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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 8 March 2006
Take this CD for what it is, a collection of B-sides, charity tracks and Christmas singles. If you love Pearl Jam you will love this, if you don't, you won't. It's as simple as that really!! So don't buy it and moan after about the quality of some of the tracks. And don't act like you have been somehow ripped off too!!! Repeat it's just a collection of B-sides, etc, etc......
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on 24 November 2003
As a fan of Peal Jam since the beginning I decided to buy this album simply to maintain my PJ collection. My expections weren't that high, even though I had heard some of the tracks before. I suspected there would be a couple of 'dodgy' tracks.
How wrong can you be !!! I have come to the conclusion that Messers Vedder, Ament, Gossard and McCready couldn't write a bad song even if they tried. The quality of the music on this collection is astounding.
If you are a fan of Pearl Jam you will buy this album regardless of what people say. If you are not a PJ fan, but would like to see what all the fuss is about, at a very reasonable price. I strongly suggest you get this as it would, in my opinion, serve as an excellent introduction to a fantastic, consistently superb band.
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on 28 February 2004
The 'Rarities and B-Sides collection' has always been something to be pretty wary of. Something that only the really solid fan of the artist should embrace. And with Pearl Jam's 'Lost Dogs' double-disc collection, that is basically how it goes. This doesn't mean that Pearl Jam are just any band whose music should only be bought by those who love them, far from it. Pearl Jam through the nineties and right on into the new millennium has been writing essential modern day rock music. Whether classic rock (The exceptional "Ten"), pure heavy rock (The rollicking "Vs"), experimentation (The love/hate "No Code" and parts of "Vitalogy"), rock in a more chartable style ("Yield") and a little bit of everything ("Binaural" and recently "Riot Act"). So it comes as no surprise that a B-Sides collection that has spanned their entire career, has a little bit of everything, and surprisingly all sounds very good as one item.
For sure, this is not an item that just anyone should buy, having knowledge of Pearl Jam does help, but "Lost Dogs" is much better than your average B-Sides package, and there are some startling omissions from their original releases. For example, how the achingly beautiful, 'Other Side', never made the average 'Riot Act', I'll never know, it would surely have been an album highlight. 'Fatal' not making the inconsistent 'Binaural' is also a bit of a mystery, but what it does say about this album, is that it plays like a studio album. Although many songs were recorded at completely different times, Vedder's voice stays fresh throughout, and you can hear the two guitarists, particularly Gossard, slowly learning to use their instruments to their best and occasionally even finding original styling.
The highlights do tend to come from disc 2, which is more involved in the balladry and slow rock style that Pearl Jam do well, and rather better than many of their peers. Take already well known numbers, such as the remake of a fifties, Eddie Cochran classic, 'Last Kiss', which is startlingly tragic under the watchful eye of Eddie Vedder, and add a load of unknowns and demos from PJ's past, and you get quite an atmosphere. The different versions of 'Ten' lost classics, 'Wash' and 'Footsteps', are very good as is the unique 'Strangest Tribe', but there is nothing more beautiful than the stirring and melancholic, 'Let Me Sleep'. Previously on a Christmas single, it's a beautiful, seasonal piece, that is grand in its feeling, but beautiful in its simplicity and Vedder's stunningly affecting lyrics: "Oh, when I was a kid/ How magic it seemed/ Oh, please let me sleep, it's Christmas time" sung in Vedder's tingling drawl is stunning.
But the rock songs are purely Pearl Jam in every way, shape and form. "Sad", "Down" and "Undone" are all tracks that should have made their respective albums, while "Yellow Ledbetter"s immortality as a fans and live classic is assured. "Hitchhiker" has a good example of the bizarre vocal effect that PJ started using around "Binaural", and "Don't Gimme No Lip", has one of the greatest PJ (Gossard) riffs of all time.
