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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 13 August 2004
I picked the game up cheaply recently, not expecting much from it. I wrote it off a platformer (they're not my cup of tea). I was very, very wrong.
I don't exaggerate when i say, having just finished it, i found it the most rewarding gaming experience in a long time.
BGE is an adventure game, ala Zelda on the 64. Only, it incorporates gameplay elements from almost every popular genre of the past few years, and even brought back memories of games i played 10 years ago. Although mainly based around action and stealth, the game features a little RPGing, vehicle racing, free-roam exploring and puzzle solving, wrapped up in a quirky, but beautiul looking, story driven game, featuring some outrageous characters and genuinelly funny dialogue
There are a few niggles. I literally cruised through it in around 11 hours, due to it being a bit on the short side and the difficuly never being more than a little challenging. But these can also be plus points. It won't cause you to pull your hair out, or lose hours of your life to a game.
I let ICO slip through my fingers. Now i can't find a copy anywhere it. I thing BGE is going to be similar. I'm glad i've got my copy, and wouldn't sell it for the world. I'm looking forward to playing it again someday. highly recommended
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on 1 January 2004
It is so nice to find a really good game! I've lost hours of my life to it already. The landscape is stunning, and you view the characters from so many perspectives. It's also nice just to be able to get on with the game - if you die, then you are returned back to the beginning of the fight, not back to your last save.
The characters also do lots of jumping and climbing on their own, so it's good that you don't have to spend half an hour just trying to jump from one place to another.
It seems really easy to play at the beginning, and the enemy is easy to kill, but that all changes later on.
Theres a side kick pig that goes most places with you, and you can interact with every other character too.
It really kept me interested and entertained - but it might not be for the die hard RPG players, but its great fun, and you get to drive a hovercraft too!
Go on - buy it!!!
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on 10 December 2003
Remember Little Big Adventure and its sequel? Remember Alone In The Dark? It started the whole Resident Evil thing. Remember Flashback and Fade To Black? They have one thing in common apart from being great games and starting copy-cat franchises. They're all French, as is this game from Michel Ancel, the creator of Rayman.
And it LOOKS French. It's very arty farty, as are the above games mentioned. It's in widescreen, the characters are bizarre mutations of present-day animals who have evolved into bipedal, intelligent lifeforms (they aren't CUTE). And its the best game I've ever played.
Which is a shame, because it's getting next to no hype. It's going to be dismissed as a roaming platformer in the style of Jax and Daxter (there are NO platforming bits in this game - at all). And it's much more than that. The characters are excellent, Pey'j has to be the best sidekick in gaming history. He gets kidnapped a quarter of the way through and you really do hope that nothing's happened to him, because you grow to love that guy!
The best gimmick of the game has to be the stealth elements. Instead of the camera going high so you can see your enemies, ala Metal Gear Solid, the camera goes right down low, virtually on the ground, making the stealth bits fun instead of a chore you have to get through to advance, as they are in other games.
Yes, this game's great, and it's not getting the attention it deserves. It's like Star Wars but with better acting. It sucks you in. And in HMV it only costs twenty quid on release! Top notch!
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on 16 February 2004
A round of applause to Ubisoft for daring to release an original and unproven new game in the Christamas rush rather than playing it safe with an established franchise or a licensed game. Unfortunately the game barely charted in the festive period and has sank without a trace - luckily that means there are lots of discounted copies available for gamers willing to seek something a little different from the numerous updates and rehashes. BG&E scores full marks for creativity and visual impact. The graphics are superb, and the wonderful design really brings the world of Hillys and it's inhabitants to life. The designers have blended elements of 3D platform, stealth and futuristic racing genres. While this means each section is essentially a watered down version of stand alone games of the same ilk, the whole package fits together very nicely to provide a compelling experience. There is also a nice, continuous sub-quest to photograph the many and diverse life forms of Hillys. Sadly, BG&E is let down by the ease with which the game can be completed. While this means you will never be frustrated by the puzzles or battles that you encounter, it does mean you should be able to breeze through the game in under 10 hours. A shame then, because BG&E is great while it lasts. It'll just leave you wishing there was more developers taking chances like this with original products.
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on 31 December 2003
I had heard nothing of this title and was admittedly only tempted by it's low price point. I've always been a fan of arcade adventures in the Tomb Raider mode and this seemed like it was worth the risk.
Having played Beond Good and Evil virtually non-stop for the last 4 days I have finally finished the game and what a great game it is! I was hooked from the clever storyline and the variety of gameplay styles (exploration, combat, driving, shooting, photography!). Controls, so often a hindrance in this kind of game, are spot on, making this a real pleasure to play.
A definite 5 star game then which Ubisoft should of publicised a lot more - don't miss out on this little gem!
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on 13 January 2004
Ok This game has its faults ( the cut scenes are a little long some times and its a bit too nice ),But you dismiss this very quickly , it has so many things going for it, engaging and excellent game play from the start, excellent graphics,a story line with plot twists that bowl you over.And fun and engaging characters. BUY this Game !
If you are a fan of Jak and Dexter, Ratchet and Clank, then you will love it.Miss it at your peril.
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on 9 December 2006
When Beyond Good and Evil was released, I thought about buying it at first, and then changed my mind. 3 years later, I have finally gotten this game and I must say I do regret not doing so earlier. It is a real shame that the game didn't sell too well since, as a result, many people don't know what they're missing out.

