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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 3 December 2015
I'm a grown man. I have a big hairy chest and beard. My dog has fierce teeth. I drink ales, in fact I quaff them. And nothing, nothing can reduce me to a blubbering mess like this film. It has a direct line to my inner emotions that nothing else has. Sometimes I even start blubbing as I put the disc in. I challenge you not to feel sad at that Eulogy. Or to celebrate as Colin runs through the town. or as Emma crumples. There are more quotable quotes in this film than in all over films put together in history*. There are more poignant and hilarious uses of Bill Nighy then in any other film ever**. You get see to see Martin Freeman's chesticles. Alan Rickman! Did I forget to mention Alan Rickman's in it, and he's good. Oh god, Emma Thompson's in it too and she's good as well, in fact she's good in everything (like Alan) but she's very good in this. When she smooths that duvet- come on you know which scene - a part of me dies. This film will make you love Joni Mitchell more.

This film on paper is a horrible saccharine yawn fest. But somehow out of the mangled mess something great is wrangled, by incredibly talented people at the top of their game. Its as if after an infinite number of romantic comedies the law of chance decided that this is THE ONE, this is one perfect romantic comedy that will forever define the genre. Go on buy it! Watch it. Watch it again, every single year at Christmas for the end of time.

I'm going to watch it just before Christmas stroking my big manly beard and my sharp tooth dog. And I will be crying and laughing, and my wife will be looking at me as if I was having a breakdown. And you know what I don't care, because for the brief*** 2 hours 16 I will be transported to a place of heart ache and joy, and I always, always come out of it feeling better.

*this isn't true.
**warning over exposure to Bill Nighy will make you want to laugh in a Nighy fashion
*** okay its quite long
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on 26 September 2012
I'm fed up with the number of reviewers here and elsewhere who have dismissed this wonderful film on the grounds that it's too sweet, that the stories are saccharin, and so on. Does nobody get it? The sweet sections are fantasies. Colin the 'love god' goes to Milwaukee in search of beautiful women, and that's exactly what he gets, in bucketfuls. But there aren't many romances like this. Take the painful scenes where Laura Linney, embarking on a physical affair with the love of her life has to answer the phone twice to her mentally ill brother, ruining the atmosphere and ending the new romance; and watch the later scene in which she is with her deeply disturbed, who is violent. Her love for her brother outweighs any of the other stories. Or what about Emma Thompson's discovery that her husband is planning to embark on an affair coupled with her strength in getting through it for the sake of her children. More love that is far from saccharin. Or Colin Firth's romance with his Portuguese housekeeper, following his wife's affair with his brother. The skill with which their story is told even though, until the climax, they don't speak a word of each other's language. There are many sweet things in the film, but only dyed-in-the-wool cynics should give a moment's thought to this. It is one of my favourite films, however many times I watch, because it's balance is perfect.
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on 9 September 2006
I've just read through all of the reviews on here and so many people have started theirs with the words "I don't normally like romantic comedies" or "I don't like Hugh Grant films". Then why are they watching it?

Too many people are watching this expecting too much. It's a film, not a documentary. In the words of Colin Firth, "It's not bloody Shakespeare".

Yes, Hugh Grant plays his standard character, (bumbling Englishman who you just want to give a slap), but that's what he plays. You don't find him doing a Tarantino do you?

Richard Curtis did a radio interview a few months ago and was asked what his plans for fuure projects was and he said that there were only so many ways he could get Hugh to mumble. He gets the joke, Hugh Grant is a parody of Hugh Grant.

Yes, Richard Curtis overdoes the sugar sweetness by a huge bucketload. That's what he does with his movies, split personalities. With Blackadder you got Curtis the cynic, with movies you get Curtis the incurable romantic.

People have said that the characters were unbelievable, that you don't find all these types of people in London. Go to the middle of London, it's full of them. Curtis has captured middle class England perfectly. It just might not be so recognizable to all of us at around the minimum wage mark.

I think a lot of people who have given this bad reviews really haven't watched it properly, hell most of them didn't even get the names and events right. Personally I think it is a great film to watch when you want to be uplifted, if you can't keep up with more than one storyline then go buy the Teletubbies. If you want a film that shows Britain for the majority then watch Shaun of the Dead, if you want Britain at its worst then watch Scum.

If you want to see Britain at the same level as Richrd Curtis see it then watch this, he says that a lot of characters and events in his films can be traced back to people and events he sees around him.

The cast in this are mostly wonderful:

Hugh Grant - Plays Hugh Grant in a wide selection of ties

Colin Firth - Can do comedy and emotion with equal ease, but can't help jumping in water.

Liam Neeson - Can't go wrong with Liam (Except Star Wars but that was beyond Liams control). Only he could have pulled of the funeral scene with as well as he did.

Bill Nighy - Pure comic genius, hard to remember seeing this that he is a dramatic actor, in this he is hilarious.

Alan Rickman - Again, how can he do wrong?

Rowan Atkinson - Another great Curtis regular, and one of Britains all time best actors. Should be given bigger parts but makes up for it in performance.

Thomas Sangster - Young but shows potential for future acting.