It makes for an at least intriguing listen, and for Pearl Jam fans it is indeed an essential, as it does play like an album, and the thoughts like "Why didn't this song make the cut?" and "Wow, they were really onto something there" will fly. For others, maybe not so, but the highlights are very, very good, and for anyone who's into classic rock and maybe a punk attitude, this should be an at least interesting listen, and is surprisingly consistent, and amazingly is their best release since 'Yield'. From looking at the inside of the cover there are plenty more demos out there to be let loose, but for now "Lost Dogs" is more than enough, and with nearly 2 hours of music, this should keep a lot of Pearl Jammers jamming for a long time. It won't win any new fans, but it's a terrific collection, and amazingly, one of Pearl Jam's better albums consistency wise.
4 Stars.
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on 12 March 2009
Every band worthy of its fanbase releases an album of rare tracks, out-takes,unreleased studio cuts, etc. At one time,these albums were released either as a special thank-you to the fans or as collectors items. Today such releases are mere commercial enterprises and, upon listening to a bands previously unreleased tracks, it is easy to see why they were unreleased, for only die-hard fans would find anything new in the music to ponder over. Pearl Jam's "Lost Dogs " is, thankfully, an album that avoids this musical corruption. It could, in fact, stand as an original album in its own right among Pearl Jam's repertoire. "Lost Dogs" contains a wealth of musical genius that, while familiar to fans, should jolt the
cynics out of their commercialised assumptions concerning the meaning and relevence of hard rock. I highly recommend this album to fellow fans and new-comers to Pearl Jam's genius.
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on 12 December 2006
The fact that these songs weren't considered good enough for any Pearl Jams studio albums says something about how good this band is. This album is a classic in its own right - even if they are just B-sides, any other band would be pleased to release a Greatest Hits album as good as this.

From 'Wash' and "Dirty Frank' from the Ten era to the more recent 'Down' and 'Undone' from Riot Act, all the Pearl Jam songs that you may or may not have missed over the years are here.

You remember them...Yellow Ledbetter, Footsteps, Alone, Last Kiss, Leavin Here, Hard To Imagine, they're all here....

Some of my favourite PJ tracks of all time are on here. Special mention must go to 'Hold On', 'Let Me Sleep', the instrumental 'Brother' and 'Strangest Tribe' which reminds me of 'The Doors - Indian Summer'.

Also listen out for the hidden track at the end of disc 2, which is Eddie's ode to the late Layne Staley of Alice In Chains.
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on 17 November 2003
Lost Dogs is a selection of past b-sides and studio outtakes chosen by the band, and the result is an album which stands alongside any of the band's previous work. Both discs are superbly sequenced and indeed all of the tracks are imbued with that wonderful, effervescent magic that is displayed on all of the bands releases. What makes Lost Dogs so satisfying is the fact that the collected material ranges from Ten outtakes right through to Binaural and Riot Act. despite subtle shifts in sound and texture the honesty and emotion that was so prevalent on Ten's twin guitar-nirvana orientated tracks is still there on the obtuse acoustic songs from the Binaural era. Pearl Jam are a band that are getting better with age but this collection proves they have always been a superb group. Indeed they are one of few, perhaps the only band working today with such strong b-sides (I'm a massive REM and U2 fan but I have to say that the quality of the bonus material on those two bands respective recent Best Of's was not great.) To choose highlights from such a quality collection I hope will not diminsish my point that this is superb throughout but here goes: 'Hold On' this is easily one of the band's strongest ever songs and I have been humming for a week now ( I suspect it's anthemic nature caused an immediate desire in the band to keep it off Vs - same reason why Jeremy was never given a US domestic single release.) 'Hold On' shares with 'Alive', 'Nothingman', 'Light Years' and 'Thumbing My Way' a sense of palpable loss and yet possesses an affirming quality. It's basically just a top-notch song and worth the purchase price alone.
