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on 8 December 2008
This man is a visionary.... a truly amazing mind.... In the same series, check out Michel Gondry, Mark Romanek, Stephane Sedanoui... In-fact the whole series is amazing
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on 17 February 2004
I have been a HUGE fan of Chris Cunninghams work since I first saw Windowlicker/Come To Daddy years ago...I just instantly - like Bjork said - Became humble. You just think..oh God, I could never do anything like he has done. But he is honestly inspiring, just watch this dvd ...when I got it for Xmas it was the first thing I put on, I was amped that there was finally a catalogue of his work that I could watch over and over again if I got the craving to see old grannies screamed at by huge freaky skinny daddy tv monsters. I saw Chris doing an interview on MTV2 with Zane Lowe (who is also a huge fan) on December 12th and he's just a really cool guy, down to earth, twisted but has brains like fried gold!.
One thing though, I hate to be anal but the dvd doesn't have the other work that he has done, other adverts and so on and other videos. I think we should have got to see those snippets of coolness for the money we paid but still..it's worth the money, I think anyways. You get the main body fo his work and some behind the scenes. But I agree...there could have been more. Maybe they just couldn't get the rights to use these videos...I dunno...and I wish there was more commentary even though the booklet was cool I wish we had heard more from Cunningham himself. But that's maybe asking a bit too much...we'll be wanting him to open a bloody vein next!. But still it's our money...whatever...it's still a good dvd.
Great dvd, great visual art from an extraordinary artist.
Find out more about him here at [...]
Respect due!
Buy the dvd!
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on 24 December 2003
THIS is the director that originally attracted me to the Director Series. I'd been waiting for ages for Warp to put out the Aphex/Squarepusher stuff on DVD, we had Come To Viddy, but I want the full crisp quality of DVD material. And now we have most of Chris Cunningham's work on DVD! I say most, because it appears that we don't quite have it all. Flicking through the enclosed 52 page booklet packed with interviews and art, it seems we don't have things like the Placebo videos that are detailed there. A shame, its a bit like being teased with delights that you can't ever touch. So on the whole, this set isn't anywhere near as packed as Michel Gondry's effort. However, that is the only thing that detracts from this package.
If you don't know Chris Cunningham, here is a bit of detail. Starting off working on Kubrick's AI project, he became more interested in actual film making. A good friend of Richard Aphex Twin, he started off making videos for Warp artists and burst into the big time after his Come To Daddy video attracted the interest of the likes of Madonna and Bjork. Where Michel Gondry's work stirs up pleasant little stories and childlike tales, Cunningham ventures down a more disturbing dark path. Little hairy armed children running amok, 'Granny screaming', glamour women with big teeth and beards, psychotic japanese children. Something you just have to see! The thing that is most striking about Cunningham is his ideal that the pictures should trigger an emotional response. Everything you see on screen is wonderfully timed to something going on in the track (best example is the Manga crazy Come On My Seleter by Squarepusher). Nothing else is like this, grab it while you can. My personal favourite moment is again one of the short movies included. and again another one about drumming! Monkey Drummer has a multilimbed monkey robot playing a massive drum kit in time to a cracking Aphex Twin soundtrack.
A lovely little package, the menu's are designed by the man behind Autechre's Gantz_Graf single ... and are similarly chaotic noise filled madness! Grab this.
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on 21 January 2004
This is some messed up video. I never imagined that there was a mind that could possibly be this warped, but then again, check the liner notes. The guy was chased through the woods by a nine year old with a hammer.
I haven't seen the Spike Jonze DVD, but I do own Michel Gondry's effort, and it is safe to assume that this is the best of the three. Unlike Michel Gondry's work, which are cool, these videos seem much more like landmarks, defining moments in video history, instead of the kind of pleasant diversions you get from Atomic Kitten.
The reason that I like this DVD so much is that it has been whittled down to a select few. Even the weaker videos have an industrial cool to them, and the best, particularly the Aphek Twin and Bjork promos, are awe inspiring. This DVD is filled with, 'Why didn't I think of that?' moments and I love the way that some videos go for a funky vibe, dancing in time with the music etc, whereas others are controversial in their disregard for the safe options.
And finally, where else are you gonna see this stuff? Nowhere! Unless you want to stay up until 1 on a Sunday morning.
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on 16 November 2014
The Director Series of Dvds, in my opinion is a must have for any film student or person who has a great interest in movies, directors and how it's done. I can't recommend this highly enough. Excellent!
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on 7 April 2013
The best videos are the Bjork, and Leftfield/Africa Bambata's 'Afrika Shox,' along with Aphex Twin. These additional twelve words are required before I'm allowed to press 'Submit'
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on 31 October 2003
I admit it...I'm a fan...a *huge* fan of Chris Cunningham's work.
To those who don't know him, he was production designer on "AI", director of the (amazingly intense) short film "Flex" and creator of a series of dark, jarring music promos, including Bjork's "All is full of love" and the Aphex Twin's "Windowlicker".
This stuff is not at all easy - it consists of high-intensity, high-contrast, and often violent images.
And it's wonderful...trust me.
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on 4 March 2015
A* , Great product and great value.
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on 26 December 2004
this DVD is quite simply sublime...
I had not heard much of the director although a fan of the music on the product, as i am an uber trip-hop fan.
after seeing what the dvd had to offer, i was quite simply in awe of the sheer originality and innovative creations the director had to offer, i am an immediate fan and i'm sure you will be too.
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on 21 October 2016
Very good!
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