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on 12 December 2003
This is the product for you if
1. You want to connect more than one computer to a single ADSL service.
2. You want to use an ethernet local network (althought Netgear also produce a wireless network version).
3. You want to protect your network from the Internet.
Just ignore the single-PC modem which your service provider supplied (but make sure you're not voiding your agreement by connecting your own kit). Follow the simple instructions with the DG834 and away you go, with up to four computers (more if you add another switch or hub). It took me about 10 minutes.
I've tried several bits of kit and recommend this as the easiest to set up, smallest (and best looking!).
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on 29 June 2004
I needed an easy solution that could connect up 2 of my home computers up together. This product did exactly that in about 20 minutes!
Both my computers are in the same room and I needed to network these up so that I could share files, the printer and the broadband connection. I needed to have a switch, a router, a broadband modem and a firewall. Instead of buying these items separately, the Netgear ADSL firewall router has all 4 products in one!
All I had to do was connect up a couple of wires and install the software and I was up and running.
Also the Netgear works very well with BT broadband. In fact the Netgear modem works 10 times better than the modem given to me by BT.
If you want install a wired network then this is one of the best products out there. It has everything you need and is very easy to install. On top of everything else it is great value for money. Highly recommended.
10/10 = Installation
10/10 = Performance
10/10 = Value for money
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on 10 November 2006
I read the reviews here on amazon and other web sites before i bought it from Amazon. I am always sceptical about how easy things are to set up until i do it myself.

Let me reassure any prospective buyers out there that this modem is DEAD EASY to set up. Firstly if you have an existing broadband USB modem and ISP, uninstall the software for the existing modem and detach the USB modem before proceding.

Put the setup cd in the drive and follow all the steps. It really is that easy.It tells you what to connect and when to do it.