'All Night' and 'Sad' are also personal highlights as are 'yellow Ledbetter', 'Down', 'Undone', 'Fatal', 'Otherside', 'Alone' and the raw, emotional and acerbic hidden track that was written in tribute to Alice in Chain's singer Layne Staley who sadly passed away last year. IF your a Pearl Jam fan this is unmissable.If not start with the studio albums but to truly understand the breadth of these guy's talent immerse yourself in Lost Dogs aswell.
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on 7 November 2003
Not many bands over the past 10 years can claim to be as prolific as Pearl Jam have been. Aside from tirelessly working as a solid cohesive album and live act (especially since the arrival of Matt Cameron - former Soungarden drummer - behind the kit) they have supported other stars such as Neil Young, formed side projects such as Brad and played live at a large number of benefit and political gigs.
With this release they show that their creative process yields many rare gems, many of which have been unheard before.
There is a minimal production to a lot of the songs: "Drifting", "Dead Man walking", "Let me Sleep" "Bee Girl" are just a few examples of the band playing acoustically, loosely and (more than) likely in one take. There are strong overtones of Dylan, Young and even Cohen in these songs. Despite the rough feel the results are dramatic and passionate. This contrasts the polished hit single "Last Kiss" and fan favourite "Yellow Ledbetter"
Its doubtful that this could be seen as an introduction to the band for a newcomer, but the dedicated fan base have been treated to something special. The very fact the band have given so much in this album in the way of rarities is a testiment to a group that have never comprised for the sake of a quick buck (no greatest hits..)or bowed to the whims of the record company.
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on 26 January 2004
If like me you lost faith in Pearl Jam with the lacking Binaural and then the classic-free Riot Act then like me you may be content with this - an album of odds and ends that hark back to more inspired times.
Oddly enough, outtakes from the last two albums are better than anything else on those records - bizzare!
I have all Pearl Jams studio albums but had never bothered to collect all the singles and rarities as I got into them kinda late with Vitalogy.
So what you get with Lost Dogs is a chance to play the producer - hunt through the 30 tracks here and make your own album of quality tracks - there's plenty to choose from.
Would have preferred one disc of good songs and one of the curio stuff as the flow is kinda weird.
My advice - buy the Singles soundtrack for the two excellent tracks, then buy the Merkinball EP for another two forgotton gems, then buy this and you can create an album better than almost anything else they have put out.
All Night, Sad, Down, Alone, Education, You, Undone, Hold On, Yellow Ledbetter, Other Side, Hard To Imagine, Wash, Dead Man...
These tracks are EVERY bit as good as Pearl Jams better album tracks and singles. BUY IT!
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on 20 November 2003
I stumbled upon this in New York while looking for something quite different and then see it only came out a week or so ago. At last, what all Pearl Jam fans have been waiting for - a perfect consolidation of the random B-sides and songs only sung live that have never made it on to any of the full albums. Some songs we know and love (Yellow Ledbetter, Last Kiss) and some are gifts, pearls that I certainly have not come across before in all my searching (Drifting, Let me Sleep). For anyone who has still been buying their albums since Vs, this is no question as to whether you should buy it. Wonderful.
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on 6 November 2003
This is the album that the record company didn't want us to see. But Why? Well simply there was not enough room on their albums. The album 10 was originally going to have 10 great pearl jam songs, but in fact has 14. The band just kept writing catchy melodic songs and put them on an album. But as they could not keep adding tracks this album 'lost dogs' was created. I have heard a the majority of the songs from their live performances but I am really anticipating the release of this incredible album. From what I have heard the songs are Classic Pearl Jam tracks and believe me if you like soundgarden, foo fighters or audioslave, you will love Pearl Jam.
Pearl Jam have gone down in history as one of the most influential bands ever and it is probably because of their irresistible riffs and incredible tuneful songs.
I can't wait till I get this album and I am sure it will not leave my CD player for a very long time.
I hope that this review is helpful. If you want to know anymore about Pearl Jam then e-mail me @ discosteve@fsmail.net
Thank you for reading,
Steve Wheeler
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