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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 23 December 2016
I went to see the RHCP in early December ’16 for the fourth time. All three previous RHCP concerts I’ve been to involved John Frusciante who brought me to their music. I will always be interested in what they do, but my love has changed. It was a good, if brief concert, from a different band than the one I hear in my mind. I was left with a thirst for a more permeating, deeper sound, and backing vocals that enrich and lift the overall RHCP experience to something transcendent.

It led me to this DVD. Ignore the awful cover, it is not a reflection of what truly happened on August 23, 2003 as other commentators confirmed. The setlist is inspired. Songs I only partially like such as ‘Around the World’, act as a counterpoint and add uniqueness and unexpected dimensions. The Fugazi intro of Parallel Universe is simply beautiful. The band seemed deeply moved by the incredible audience they had that night and as someone else wrote, John Frusciante poured his heart and soul into Slane Castle from the first second. He appears to be channelling the atmosphere around him. Havana Affair (Ramones cover) is slowed down and reinvented. Venice Queen is a thing of pure wonder.

My only critique goes to Warner Music who should have focused solely on producing an expressive DVD cover to complement and reflect a magical night of music. Taking out ‘Soul to Squeeze’ because of a broken guitar string and ‘perfecting’ everything dims the authenticity and humanity of this seminal moment in time and shows a misunderstanding of what live concerts are to most of the music fans who attend them. Why rewrite history? Regardless, your imagination will take you there.
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on 15 May 2017
Only by DHL!
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on 9 March 2016
Chilli Peppers at their best!
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on 7 March 2004
This is a truly awseome DVD of the chilis. There are brilliant interludes between songs and there is great jamming between John, Flea, Anthony and Chad. If you love the chilis then you should buy this!
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on 28 June 2005
Having seen the Chilis 3 times over the last 3 years, I can say with ease Slane 2003 was the most memorable, electric and unforgettable of the three. Anyone who was there will know what I mean - the atmoshpere that day was unforgettable, the crowd were unbelievable and it certainly rubbed off on the performance of the band. I am glad to say this atmosphere was captured on the DVD, all the memories come flooding back whenever I watch it and as on the day the sheer scale of the crowd & the quality of the performance overawes me.
However I have to leave out one star because for some inexplicable reasons my favourite song of the night is omitted - 'Soul to Squeeze'. Its the only time I heard it live, and it was absolutely incredible (running out of superlatives here) to hear it live. I don't know why it was left out; maybe because John Frusciante broke a string during it? I don't know.
However this is only a tiny blot on an otherwise perfect landscape. If you want to in one sitting learn the value, ethos, power and sheer unforgetability of seeing RHCP live, buy this.
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on 8 January 2004
When I watched this DVD i was stunned. I've seen other chili pepper gigs on telly but this was something unbelievable. The thing that made this so special is the jamming in between the songs. John Frusciante poured his heart and soul into this concert, Flea, as always, showed the world that he is the greatest bass player in the world, chad smith was superb and played some thundering drum beats and as for antony keidis, he rocked the whole of slane castle. I loved this DVD and made me truly, madly, deeply appreciate these guys who started back 20 years ago. My favourite song has to be 'around the world' as I loved the bass solo leading into it. If you are chili's fan and you haven't got it, buy it now because you will not be dissapointed.
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on 6 July 2004
When I bought this DVD I was very anxious to find out how good it was as I had never bought a music DVD prior to this. But after watching this I couldn't believe how amazing it actually. There is no doubt that I am jealous of anyone who went to this concert but my god do you feel like you are in Slane when watching this. As usual, the chilis did not disappoint. They started off with a jam that involved an astounding combination of Jon's guitar and Flea's bass and also some outrageous drumming by Mr Chad Smith. After this 90 second act of brilliance, Anthony kiedis cooly struts onto the stage like no one is out there. But then again, they have been around for the best part of two decades. The first song was 'By The Way' which was typically brilliant. During the next song, 'Scar Tissue', I could not believe what I was hearing from Jon's guitar, it was just unbelieveable and unreal. The next four songs, 'Around the world', 'Universally Speaking', ' Parallel Universe' and 'The Zephyr Song' were played how they should be played, if not better. The next song 'Throw away your television' stood out to me like a Bentley in a 3rd World country. I found this even more so amazing as I didn't particularly like the original song on the album. Following this, the chilis cover of The Ramones' Havana Affair was quite frankly exceptional. The next three songs that they played, 'otherside', 'purple stain' and 'don't forget me' were played with brilliance, especially chad's little solo at the end of purple stain. I am amazed how the song 'can't stop' didn't do well in the british charts as it is an outstanding song and this performance proved it. 'Venice Queen' and 'right on time' were brilliant but the chili's had deliberatly saved the best until last. 'give it away' (my personal favourite song) was world class, 'californication' was a worthy live version of the classic and 'under the bridge' truly deserved an oscar. But the chili's weren't finished, they had another remarkable remake of an average album and that was 'power of equality' off the album 'bloodsugarsexmagik'. I have to say that this was the best song of the night and it was all down to the duo of flea and jon. Overall this IS a must have for any chili's fan or for anyone fond of music. The thing that just finishes it is the matrix-style effects throughout the songs. I can't believe how they did this it was remarkable. One thing is for sure, every single person poured their life and soul into this gig and you just have to witness it to believe it. YOUR DVD PLAYER NEEDS THIS DVD, YOU NEED THIS DVD AND SO DOES EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE WORLD IF THEY ARE TO KNOW THE TRUE MEANING OF LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 14 December 2003
This has to be one of the greatest concerts that has ever gone on (in my mind anyway) its got all of your favourite chillis songs on it but with the bonus of them performing it live. They showed great energy in the show, even if they are getting on a little bit. For anybody watching this dvd it would be hard for them to doubt that the chillis are among the greatest rock bands that were ever produced. I recommend anybody who has bought the greatest hits and has it on non-stop, and then their dvd player would also get a decent work out! Great location where the concert was heald and the performance more than matched it! All-in all a fantastic buy the best dvd i have ever bought, no joking.
