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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 January 2004
Robbie Williams - the greatest showman of his generation. Just like freddie mercury before him with the ability to captivate a crowd. Knebworth see's him at the top of his game, with all the hits there, and fillers from escapology (me and my monkey etc)
It's recorded across the three nights, which can make it confusing especially with the sunset, and the lighting levels changing constantly. For example because of the gorgeous sunlight on saturday, liz (lighting bod) didn't use audience lighting for let me entertain you etc.
Let me entertain you: (8 1/2 / 10)To many clever bits of editing for my liking, and switching between the 3 nights
Let Love be your energy (8/10) I've never liked the original but it's a lot better and rockier in this version
We will rock you (5/10)- Robbie screams over the top of the chorus, and it isn't the complete song
Monsoon (10/10) Robbie gets going, the tension in the middle is fantastic, and the walk is hilarious (you'll see what i mean)
Come Undone (8 12 / 10) Robbie snogging that bird in the middle loses the singing, do we really need to see it?
And now the real concert and audience interaction gets going
Strong (9 / 10) Audience singing tickles the spine a bit - and the intro is hilarious.
Me and my Monkey (9/10) Hilarious, i liked it on the original album (escapology) but this versoin beats it, excellent accents - but watch those facial expressions
Hot Fudge (10/10) - Dont' let the kids watch this bit - those dancers get 2 hot 2 handle. Great song though.
Max Beesly and piano appear
Mr Bojangles (9/10) Beautiful and simple ballad
She's the one (8/10) I dont like the song - but his word changes and interaction with the people in the crowd make u tingle
Max goes away
Supreme - (8 1/2 10)nice green lights and rock dj adlib.
No regrets (10/10) Beautiful song, beautiful reproduction, better than the album, no weedy guitar - and the last bit is shouted
Kids (9/10) No Kylie, but good backing singer, and white lighting
Robbie gets a guitar
Made up song - funny and brings Mum onto the stage then criticises her walk
Better man, nans song (8/10) Very good polished performance
Feel (8/10) Sunday night, and robbie's starting to get emotional
Rock DJ (10/10) great entrance through the floor, and that lighting - we've been tryin to do it on our rig for weeks, im so jealous
Angels (9/10) Spine tingling, but not the best version. saturday nights was mindblowing and had me in tears - this didn.t
Overall 8 1/2 out of 10
Robbie's adlibs are the highlight of making this above average runthrough of songs - but robbie is no average performer
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on 11 December 2003
I went to see the show, and I'm definitely not a Robbie fan! I just happened to pick up spare tickets and heard the darkness and moby were playing... anyway, I was knocked over! The croud were cheering, and the entire show was absolutely amazing! What a performance! I watched it again when it was on TV, and was still amazed. Like i said, i'm no robbie fan, but *insert god's name here* it was absolutely fantastic! I'm buying the DVD for my mum for christmas, the robbie fan whom I went with, and you can bet I'll be sitting watching it with her! A must buy for any Robbie fans, and for people that are a bit uncertain, don't hesitate, it'll be the best live DVD you own.
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on 10 January 2004
This concert is incredible. The crowd just getting there stopped traffic for miles in the Knebworth area and down the A1. RW is full of energy and the band and his team are 'tight'. The stage is visually impressive with flame effects and despite its size (and RW's lack of size) RWs stage presence is truly amazing. So, if you want to be converted to being a RW fan buy this DVD. Even my dad (a former non-believer) is now slowly understanding what modern pop-rock is about. As a small tip play the game on the bonus DVD Disk 2 and you will get to see RW sing with Mark Owen formerly from 'Take That').
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on 28 November 2003
I went to Knebworth on Friday 1 August. Really delighted that the DVD is not just a repeat of the Saturday night performance but the majority is from the Friday. Rob was far more emotional that night than when I watched on the Saturday, and it was one of the most amazing nights I have experienced. He was sincerely touched by the crowd and broke down a few times on the Friday night. He was a little more used to it on the Saturday and played to the cameras a little more, but I guess that this was to cover heightend nerves from the live broadcast!
The DVD captures this amazing event to perfection. It has been noted that there are songs missing....every song that he sang at the concert is on the DVD...including Back For Good from the Sunday night with Mark Owen, which can be accessed after playing the interactive game on the second DVD.
It was a truly amazing experience that is captured totally by this DVD....from the amazing opening (Let Me Entertain you - which no-one does better) to the spine-tingling, goosebump-producing sing-a-long finale of ANGELS!
I couldn't function properly for a week after seeing this concert....so how Rob was feeling, we'll never know!
We booked to see Rob in Lyon in October as soon as we returned.....but the audience weren't a patch on the Knebworth crowd - they sat with arms crossed and just WATCHED!!! (We were even told to sit down as it "isn't the French way"!!!) No wonder Knebworth was so special....Rob fed off the crowd and the crowd off him!! I would think that this event could never be recaptured and if you didn't get to witness it first-hand, buy this! It will be watched till it wears out!
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on 7 November 2003
I went to the concert on Friday and also watched the one on Saturday on C4. I have to say that live Robbie Williams is very very good and the atmosphere was electric. The Saturday concert, however, must have been a little disappointing as he seemed to be playing far more to the cameras than the audience. I will be buying it (well getting it for Xmas) as he is an excellent showman - I hope that all the bits that C4 must have cut out will be restored and so we can get the full "Robbie" experience.
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on 4 December 2003
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on 3 December 2003
For all of you who were lucky enough to be at Knebworth---I'm so jealous. Since I live in America, I saw Knebworth via the Internet. Yet, though the image on my computer screen was no more than three inches square, it was unbelievably thrilling. I can only imagine what it must have been like to be there. For as long as it was still available on line, I watched instant replays over and over, even at work. [Thankfully, my boss never caught me.] I could not get enough.
The concert I saw on line was different from this DVD version. The DVD version is better in a couple of ways. The girl Robbie plucked from the audience "gets more" on the DVD and the "She's the One" couple on the DVD get Rob's jacket. Unfortunately, there's no mention of Mr. Trussle's butcher shop on the DVD version. A mistake, I think. It was quite wonderful. Thankfully, the game on this DVD is easy to play and reveals some interesting clips, including the Mark Owen reunion, which is relatively insignificant for an American who doesn't know "Take That" from a hole in the wall, but the song is quite catchy nonetheless.
I do have a slight beef though about the way the DVD's been edited. This was rushed into stores for Christmas, and it shows. Okay, already with the hundreds of thousands of people. I got the point in the opening shots and so did everyone else. It wasn't necessary to intercut every 10 seconds of footage with a lot of pointless crowd shots. I bought this for Robbie's performance. Presumably that's why all those people were there too? The "documentary" is a mishmash of meandering vignettes, none very compelling, apart from observing how flexible Robbie Williams's well-toned body is. Mmmm, that leads to a few decadent thoughts anyway.
No matter. I love Robbie Williams. I think he is the greatest entertainer -- ever. He will talk and Hollywood will listen. Mark my words. It's going to happen.
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on 24 November 2003
I wasn't fortunate to go to Knebworth, but I was at Murrayfield for the first night of the European tour. It was absolutely awesome. Watching Knebworth on TV brought it all back to me. This DVD captures every magical moment of the concert and will definately entertain you for hours. Warn the neighbours before watching it, as I'm sure you'll want to turn the TV volume to max. Oh by the way, Back for Good with Mark Owen IS on the DVD, if you look in the right place !! (win the interactive game and it's there)
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The biggest gigs, at that time, in British history.