What I liked:

The characters: They are really great and you will get attached to them straight away.

The voice acting: The voice actors are just spot on, and they contribute a lot to making the character's actions more credible.

The design: Even though I have to say that at first, I was a bit skeptical about the very cartoony design of the characters, in the end it work perfectly. The world of Hillys is full of unique creatures and plants that make the adventure very immersive.

The story: You are in charge of discovering the truth about a recent alien invasion, and you soon become an agent for a rebel network who wants the population of the planet to open their eyes.

The animation: Jade, Pey'j and all the other characters they encounter in their quest move very well, and the game is full of little details that make the whole experience more pleasant (like when Jade takes an item, you actually see her take it, and when she doesnt need it anymore, she puts it back in place).

The gameplay (well, most of it): very intuitive commands, you won't have any difficulty learning which button does what. The fighting commands, I thought, are particularly good since you can seamlessly target multiple ennemies in the same fight, depending on the direction towards which you press the left stick. In the game, you'll have to explore, fight, take pictures, move around in a hovercraft, a spacecraft, shoot, race against competitors, use stealth and avoid being seen, solve puzzles and much more, so the gameplay is very varied.

What I didn't like as much:

The gameplay (a tiny bit of it): The controls are context sensitive, meaning that in an "exploration" context, the X button will be the action button, but in a "fight" context, the same button will be the attack button. Which means that as soon as a fight starts, Jade can't do anything else than fight, which can be problematic at times. Also, if you want to use the inventory, you have to keep pressing the analog stick in a given direction while you make your choices with the X button, and it's sometimes a bit confusing.

The duration: The game is extremely short. There are only 5 "dungeons" to complete, and even though in some places you will have to stop and think about how to go to the next area, it is likely that you will complete the game in a weekend.

The "exploring": Yes, the game is set in quite a big world, and at first, you will probably think, like I did, that it means you'll have a lot of exploring to do. Well, yes and no. There is only ONE sidequest in the game. By sidequest, I mean a quest that you do not HAVE to do to advance in the story. Therefore there is no real free exploring since you will HAVE TO visit all the areas of the map and you will HAVE TO find their treasures, otherwise you will not be able to advance in the story.

The camera angles: Most of the time they are brilliant, but at times they can be annoying, especialy during fights and some stealth sections.

All in all, I definitely recommend this game to anybody who likes adventure games, I really enjoyed playing it and its few bad points were not enough to spoil the experience.
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on 26 July 2004
Wow! This game is incredible! It is an incredibly addictive blend of Stealth, Action, Racing and its own unique ideas. The storyline is surprisingly good - very involving, twisting and almost believable!
The graphics are superb and you will find yourself gasping with amazement as you fly around the peaceful planet of Hillys, where this game is set. Sound is also a plus point, in a french kinda way.
The one problem is length. Other games that arent especially long make up for that by including lots of things to collect and reasons to revisit levels. I completed this game in 2 days only to be just whicked back to the main menu.
But DONT let that put you off. As I said before, this game is absolutely fantastic to play and it really needs people to go out and buy it so hopefully Ubisoft might make a sequel.
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on 25 November 2004
This is one of the greatest tragedys of our time. Ubi-soft, an incredible developer (prince of persia, rayman, splinter cell) released Beyond good and evil AT £20 and no one brought it!
The game follows a young girl named Jade who is on a mission for a secret group to uncover the conspiracy that has been created by the alpha sections. Apparently, many people are going missing and something REALLY sinister is going on (trust me, you wont really find out what until the end, but its worth the wait.) Not only this, but they kidnap her Uncle at an early stage, and so, not only is she trying to bring down this group, but shes trying to rescue her uncle.
The graphics are fairly simple, but nice and the mosters that you encounter are well drawn out. But i dont think the game deliberately dwells on graphics, but emphasizes gameplay. There are driving sections (in your own hovercraft) where you need to take down enemies. Stealth sections, where you have to be extremely careful and fighting sections which are as standard. NOT ONLY THIS, but there are a number of subgames, including a rather cool space table hockey game! You are also employed to take photos of creatures for money. There was plenty of room for all of this to go wrong, as it does for many games that mix so many genres into one, but this game successfully pulls it off! You dont get the impression that the developers put more effort into one thing than another but you generally get the feel of an incredible world with a sinister twist.
So the storyline is good (it has the most touching woman-dog scene ever featured lol!) its graphics are well done, and the music is generally good, tense in some places, very fast, action packed for bosses etc. Its gameplay is unparalleled, and almost every magazine gave it at least 8/10 (game, official playstation 2, Cube etc.) Putting it bluntly, for the price, this is a game you will not regret buying!
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on 7 January 2004
Jade sets out photographing native flora and fauna, racing in her hovercraft and battling enemies in a beautifully crafted title from the makers of Ray Man.
An involving storyline and likeable characters will keep you playing this game right to the end just to see what will happen next. With cut-scenes seamlessly integrated into the gameplay and problems just hard enough to make you feel superior when you solve them, this is one of my favourite games ever.
If it is a teeny bit on the short side, you'll be as desperate as I am for a sequel - Ubi Soft take note!!
A lovely game with strategy and stealth elements, where fire power isn't always the answer, a good title to pick up and put down without losing the place. Highly recommended to everyone but fight fans!
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