2 (1981) ending. Michael was seen burning too a crisp and the explosion was too big for Dr. Loomis to survive that!!!! Also Michael's both eyes were shot. Yet somehow in this movie he was able to walk around and see - another plot hole!


This movie does have good acting from Donald (R.I.P. Legend). Ellie Cornell and Danielle Harris. A decent plot. I specifically enjoyed the trailer boys Earl and his crew that go around shooting in the bushes and killing someone they think is Michael Myers. That scene always gets me laughing. Pure comedy!

This movie has it's pros and cons. But is worth watching and buying. One of the best sequels in the series.
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on 11 September 2012

I suppose there's no real sense giving a plot summary considering 44 other reviewers here have done an admirable job summarising the plot, suffice to say Halloween 4 is an enjoyable slasher sequel that does its job well and while none of the sequels ever really match John Carpenters origional fans of horror cinema, and slasher movies in general should get a real kick out of this movie.

Firstly however, I should warn people this title, like a lot of anchor bay stuff, is region locked. So anyone not in posession of a multi-region capable player won't be able to watch this.

Secondly there was a lot of complaints over on .com regarding the lack of extras promised in the promotional release for this movie. Certainly I would have loved to have seen the extra footage but anchor bay havent scrimped on this release with TWO audio commentary tracks, one from Ellie Cornell and Danielle Harris, the other from director Dwight H little and author Justin Beahm. on top of this we get a discussion panel and a trailer.

Finally what about the film itself. well it looks great, no sign of DNR with a completely natural film look (blemishes and all) and great sounding Dolby TrueHD 5.1 audio.

Overall, if you can actually play the disc and you like Halloween 4 then pick this up, if you can't, well it should be on its way to a UK release some point this year.
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on 21 September 2001
Thank goodness for HALLOWEEN 4. If this film hadn't been made the entire name of HALLOWEEN would have been destroyed by HALLOWEEN III: Season of The Witch. After the explosive ending of HALOWEEN II Michael Myers has been lying dormant in a coma for the past 10 years. When Michael Myers overhears a paramedic saying that Michael now has a niece he goes on a violent rampage in an attempt to find her. Jamie Lloyd who is only 7 years old is pretty much defensive against her evil uncle , but luckily for her Dr. Loomis also survived the explosion and he returns to try and protect her. In this film Michael Myers is almost super human. He can survive anything thrown at him and can crush a man's face with one hand. This movie has unbearable suspense and a few surprises that will make you jump out of yor skin. Violence is the answer in this film. 8/10
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