135,000 a night. That's about...(gets out fingers and abacus)... 0.50% of the country, over the next three nights. Or one person in two hundred. That's a lot. The place is so big, you can't even see the back of they crowd. It's so big that the crowd probably peels back beyond sight due to the curvature of the earth. There's a section where Robbie asks `the people at the back' if they are OK, and from somewhere at the back of a hill there's a distant roar. It sounds like the war cry of an approaching army.

Knebworth is a place where egos dare. It's enormous. This we have established. You probably see it from space. The crowd slowly but imperceptably tightens. Anticipation rises. And there he is. On a TV Screen from your DVD, and on a TV Screen in the field on the night.

Suspended from the ceiling of the stage on a tightrope. King Robbie of England. Our favourite heavily tattooed, neurotic drug-snorting, promiscuous, foul mouthed, all-round lovable family entertainer. Wow, how does he do that? And everybody loves him. Because he's a bit naughty, but nice at the same time. He leads us in a Drugs BOO / Alcohol YAY chant and the best use of expletives since Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Handily edited out of this DVD.

Seriously, I don't even need to review the music. You know what the songs are, what he sounds like, and what you think of it. Suffice to say that every song sounds like a hit - even the ones that weren't - and that, lyrically, Robbie is our uncrowned Poet Laureate. The words are everything that huge portions of the crowd aren't : witty, insightful, full of depth, understanding, and knowingly absurd. Lyrics don't get much better than this. (I told you I was in touch with my inner snob). Musically it's quite drab, but every song sounds like the most important, relevant song ever written, to who I am, to who we are, to what its like to be me, us, now, whenever he sings them. (Apart from possibly Mr.Bojangles. ) These songs are the nations alternate anthems, every last one of them. Though the set is seriously skewed away from his under-rated debut, Life Through A Lens. So no sign of Lazy Days, Old Before I Die, or Freedom. Shame. But we do get Angels, No Regrets, Strong, Let Love Be Your Energy, Feel, Come Undone - you know, all the biggies. And Let Me Entertain You is easily the best opening song for any gig.

And you know who Robbie is. Let him entertain you. A lovable cheeky chappy who makes us, all of us, feel as if he's an all round nice bloke. He gets crushed members of the crowd up on stage to sing with him, he has conversations with individual members of the audience, dedicates songs to couples and dares them to snog on live TV, and has a dance with his mum. Aww. Isn't he lovely?

Instead of merely presenting songs, Robbie is one of the very, very few in the world who actually entertains. You never quite know what he's going to do next ; even if it is flub the words deliberately, conduct the world's biggest karaoke singalong, or mangle Take That's greatest hits in a thrash-metal medley fashion, which, somewhat oddly, is the climax of tonights show. If only everyone was as irreverent towards their own songs. Apart from Bob Dylan, whose so irreverent one could regard him as a murderer.

Fabulous. Seriously. This is so much more fun than a Radiohead gig. If Robbie ever gets bored singing, he could become a seriously interesting stand up comedian. This is the cult of personality in the flesh. And with that, 135,000 people are entertained. Make no mistake : Robbie Williams was - is - fantastic. Britain's best entertainer (if not the best lyricist), and a showman unseen and unrivalled in this generation. If this country could elect royalty, arise King Robbie.
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on 3 January 2004
First, I am not a 'Take That' left over (no offence meant!)and neither is the poor husband who was dragged along to Knebworth on the second af August. In fact, we are both far too close to 40 for this sort of thing. Both of us agreed catagorically, however, that we have never been entertained so well. Robbie engages every individual member of that crowd (including those of us who were right at the back) because he is LOVING IT! He carries the crowd like no one else we have seen (Bono excepted - maybe..)and this DVD captures the joy and sheer party atmosphere of that hot summer day. If you were there, relive the experience, and if you were not, see Robbie before you die and enjoy the DVD anyway. Rob- thank you!
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