Emma Thompson - One of the most emotional scenes of the film, listening to CD alone in bedroom.

Martine McCutcheon - Wasn't expecting much from a TV actress but was surprised. Seeing Hugh Grant kissing her was just plain wrong though. Like a dirty old man.

Keira Knightley - Pre-Pirates and still finding her way in movies, wasn't in the film enough to develop completely.

Laura Linney - Wonderful performance, you could feel her pain at having to choose between family and love.

Lucia Moniz - Wonderful, shy and quiet at first, sweet,cute and adorable at end. Also Portugese Eurovision Song Contest entrant in the 90's but don't hold it against her.

Listen to the cast commentary with Richard Curtis, Hugh Grant, Bill Nighy and Thomas Sangster. It's almost as good as the film itself.

This film isn't for everyone but then what film is there in the world that EVERYONE loves?
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on 12 December 2012
Slick, glossy and clever. The film cuts to people in various situations - working in a Advertising / 'Creative' Agency, a TV film company, friends at a wedding, an author writing a book in his French holiday home, 10 Downing Street complete with Prime Minister Hugh Grant, etc. The gist of the film is the personal relationships between people and in particular their search for love - the most basic human need after food. And people are all different, some outgoing and extrovert, others shy and retiring, and many in between the two. The differing personalities are all beautifully depicted and there are a lot of very funny situations and conversations. But hidden beneath the glamour and the face we present in public, is the sensitive, easily hurt part of our nature - which is also seen, particularly in the receptionist whose mobile phone seems to be always ringing, and which she just has to answer no matter what the situation. Even at a deliriously happy moment when she is becoming intimately acquainted - for the first time - with a shy colleague from work. And of course the evening is ruined and the relationship falls apart. The initial reaction is what a stupid dumbo, why the hell doesn't she turn the bloody thing off - and then comes the hammer blow that leaves you reeling, if not actually crying - cut to said lady, a little later, in a face to face 'conversation' with her mentally ill brother who, prone to violent outbursts, has to have a minder with him at all times. You then realise the reason she has to be 'on call' at all times, but has not wanted to tell anyone about her brother. And there are other similar heart - wrenching moments, although not quite as extreme.

So, yes, the film is a bit over the top, a bit exaggerated, but it still works perfectly, has the perfect balance of humour and seriousness, and is one that I would see over and over again.
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on 17 October 2009
DTS-HD MA 5.1 English.
DTS 5.1 French, Spanish, Italian, German, Latin American Spanish.

English SDH, French, Canadian French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Latin American Spanish.
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on 11 September 2004
Love Actually not only cocoons you in a world eternally Christmas, making you feel all fuzzy and nice inside, but throws up some genuinely interesting points. Its premise - in fact it's full title - is Love Actually Is All Around, everyone loves and is loved by someone, even the most unlikely people have their own love stories to tell, and love itself takes many forms.
It's classy, escapist, romantic, cosy, thought-provoking sugar.
But it has also been reviewed to death, so I won't dwell on the plot but rather on the DVD's special features.
I'd been disappointed by favourite films whose DVDs have come with a meagre lack of extras (Titanic, are your ears burning?) - happily not the case here.
Here's what you can expect for your £16.99 - actually:
- Witty, engaging commentary by writer/director Richard Curtis, Hugh Grant, Bafta-winning Bill Nighy and young Thomas Sangster (Hugh Grant's real-life cousin, who plays lovesick moppet Sam). Digs aplenty from naughty Hugh at his Bridget Jones love rival Colin Firth ('Controversial cardy he's wearing there!' 'Guess you had to film him from above to make him look thinner!').
- The cringe-o-rama promo for Billy Mack's spoof Troggs/Wet Wet Wet remake, Christmas Is All Around.

- The obligatory behind-the-scenes documentary, which is in fact the one letdown here, being a tad on the short and lightweight side.

- Highlighted songs - including All I Want for Christmas(sung brilliantly by mature-beyond-her-years 10-year-old Olivia Olsen, alias little Sam's love interest, Joanna) and The Beach Boys'God Only Knows - with enlightening introductions by Richard Curtis, which demonstrate the power of a good soundtrack to a mushy blockbuster.
- A virtual movie's-worth of deleted scenes. It really is a revelation just how much was sacrificed to the cutting room floor - but then if every single tiddly character's love story were allowed to unravel, the film would never end. Love Actually could spawn a thousand sequels.
Which may not be a bad thing.
Oh go on - buy it, leave your brain and cynicism outside the door, close the curtains, pour yourself a Baileys, open the Milk Tray and wallow in sugar!
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on 8 November 2014
Love actually is the movie, which me and my girlfriend loved from the very first seeing. And even more and more with every subsequestial watching. I remember watching it together about three times, and at least a couple of times I watched it on my own. So, where to begin?

There are so many people involved in the plot that it's actually hard to count. But the main five relationships or stories within are those: Hugh Grant, as the Prime Minister of UK, falls in love with one of his employee - a lovely girl from Wandsworth, London ( supposedly the doggy end ). Second story is about the writter played by Colin Firth. His tragic and hurtful split up with his girlfriend at the beginning get's him to the bottom. He decides to head uphills to his "crib", where he meet lovely Portugese girl, who is there to help him with tidying and cleaning.