Just have your Broadband username and password to hand, and make sure you have a printer connected to your PC to print and keep the settings
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on 23 January 2006
If you are looking for an integrated ADSL modem, router and firewall (MRF) to connect you to your broadband supplier, then look no further than this.
As a quick aside, I bought a Draytek Vigor MRF for my own broadband connection before buying the Netgear for my mother-in-law. The Draytek, combined with Demon Internet's ridiculously complex configuration instructions, took me over a day to finally get working. Part of this was my fault (not reading the instructions fully and assuming the Draytek was intuitive to use), but even so.... Also, the help text for the Draytek appears to be written, in pigeon English, for top-level networking experts who don't need help anyway.
By contrast I bought the Netgear product to connect my mother-in-law's PC to her new Wanadoo service, and the difference was startling. Like the Draytek you get the router, an Ethernet cable (to link the PC to the router) and a cable (RJ11/BT) to link the router to the BT telephone socket. (If your broadband supplier offers a free modem, accept it for the two phone filters it will contain. You do NOT need to use the little black modem itself, and in fact you should avoid using it since it gives you no security protection. The bin is a good place for it.)
After connecting everything together, I followed the simple getting started leaflet and entered the IP address of the router into the address bar of my Firefox web browser. I entered the default username and password when prompted and was presented with a very simple and self-explanatory screen contain a "test connection" button, which I clicked. A few seconds later a pop-up window appeared showing the Netgear website, and confirming that everything was working. THAT WAS IT!!!!
Note: You do NOT have to install any software on your PC. A lot of router/firewall products include software, usually in Windows only format, that are intended to provide a configuration interface for you. Don't install anything because it just clutters your machine with program files you don't need or want.
I cannot emphasise enough how simple this was: Connect the PC to the router, connect the router to the telephone socket, power up the router, enter the router address in a browser, enter the username and password, then test the connection. No messing about with DSL protocols, TCP/IP settings or whatever. I ran a test using the 'Shields UP!!' free online test and found the PC to be invisible to, and secure from, all those nasty hackers.
So in summary, don't make work for yourself. Stick to Netgear.
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on 21 October 2004
I bought a DG834 in order to share my 512k Wanadoo broadband connection between my three desktops (all XP), one laptop (ME) and an Xbox.
The setup was VERY easy. The connections were simple (one Cat5 cable to each PC, one RJ11 to the telephone line, one power lead).
PC configuration was equally simple (Ensure TCP/IP protocol is enabled and set as default for your LAN cards. Set all PCs to automatically obtain an IP and DNS address. Disable any PC based firewalls.)
The internet connection setup was even easier. When you log in to the router (enter in your browser's address bar; enter 'admin' as a user name, and 'password' as a password and you're in) your internet connection is automatically detected and the only things you are prompted for are your username and password (these are the ones your ISP gave you to connect with).
Hey Presto you're connected!
My internet connection speed is slightly higher than it was using the USB modem, but the BIG difference is the access times for files on my LAN.
Previously there was a delay (for example when exploring my network via 'My Network Places'), but since installing the router every network resource appears instantly.
The DG834 has run constantly since I first powered it up, and it hasn't missed a beat in 6 weeks. There have been occasions when my internet connection has dropped momentarily, but this has been down to my ISP, and the router automatically reconnects immediately (it's only because of the 'Internet Connection now available' balloon tip that I even know it's happened).
The router also coped beautifully when I upgraded from a 512k to a 1Meg connection (dropped the connection during the work, then reconnected at the new higher speed).
All in all I've been delighted with this product. Excellent value, very efficient, and incredibly easy to set up.
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on 27 October 2003
I have just had my BT OpenWorld ADSL line installed and was recommended the DG814 product which a few of my friends have used. After some research it seems that the DG814 now had a bigger and better brother in the DG834, I purchased this product and to my suprise found that the firewall functions were more sophisticated than I had imagined. The product is so easy to get set up, I just plugged it in and within a couple of clicks I was connected and at lightning fast speeds!!!!
I will never go back to analogue, if you are looking for a great looking product, with superb functions for the price I can highly recommend the DG834 from NETGEAR.
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on 30 March 2005
Previously I used an ADSL modem with AOL, whilst it was workable there were glitches from time to time and a fair amount of rebooting the modem or re-installing the modem software.
Received the DG834. Plugged it into the phone socket using the supplied filter and connected the power supply. After a few seconds of flashing LEDs it had connected itself no problem.Plugged the supplied network cable between the router and my PC.
I connected to the router from Internet Explorer and typed in my AOL username. Then I connected to AOL via the router just by logging in as normal. So easy I kept looking for a problem but so far is 100% reliable and seems really quick. I did not install any software for my network card or the router...it just sorted itself out. 100% delighted with this router. I had printed out loads of setup information and didn't even look at it once. Basically I have spent much more time typing this review than I did installing the router. FABULOUS.
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on 18 February 2004
After reading the other reviews I was still a little sceptical about this product since I had tried more than 3 other products to try to network my home computers (one iMac, a desktop PC and a laptop) before this arrived. I'm also not very technical so I suppose that didn't really help either. However, despite my reservations, I had the network up and running on all three systems within 30 minutes of opening the box - amazing.
The product is also very appealing visually (can't some of these manufacturers employ people with a little more artistic flair?) and isn't desktop-intrusive and can be mounted on the wall if necessary.
As a Mac and PC user I have found it difficult sometimes to get reliable advice on networking in the past, but do not fear, after configuring the PCs (with the wizard) the Mac just configured itself (no surprise there then). Don't be disappointed if the wizard doesn't initially give you a connection when it is installing (I asked it to "TEST") - the page refreshed about 3 times and then the connection was up and running.
JOY OF JOYS, no more swapping USB modems etc etc etc. If you are considering this as an alternative from the network packages sold by your ISP for Home Networking there is really nothing to consider. My ISP wanted to sell me a package that cost almost £200 and I still needed an additional piece of equipment which they didn't sell, couldn't advise me where to buy and which I couldn't find anywhere online. Save yourself some time and money, hassle and additional expense by getting this all in one!
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on 24 July 2004
I must admit I approached this with a bit of trepidation. I'd had my BT supplied USB modem since having broadband installed a couple of years ago. I'd also set up a small network at the same time with one PC accessing the internet through the other - so could only imagine what reconfiguring horrors awaited me!
I popped the router in to replace my old one, plugged the modem cable in to the wall and within 30 minutes of opening the box it was all humming along. I'm sure it runs faster than my old modem and the networking is superb. No configuration problems at all.
A great piece of kit.
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on 20 October 2005
So it took a while for me to find this beauty, but the DG834 ADSL Firewall Router was alot easier to set up than I first believed it was going to be. As far as routers go, it is a better solution to setting up an ethernet network using a hub- it easily configured IP addresses for all PCs on the network once connected and easily connects to the net.
If you use an ADSL modem installed on your system, prior to using the DG834, from an ISP like Tiscali, remember to use its installation disc prior to configuring the DG834's internet connection to remove the ISP provided modem and its dialers. It's something that can be easily forgotten, but you need to do it unless you wish to be wasting about an extra 15 minutes than you really need, to set up this thing.
It shares your broadband connection out equally to the systems connected, and its amazing just what sort of bandwith you get with it compared to having computers on a hub with a Gateway computer set as the one directly connected.
I would highly recommend it for home XP users, desiring to set up a small home network. Also, even though it has firewalls built into it you shouldn't rely on the router's alone, so makesure you keep using security software on each system on the network.
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