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on 6 January 2004
From the moment I heard this dvd was going to be released I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Slane 2003 was absolutely amazing and for anyone who was there it will just bring the memories flooding back. There are so many bits that just give you shivers when you look at the size of the crowd and remember being in it or see something that you remember from the gig (like Flea and Frusciante's improvisation before playing califotnication). The chili's played out of their skin's that day and this dvd gives them the justice they deserve.
If you were at the concert then this is a must have but even if you weren't there its still worth having as it makes very enjoyable watching. You'll just wish you were there!
The chili's played a good selection of tunes with a lot of songs from by the way and californication but also a couple of their older ones like give it away so if your a fan of the band you will definitly be interested.
The red hot chili peppers are one of the best live bands in the world. Watch this and you will know why!
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on 2 November 2003
The atmosphere all night was amazing, they came on just as the sun was setting behind the castle, fading into the search light lit darkness with the colour interlaced big screen in the background. Flea in his Skeleton jumpsuit, John in is longsleeved t-shirt, Chad... well Chad was normal, and Anthony wearing nothing from the waist up for the most part. The crowd was amazing, an awesome setting, no ordinary middle of a field festival, set on a huge hillside. The music was amazing, by this point in the tour they have the live show down perfect, the vocals the notes. They REALLY kept us waiting, it took them 1h 15min to set up the stage and all the lights... maybe they were waiting for it to get dark. When they started into By the Way, i looked around and everyone i saw was singing back at them. That was how it was like the whole night, it wasn't just Anthony singing all night long, you could hear the crowd around you singing as well. His vocals were AMAZING, one of the best live vocals i have heard, if anything, better than the album simply cause it had that live emotional unpolished edge. Flea was jumping about, John was just the guitar god that he is, Chad was intense. The emotion of Otherside being sang by 80,000 was amazing but nothing can prepare you for the apsolute awe of Don't Forget Me, an emotional song in the dark of night lit up by 80,000 people on a hillside waving lighters and singing back. I just turned round and tapped my friend and went to her "look" and behind us as far us as you could see, a sea of flickering lights and arms swaying back and forward. All around at the end of every song people were just turning to their friends with their mouths hanging open going "oh my god, i can't believe i'm here this is just... wow..." lost for words.
Stand out songs were, By the way, simply cause they had kept us waiting for so long and everyone went nuts screaming the lyrics. Scar Tissue and Overside, the crowd sang every word, added so much to it, John Frusciante didn't just play the straight album versions, there was improv stuff with him and flea, flowing guitar solos. The entire crowd started jumping for Universally Speaking, not just the first 20 rows, the WHOLE crowd. Don't Forget Me was just one of those standing in awe feeling of a lifetime moments if you were there and a chilis fan. The Zephyr song, when they went into that flowing "Fly away on my zephyr" part of the song, with the whole crowd behind you swaying softly singing it, just a total goosebumps moment. Californication and under the bridge, the crowd went crazy, legendary chili songs. Then theres the guinness joke before Havana Affair, the Flea trumpet encore solo, the Chad crazy drum solo and Flea and John's little face to face jamming session. Then the moment where flea started the crowd off with the first line of the irish national anthem and the band just stood back while the whole crowd sang the rest of it at them right to the end.
It wasn't just the music, it was the insane atmosphere... like nothing i have ever experianced. I don't have a DVD player, but when i found out that they were releasing the concert on DVD i immediately went "i HAVE to get a DVD player." If this DVD was £200 i would buy it... if your a chili peppers fan you HAVE to see this concert, the most amazing experiance of my life, i get more chills from just thinking about it than i do when i'm parachuting. The foo fighters and queens of the stone age were on earlier in the day, bands who've won dozens of awards for their live acts, but when the chili peppers came on they were forgotten, the rhcp's were what everyone was talking about afterwards... for the next week all we ever did was talk about how amazing this song or that song was or the feeling when flea did his little trumpet bit or when you looked around to see the lighters during don't forget me and every time we did it was with this complete look of awe. Stunning, amazing band, amazing night and can't be anything other than an amazing DVD.
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