The third story starts with the wedding and sort of happily ever after, however, the usual triangle crops up soon. The forth one is about 11-year old boy, who's experiencing a "total agony" of being in love with the school Goddess from America. His father just lost his wife and had a speech at her funeral, so the pain is very close to him at those times. Nevertheless, he keeps the dream of meeting Claudia Schiffer alive, along with helping his song with the masterplan of attracting his dream girl.

And the last "main" story is around two young male friends, living together dreaming about girlfriends. Until one of them called Colin decide to go to US, with the vision of easy girls due to his cute British accent. There is a "sort of" happy ending for most of characters in the movie, even if there is some drama experienced along the way. Very quality movie worth watching it many, many times.
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on 23 December 2015
'Love Actually' is a Christmas themed Rom-Com starring many great actors such as Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Kiera Knightley and Hugh Grant. I thought this film was quite enjoyable to watch around Christmas time and the actors made it even more magical. The soundtrack was also very catchy and features many great songs. There were some good rememberable comedy moments and the ending gave me mixed emotions. However, I didn't like the beginning of the film as I was wondering "What is going on?" because the film kept on changing scenes to different families and people. But when I did start getting use to it I think it worked very well. This is a Christmas Classic not to be Missed.
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on 9 February 2004
Richard Curtis pulls in every favour he was ever owed in order to assemble such a top-notch cast that delivers a thoroughly enjoyable film. The two biggest names are Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, reunited again, but although both are brilliant at doing what they do best every character in the film is well acted and therefore this film never lets you down, even when you think it might be getting to tangled up in itself.
Hugh Grant plays the loveable 'prince charming' role- this time he's a prime minister who falls in love with a member of his staff who is played by Martine Mcutcheon (surprisingly well)...Colin Firth escapes to France to recover from a broken heart but then finds the girl of his dreams, only problem is she's Portuguese and therefore they don't understand a word each other says...One of the most superbly acted thread of the storyline is that between a married woman who feels like she is losing her husband who is attracted to his younger worker at a newspaper office. They are played by Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman to perfection and so wholly believable you end up rooting for them right to the end...Liam Neeson plays a widowed Father desperately trying to somehow connect with his son, who himself is feeling the pain of love when he tries to win the affection of a girl in his school...Laura Linney plays a journalist who is completely in-love with a co-worker since she first started but never told him, instead opting to admire from afar...There's also Kiera Knightley (Pirates of the Caribbean) who mistakes the reason why her newly wed husband's best friend seems so distant with her, played by the ever charming Andrew Lincoln...Even though that's enough for any film, there is even more brilliant acting from the 'supporting' cast which includes the ever funny Rowan Atkinson and the hilairious Bill Nighy as an ageing rocker with one last shot at reaching the top of the charts...Even after that there's still more- from Kris Marshall who makes his break from My Family to the big screen and Billy Bob Thorton who tries to steal The Prime Minister's love.
With a cast this big, and so impressive, what more could you ask for from a film? The plot is woven in and out of each other, intricatally connecting and inter-connecting, climaxing on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. The only problem is that the film is almost too good- some storylines are so touching (Laura Linney's deprivation from the love of her life to attend to her ill brother) and some are so heart-felt (Colin Firth dashing to Portugal to pronounce his love) that you just want to see more of them. Other storylines aren't completely finished and your left wandering what happened which I'm not sure if it was done on purpose or not, and some (Alan Rickman and his wife Emma Thompson) coulld just have an entire film all by themselves.
The extras include all the usual you would expect from a DVD- audio commentaries, deleted scenes, a storytellers featurette, music highlights- and yes, you even get Bill Nighy's brilliant music video for 'Love is all Around.' Overall this film cannot fail to make you feel good, even though sometimes it leaves you in tears it never stops making you laugh.
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on 2 January 2010
First off, I love this film. Saw it at the cinema & bought the dvd same day it was released. I've watched it more times than I care to count so this review is purely on the quality of upgrade to blu-ray. And that can only be described as superb!!

Everything is just sharper and clearer. I already thought the picture was good by playing the 'normal' dvd on the blu ray machine but this takes it a step further. The clarity is just something else. It's the little things like the shine on the door of No.10 - you can see the reflections in it!!! I'd never noticed that before. The early scene with the large Christmas Tree lit up in the shopping centre is blinding! Seriously, you do a double-blink as it is like being in bright sunlight.

The sound track is sharper and you do hear things - background noises in particular - that you won't have heard before. I spent a lot of the film wondering if bits had been added-in as there seemed to be so much I had previously missed. With this film being made only six years ago I didn't expect it to have much to upgrade but I was wrong. It is good.

And finally, the main question - how does Hugh look doing that dance??? This was the ultimate test for this film in this format. All I can say is that a white shirt & black trousers never looked SO DARN GOOD!!!!!!!

If, like me, you adore this film then you must treat yourself to the blu-ray edition. It really is worth it.
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