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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
Fame Academy - The Finalists
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 7 October 2003
Well after watching the whole series of Fame academy 2 I decided to go and buy the new cd. Listening to the students on this album makes it clear they are the more talented than anyone from pop idol or fame academy series 1.
The two that clearly shine through on this album are Alex and Allistar. Alex has just that unique appeal about her and will probably make it big on both sides of the atlantic. Her two best tracks on this album are words and yellow by far. Watching her sing imagine on saturday brought tears to my eyes. Then onto Allistar I didnt like this guy at first but after listening carefully his voice really grows on you. Best track is Wherever you will go. Onto Caroylnne the girl is talented and has a nice voice. All 4 of her tracks do her justice and come across great.
Onto the remaining 3 peter's cover of in my place is one of my fav tracks on the album and have found myself copying his voice over and over. The only downsides to the album would be i'd prefer a different song by James maybe one of his travis songs that he done. Paris is ok but nothing special.
Well hope this is helpful and on I final note I really hope we see Alex and Allistar realease LET IT BE for a christmas no1.
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on 11 October 2003
For all the people who enjoyed Fame Academy this is a must buy c.d.Forget about Layout,backing tracks and quick production and listen to the voices of the future.Firstly Alex version of yellow is excellent and although the rest of her songs are good they do tend to lose a lot of emotion and become a tad similar in sound.Carolynne does justice to Underneath Your Clothes and still manages to put her own stamp on the rest of her songs.The stand out voice for me on the c.d. was Alistair his version of Wherever you will go is superb and dare i say would give the original a run for its money.On the other three songs he puts so much emotion and original stamp on them that he does infact leave you wanting more,he has such a quality to his voice that he seems to take on any song no matter how familiar we are with it and give it such a rare newness. Peter,James and Paris are also worth a listen.All in all it is a fine first album and i much prefer the idea of it just being the finalists this gives us the opertunity to hear more of them.
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on 8 October 2003
After following the Fame Academy "Class of 03" avidly, I couldn't wait to go out and buy this album. I have to say that I wasn't disapointed. The highlight has to be Alex's fantastic version of "Yellow" which makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. Alistair's "It must be love" and Carolynne's "True Colours" also stood out, Peter proves he can really sing (and very well too) with "in my place", and James' rendition of "Somewhere in my heart" had me singing along too. This is a really good album performed by a collection of very talented artists at the beginning of their (hopefully succesful) careers. The only criticism I could make is that it would have been nice to have included some of the group songs (e.g. Peter and Alex with their hilarious rendition of "its cold outside"), but hopefully the makers of Fame Academy are working on that!
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on 16 October 2003
Obviously one's opinion depends on who you voted for, and you can tell from the reviews!! I am still avidly listening to Alex and wanting more. Loved "Tainted love". Also enjoyed Peter's unusual, haunting song and wished there had been more of his. Carolynne's offerings good, particularly "Underneath your clothes", though she sung it more brilliantly on the final night. Alistair pleasant for a while, but find James and Paris boring. Not a very well balanced CD, but who cares? - I play it a lot, and it lives in my computer CD-Rom slot.
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on 18 October 2003
First thoughts: really odd songs chosen! Last year's Fame Academy album had a pretty good balance of duets, some of the students' own compositions etc. Unfortunately, this is generally a much more straightforward album of covers.
However, the choice of songs is somewhat bizarre. Peter's sole contribution is a song where he basically does an impression of Chris Martin and gets no chance to showcase his madcap charm (circa Last Night, Glad All Over etc.). I'm a fan of James' voice and expected All The Day & All The Night to be on... instead we get the rather ordinary Somewhere In My Heart. Likewise, the song chosen for Paris is nothing compared to other spine-tinglingly good covers he sang throughout the series. Onto the actual finalists - where is Alex's Beautiful (which was amazing!), Alistair's own songs which were his strongest feature and Carolynne's Tell Me Lies??? And indeed, what about the group's stunningly good rendition of California Dreams and Dancing In The Streets, and the duets Love Shack, Baby It's Cold Outside, From Me To You etc.
Overall it's all very random. Take nothing away from the fact that Alex has a stunning voice, Carolynne is a very strong singer and Alistair just has a lovely, warm voice - it's just it could have been so much better! I'm eagerly awaiting Alistair's album (and the other solo efforts) though!
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on 9 October 2003
Like many others I have found the last two fame academy albums (series 1 and the beegees special) a bit of a let down. The previous albums did have some very good songs on them but I feel their standard was brought down by some of the weaker students from the academy. This time I am very pleased with the result, It only features tracks from the final 6 students (so we don't need to listen to the people we didn't like). The vocal talent of the final three students is undeniable and it shows. The songs by Alex Park's are sung amazingly and packed with emotion. It's clear why she won the competition. Her version of Coldplay's yellow is possibly better than the original (in my opinion). Carolynnes selection of songs are also very addictive however they are not my favourite song from the series. I would have preferred to see "I drove all night" and "man i feel like a woman" on the album. I wasn't really a fan of alistair so I won't comment too much. The songs on the album are his best from the series so I can't complain. I feel the album is let down by Peter, James and Paris. They each have one song. It seems a waste of time for me. I would have preffered extra songs from alex, alistair and carrolynne (considering they were the finalists and thats who the album is named after). I'm not giving the album for this reason. I don't think peter, james and paris' songs match up to the standards of alex and carrolynne.
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on 8 October 2003
Pretty good, let down in my opinion by Carolynne's inputs which in my opinion were poor throughout the series...my personal faveourites Alistair and Peter convert well onto CD, yet while Alistair has four songs on the slbum peter has just the one, though it could be said it was his best song from the show (Closely followed by 'Last nite').
Overall this is a fair round-up of the shows highlights, Alex's voice sounds just as crisp as it did every week on the show...
I have given the CD 3 stars though if you were a fan of Carolynne's as well as the other finalists it may be worth four or even five stars.
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on 10 October 2003
I liked it. Simple as that. Alex's songs are good. My favourite tracks were Alistair's Wherever You Will Go & Lately and Carolynne's Underneath Your Clothes. Alistair and Carolynne have excellent recording voice. The other twelve songs are good too. Fifteen songs in total, with Peter, James and Paris vocalising one each.
Shame about the quality of sound on one backing track. Worth getting it.
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on 11 October 2003
i had to buy this album as Alistair was my favourite and i love his voice! It has definitely not disappointed me,Ali is brill on it,Alex is good but bit depressive,Carolynne has done herself justice and Peters best song i think.James was also very good and Paris has a lovely voice,but Alistair has stolen the show with his songs they are just what you need to put you in a good mood!
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on 22 June 2014
I love this album. The three singers's voice is great. I love the songs included the yellow, whereever you will go, underneath your close. And a very important point is that it is very cheap.
The delivery is very fast and I like its packaging. It deserves to buy.
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